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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 10 Recap

Lin Shen took Xiao Xiao home, and he told her to close the doors and windows tightly and pay attention to safety along the way. The two met Zuo Yan downstairs. Zuo Yan looked a little embarrassed. She wanted to help Xiao Xiao’s house for a few days, and Xiao Xiao naturally agreed. At night, Zuo Yan was tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep. She wanted to find herself. Although she studied psychology, it was difficult for doctors to heal herself.

In fact, Zuo Yan had a quarrel with her mother before she came to find Xiao Xiao, because she did not go on a blind date and her mother was aggressive, Zuo Yan finally broke out. The quarrel was intentional, and it was intentional to leave without saying goodbye. Mother would definitely go to Shaolin, so Zuo Yan hoped that Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao would help their mother and daughter, and handed a diary to Xiao Xiao, hoping that she would pass it on to her mother.

Soon Zuo Yan’s mother came. She thought that Zuo Yan’s temperament would change after being stimulated, and Lin Shen took out Zuo Yan’s diary. The mother thought that the key to Zuo Yan’s diary was with her, but she didn’t know that she had another diary, just like she didn’t know the other side of her.

The diary is full of Zuo Yan’s helplessness under the pressure of her mother since she was a child. After reading it, her mother could hardly accept it. She had already forgotten these words, but she didn’t know that it had become a thorn in Zuo Yan’s heart. The diary is full of “forbearance”. Seeing the truth that her daughter never reveals easily, her mother wept bitterly.

The case of Zuo Yan and her mother provides Xiao Xiao with new inspiration. Such “for you” and imposed love will only suffocate. No matter parents or children, this is the first time in this life. If you really love us , you should choose your own life by yourself, because family love is love and tolerance.

Xiao Xiao received the admission notice and was going to invite everyone to dinner to celebrate, but after receiving the news from Lin Shen, Xiao Xiao immediately abandoned everyone, but she didn’t expect Lin Shen to call everyone together, and even Sun Cola. Xiao Xiao’s face collapsed, and Lin Shen looked at her with a harmless smile.

After the dinner party, Lin Shen reminded Sun Keke to send Zuo Yan home, and snatched the right to send Xiao Xiao home, but Xiao Xiao refused and said he would walk back by himself. Lin Shen didn’t fight for it, and Xiao Xiao was even more depressed when he followed behind him. As soon as he got off the elevator, Lin Shen seemed to notice something, and suddenly pulled Xiao Xiao to hide. The person following was Lin Shen’s student Li Yixin, who ran away embarrassedly after being caught. Lin Shen could never forget what happened last time, and he was more worried about Xiao Xiao’s safety.

Xiao Xiao went to attend Lin Shen’s class justifiably, and Lin Shen didn’t forget to privately send a message to complain that her ball head was too tender. After class, the two encountered Li Yixin quarreling with classmates and accidentally hurt Xiao Xiao. The female classmate accused Li Yixin of hooking up with her boyfriend, but after reading the chat log, Xiao Xiao justly told her to go back and take care of her boyfriend.

After the farce ended, Li Yixin and Xiao Xiao became friends. After Lin Shen bought the band-aid, he came back and carefully helped Xiao Xiao deal with the scratched wound on his forehead. Xiao Xiao was very moved, and Lin Shen did not forget to teach Xiao Xiao to manage his emotions. Xiao Xiao couldn’t be sure of Lin Shen’s feelings for him. After the test, the result was that he only regarded her as an ordinary friend, and was a little depressed.

Fan Qi asked Xiao Xiao to have dinner together. Xiao Xiao complained that he didn’t know who spread his WeChat account and there were always some inexplicable people who added her. He also took the opportunity to ask Fan Qi about her and Lin Shen in the name of a friend. Fan Qi was a little amused, but Xiao Xiao, an emotional blogger, even came to ask him questions.

Fan Qi shared his experience that he fell in love with a girl but didn’t know what to do next. Xiao Xiao didn’t notice it, and even started a small class to teach him how to play hard to catch. Instead, he thought that Lin Shen was using the same trick for himself. When sending Xiao Xiao home, Fan Qi got her earrings while she was not paying attention, and her eyes were full of unknown meanings.

Xiao Xiao tried the mature and sexy style because of Lin Shen’s words, and Yan Luo disliked it. The two met Li Yixin by chance, and Xiao Xiao wanted to invite her to dinner, but Li Yixin said that he had something to refuse. Lin Shen was coveted by many female classmates because of his handsome appearance, and some people asked him if he had a girlfriend. Lin Shen glanced at Xiao Xiao and said sternly, this is the classroom. Xiao Xiao below silently made some small movements, and soon ten big characters appeared on the big screen: I have a master and refuse to come to loosen the soil.

Lin Shen helplessly watched Xiao Xiao want to continue the lecture. Li Yixin came in wearing the exact same clothes as Xiao Xiao, and specially asked Xiao Xiao not to mind after class. In fact, Xiao Xiao doesn’t mind bumping into shirts, but Lin Shen seems to have seen some tricks. After all, their hairstyles are exactly the same.

Li Yixin’s circle of friends also posted a cartoon of Yan Luo. Yan Luo said that Xiao Xiao had mentioned her pseudonym and sent her a private message on Weibo. They chatted very speculatively. But Xiao Xiao never mentioned to others that Yan Luo is Luo Luo sauce. Thinking back to the continuous bumping of shirts in the past few days, Xiao Xiao felt a little strange in his heart. Lin Shen also noticed this, not only the clothes, but even the water cup Li Yixin used was exactly the same as Xiao Xiao’s.

During the class, Lin Shen specifically talked about the chameleon effect, and glanced at Li Yixin with a deep meaning and reminded that excessive imitation is actually not good. After class, Li Yixin immediately asked Xiao Xiao for coffee. As soon as she came up, she cried and said that she told Lin Shen to tell her what Lin Shen said in class. Aggrieved.

Li Yixin said that she has never been able to integrate into everyone, so she wanted to become as aura as Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao quickly wiped her tears, she didn’t blame her, let alone forgive her. But at this time, Xiao Xiao received a link from Sun Kele. The video of Xiao Xiao helping Li Yixin to anger her classmate was posted on the Internet, causing a large-scale attack on her. Then Xiao Xiao received a gift box with a picture of her in it, with blood on it.

The irritable knock on the door kept ringing, Xiao Xiao nervously went to check, it turned out to be Lin Shen. Lin Shen came here specially after seeing the comments on the Internet. He was worried about Xiao Xiao’s safety and planned to stay here for one night. Xiao Xiao tossed and slept in the middle of the night and crept to the sofa to find him.

Lin Shen heard her coming out and hurriedly pretended to be asleep. Xiao Xiao has a smug tone, he is concerned that he has come to the house, and he said that he has no intentions? After saying good night, Xiao Xiao tiptoed back to the room, and Lin Shenshen’s “good night” came from behind him.

Lin Shen advised Xiao Xiao not to stay at home these days, but to stay in a hotel instead. Zuo Yan and the others were worried for her when they heard that Xiao Xiao received a threatening package. Shao Ning also asked Lin Shen if she wanted to let her stay in a hotel and reimburse the expenses generously.

Xiao Xiao was not affected by the online comments, and planned to continue working overtime to go to school tomorrow. There was a sudden power outage in the office, and Lin Shen broke in and told her to stop working overtime and take her home.

In the subway, Lin Shen always wanted to say something, but when Xiao Xiao was about to get off, he grabbed her wrist and said, “It’s safer to live in my house during this time. As a boss, he has the obligation to protect Xiao Xiao’s safety. Xiao Xiao didn’t think about who the person who delivered the package was, Lin Shen reminded her that it might be someone she knew. Lin Shen has already bought all the toiletries, and they are all colors that Xiao Xiao likes. There are many sweet colors in Lin Shen’s serious-looking home.

Li Yixin’s imitation of Xiao Xiao’s behavior became more and more perverted.

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