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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 12 Recap

Zhen Lan decided to join forces with Su G to deal with the Cangliu soldiers, so he first introduced Nan Zhao and others into the forest, and then handed them over to Su G for disposal. Seeing that Nan Zhao and others fell into a coma, he was relieved to leave. All meet. Bai Ying finally showed an imperceptible smile when she saw Su Gu returning safely, but she regained her calm in an instant. She didn’t want anyone to see her feelings, and she didn’t allow herself to have any more thoughts, otherwise she would be ashamed of those empty people. .

Now the main enemy is Cangliu, so Su Gu couldn’t avoid too much taboo, and took everyone to the Quanxian Post Post in Taoyuan Village, and set up a barrier and rested on the spot. Although the crisis was temporarily lifted, Mrs. Ruyi couldn’t let go of Ting’s sacrifice. She died trying to rescue Na Sheng, so she didn’t want Su G to repeat the same mistakes.

The hatred between the two countries cannot be forgotten, and the same is true for Su Mi, who is the emperor of the sea, because for them Quanxian, it was Kongsang’s Xingzun Wang who sealed the entrance to Biluohai, which led to the displacement of the merman in the past seven thousand years. In the same century, the merman fell into the hands of Kongsang, suffered humiliation, and let others buy and sell.

Su Gu believes that Quanxian and Kong Sang’s alliance does not mean forgetting the hatred, but that when he remembers the pain, he can rely on the opponent’s strength to fight against the army. Hundreds of thousands of aircraft, rather than one more enemy, it is better to have one more friend, maybe in the future, we can jointly create an ideal cloud shortage.

Bai Ying was afraid that it would cause more trouble for Quan Xian, so she discussed with Zhen Lan to leave Taoyuan Village as soon as possible. That afternoon, after everyone held Ting’s funeral, Mrs. Ruyi conveyed Su Mi’s intentions to Bai Ying and others, considering that they had been injured before, so they could stay for a few more days to recuperate.

After this incident, Xijing completely let go of the past, so he promised Haihuang Su Gu as the eldest disciple of Sword Saint Mu Yan’s sect that he would do his best to help Quanxian return to Biluohai. Bai Ying was concerned about Su G’s safety, and was always trying to figure out the techniques he practiced, but she never accepted Su G’s feelings, which made the relationship between the two more awkward and complicated.

The next morning, Hanzhou, Ningliang and other troops rushed to the place where Su Mi lived to meet, and almost had a misunderstanding with Zhen Lan and others. Fortunately, Su Mi calmed down the conflict. Hanzhou reported to Su G that the total strength of the troops was about 3,000 people, but the sharks were not good at martial arts, even if they had a large army, they were not opponents of Cangliu.

Moreover, the power of Cangliu’s weapons is huge, Su G believes that revenge still needs a long-term plan, and does not want to see any casualties before returning to Biluohai. Ning Liang was more impulsive and straightforward, and did not understand Su Mo’s intention at all, while Su Mo asked Mrs. Ruyi to return to Gao Shunzhao. If Gao Shunzhao could use it for him, he could use this to control Taoyuan County’s forces.

Considering that Gao Shunzhao, as a Cangliu nobleman, might not be easy to win over, Ning Liang suggested using sorcery to control the mind, but Su Gu rejected it, saying that they must not be as filthy as Cangliu people. Therefore, Su Mo implored Mrs. Ruyi to do her best. If she could persuade her with reason, it would definitely reduce the unnecessary casualties of Quan Xian.

Ning Liang always felt that the young master was too soft-hearted, and was very dissatisfied with his handling methods. At the same time, he also mentioned that those Kongsang people who may cause disasters should be driven away as soon as possible, otherwise Taoyuan Village will be in danger sooner or later. Su Gu knew that the clansmen had experienced too many life and death partings in the past hundred years, and she could understand Ning Liang’s anger. She hoped that she would have confidence in herself and promised to protect Quan Xian.

Xijing put down the pain and regained his strength. He had already thought about helping Kongsang and Quanxian, and drew his sword again. This made Zhenlan very happy, and his general finally came back intact. On the other hand, Yan Xi was still in a coma, and Na Sheng stayed by the bedside all day to take care of him, hoping that he would wake up sooner.

Yu Huan returned without success, and was eventually sent to the prison. Shi Luo tortured Xiao severely, forcing her to detain her on the confession letter, and framed Yu Huan as a traitor. At least a small life could be saved. I’m afraid it’s no longer the pain of this little flesh and blood. Nai He Xiao has regarded Yu Huan as the main, loyal to him, even if he is dead, he will not admit it.

Ning Liang found that Su Mo took good care of Kong Sang Bai Wang Ying, fearing that the sergeant would be suspicious, so he risked his death to advise Su Mo, and wanted to remind him not to be trapped in the love of his children. And Su G repeatedly emphasized that he had explained the reason for leaving the Kongsang people, as for Quanxian, I am afraid that more trust is needed.

Zhenlan and Xijing discussed the next plan. The top priority is to unlock the power of Liuhe first. Since the Huangtian ring was unearthed, other seal locations have been known, namely Jiuyi Mountain, Guishenyuan and Kongsang Mirror Pagoda, and the other two places. Even if there are many difficulties, and there will be nine deaths, at least they still have some hope.

At the same time, Bai Ying sat in the room in a daze, recalling that she noticed Su G’s injury before, and felt that he was always trying to be brave. After thinking about it for a long time, Bai Ying was still worried about Su G, so she went out to find him with the wound medicine. Unexpectedly, Su G was also hesitant at the door. Su G knew that Bai Ying couldn’t see the light, so she walked in quickly, Bai Ying subconsciously hid the medicine bottle.

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