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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 11 Recap

Su Gu continued to send mana to Bai Ying, and she had clearly stabilized, but she still did not respond. After Su G checked her pulse, she found that Bai Ying’s five senses and six senses were all closed, and even had a phenomenon of rejection. She couldn’t help panicking, so she held Bai Ying’s hand tightly and prayed for her to wake up soon, even after waking up. It doesn’t matter if you kill yourself.

Zhen Lan broke free and discovered this situation. She suddenly remembered that Da Siming once told Bai Ying to close the five senses and six sleeps. In fact, when her body and mind were severely damaged, she would activate the silent spell on her own, causing her body to lose consciousness and fall into a deep sleep. It is also a kind of mental method that she has practiced as a descendant of the sword saint, which can be used to cultivate and regulate her breath, and she needs to rely on her strong will to wake up.

Therefore, in Zhen Lan’s view, Bai Ying was only burned by her spiritual consciousness, but now she was harmed by Su G, so she wanted to protect herself. Whether it was a hundred years ago or a hundred years later, what Su G brought to Bai Ying was only deeper damage. Because of this, Su G felt guilty from the bottom of his heart, but he couldn’t do anything to save him now.

Yan Xi searched for Na Sheng through a marker, and finally met her on the street, only to be discovered by officers and soldiers. With the launch of the wolf smoke signal, Yu Huan led dozens of wind falcons to attack Taoyuan County. The town was already in chaos, the people were running around, and Xijing and Ting were also scattered in the crowd.

In order to prevent Na Sheng from being hurt, Yan Xi disregarded her own safety to resist the attack of Feng Falcon for her. Although Na Sheng activated the power of the emperor at the time of crisis, it was still to no avail. Su G felt that power and decided to use the power of the back earth to cast a spell on Bai Ying, which was also ineffective.

Later, Su G simply took out the sachet and put it in Bai Ying’s hand, and sure enough, the smell of snow cherry blossoms brought her back to consciousness. Considering that Bai Ying had not fully recovered, Su G closed the secret room again and threw Zhen Lan out of the door, but Bai Ying was very angry and said that he was responsible for saving 100,000 people. will cause a burden.

At Bai Ying’s strong request, Su G had no choice but to open the secret room and let her leave. By the way, she gave her the wound medicine made of Yaocao to quickly restore her spiritual consciousness. Zhen Lan was deeply annoyed. If she could get back all her divine power, she would definitely be able to protect Bai Ying, so she wouldn’t be bullied by Su G as she is now.

Nan Zhao hurried to Taoyuan County, very proud of the chaos in front of him, and determined to catch Na Sheng before Yu Huan to receive the reward. Now all the mercenaries are evacuating in an orderly manner, but Yan Xi has not yet appeared. Mrs. Ruyi hopes that Su G can go back with them. Everyone is looking forward to the return of the Emperor of the Sea, but Su G wants to stay behind to save life. .

Yu Huan became angry with shame, sprinkled the fat water comparable to kerosene along the street, and prepared a fire to burn Taoyuan County. Yan Xi realized that something was wrong, so he told Na Sheng to find a way to escape, and then pretended to be her to distract the pursuers, and eventually passed out with an arrow wound. Na Sheng had never had such an experience before, and he couldn’t help crying when he saw that the town in front of him had been bombed into chaos.

Yu Zhu told the prey that Ming Yuhuan was arresting the holder of the emperor, and believed that the ring would be retrieved soon, but she felt very strange that the prey would sing the battle song of Kongsang. On the other hand, Su Mo rescued the two children of Quan Xian on the street, so he named Han and Che and gave them to Mrs. Ruyi to take care of them.

Regardless of Ting’s obstruction, Na Sheng wanted to find Yan Xi’s whereabouts, which eventually led to exposure, and even caused Ting to save her, but was severely injured by Feng Falcon’s attack. Nasheng was entrusted to Xijing, and asked Xijing not to kill Xiao and then die. When Xiao, who was driving the Falcon, saw this scene, he suddenly remembered scattered memories, and was shocked that he had accidentally killed his sister.

Yu Huan recognized Xijing as the successor of the sword saint through the lightsaber. Although the brothers and sisters recognized each other here, they each had their own masters and could only decide between life and death. Since Yu Huan was not Xijing’s opponent, he fell behind after a few moves. Just as Xijing was about to attack Yuhuan, Xiao suddenly rushed out and blocked him directly.

Considering that Xiao is Ting’s sister, Xijing had no choice but to withdraw his sword, and Yu Huan took the opportunity to let them capture them as soon as possible, because many Feng Falcons have already arrived, and this will soon be razed to the ground. At the time of the crisis, Su G appeared in time, controlled the wind falcons with his own strength, and shot them down one by one.

The imprint of the Dragon God displayed behind Su Gu shocked everyone, and his identity as a sea emperor was equivalent to publicizing the world. Yu Huan saw that the situation was not good, and immediately used a spell to escape. Su G thought that the Cangliu people would come back, and the top priority was to leave Taoyuan County as soon as possible, so he took the remaining staff out of the city.

At this time, Na Sheng found Yan Xi in the ruins. He mistakenly thought that Yan Xi was about to die, so he confessed to him. It was not until Su Gu came over that he realized that the merman’s heart was growing in the middle, so the arrow did not hurt his life. Su Gu asked everyone to get on the carriage, and he led away the Cangliu soldiers who were chasing. As everyone knew, a large number of officers and soldiers of Taoyuan County were already guarding the city gate.

Just as Bai Ying was about to fight to the death, fortunately, Gao Shunzhao arrived in time, one to bid farewell to Mrs. Ruyi, and the other to open the way for them, ordering all officers and soldiers to open the city gate, and from now on, no harm to the people is allowed, and anyone can travel at will. Because of Gao Shunzhao’s order, the officers and soldiers no longer stopped him, and Mrs. Ruyi cast a grateful look at him and drove away in a carriage.

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