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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 10 Recap

Because of Nasheng’s timely notification, Gao Shunzhao, the governor of Taoyuan County, appeared before Yu Huan opened the secret room, claiming that they had caught the suspect and put him in the cell. Yu Huan gave up the search after hearing the words, so she led her subordinates to leave the casino. Bai Ying finally breathed a sigh of relief. When she looked at Su Mi’s sleeping face again, her heart filled with infinite love, and she felt how good it would be if time could stop at this moment. .

Mrs. Ruyi came in in a hurry, indicating that the immediate danger was temporarily lifted. Bai Ying asked her about the spell that Su G had practiced. However, Mrs. Ruyi also didn’t know anything about it, she just hoped that Bai Ying would treat Su Mo kindly, because the fate of the two was doomed as early as a hundred years ago, and no one could cut off each other’s fetters.

Yu Huan came to the dungeon and found that there was no one he was looking for in the suspect, so he guessed that Gao Shunzhao deliberately opened himself up, so he asked Nan Zhao to slaughter the suspect as a warning, and ordered his subordinates to continue guarding at the Ruyi Casino. The person on the portrait will suffer the entire Taoyuan County.

The next morning, Bai Ying was going to go out to find Na Sheng, and learned that the other party had already left. Just when she was in a hurry to go out, she was unexpectedly burned by the scorching sun. Fortunately, Zhen Lan came to block the light for her, and gave her a blackout cloak made by herself, so that she could walk freely in the sun.

When Su G woke up and recalled what happened yesterday, she couldn’t help feeling a little guilty towards Bai Ying, but when he came to the window and saw the picture of Zhen Lan and Bai Ying getting along, he felt sour in his heart. Considering that there are Cangliu soldiers guarding outside, Su Gu asked Mrs. Ruyi to arrange for Zhen Lan and them to stay first, and then send them out of the city when the limelight passes.

Bai Ying wanted to go out to find Na Sheng, so she left through the back door under the guidance of Madam Ruyi. Zhen Lan found that the surroundings were calm as usual, and mistakenly thought that the Cangliu people had completely retreated, but before they went out, Su Gu had already cleared the obstacles, including the soldiers who were guarding nearby.

The Nan Zhao thief was not dead, and was still delusional about grabbing the credit. As a result, Yu Huan was relieved of his position as deputy general and ordered him to stay in the military camp. Yu Huan personally put an armband on Xiao, and used the opponent’s weak but delicate mana to control the wind falcon. I believed that this divine object would definitely make Su Gu and others nowhere to hide.

When Yan Xi woke up and knew that the young master had saved him, he immediately knelt down to salute him, and then worried about Na Sheng’s safety. Su Mi Nian realized that Yan Xi had not fully recovered, so to avoid worrying him, she lied that Na Sheng was still safe. However, the top priority is how to find Xiao who fell into the enemy’s camp. Although she is still alive, she has been controlled by Cang Liuren’s magic and completely forgets her identity.

Originally, Xijing was still in a state of depression, but when he saw Zhenlan appear, he immediately cheered up. After only a moment, he returned to his original state and ignored him. But Zhen Lan was used to using all kinds of tricks, and even if Xijing continued to pretend to be arrogant, he had already touched and changed a lot in his heart.

The spies that Quanxian hid in the base camp sent a report, revealing that Yu Huan led a secret weapon to Taoyuan County, ready to capture the person who had passed the Tianque, and the holder of the emperor’s ring, Mrs. Ruyi reported the situation of Cangliu to Su Gu. , Yan Xi was worried about Na Sheng’s safety, and with Su Gu’s permission, went to see Na Sheng in person.

Su G asked Mrs. Ruyi to arrange for them to leave Taoyuan County as soon as possible, so Mrs. Ruyi discussed with everyone, and Xijing and Ting also joined in, willing to escort Nasheng out of the city. Unexpectedly, a few people went out and found the street was cold and cold. They realized that it was a little strange, and before they could react, they were suddenly ambushed by Cangliu soldiers.

Yan Xi hid Na Sheng in the room, and then went out to help Zhen Lan and the others to kill the enemy, but Bai Ying’s shading cloak passed the time limit, causing the blazing sun to shine on her body, and her spiritual consciousness was severely damaged. Xijing and others covered Zhenlan to leave first, while Zhenlan returned to the casino with Bai Ying in his arms, and treated Bai Ying with the secret technique of empty sang to stabilize the burns on her body.

Because of this, Su G knew what happened to Bai Ying and why she couldn’t see the sun. Although Zhen Lan cast spells many times, it could at best slow down the spread of the injury. Su Gu forced her to subdue Zhen Lan, and then carried Bai Ying to the next room to treat her injuries in person, ignoring the risk of backlash.

Yu Huan officially used the wind falcon to go to Taoyuan County, because the wind falcon is loaded with a giant crossbow, bow and arrow and a fat water organ, which can attack the entire Taoyuan County in the air. Shi Peng learned about this through Nan Zhao, especially when he heard that Yu Huan had been soft-hearted when he captured Tianque, so he ordered Nan Zhao to take his token to Taoyuan County. In addition to warning Yu Huan, he also asked Let him have to bring back the holder of the emperor, and no longer be a woman.

Na Sheng escaped from the room and ran to the street. Yan Xi and the others were not seen, so he used the same method to leave a mark on the stone. On the other side, Yan Xi continued to look for Na Sheng on the street, but there was still no clue. Madam Ruyi found Feng Falcon flying through the air through the window, and she couldn’t help being shocked.

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