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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 8 Recap

Xiao lost his memory due to the excessive mind control technique, and at Nan Zhao’s instruction, he used sound beads to lead Yan Xi to Jingcheng. Even though Yan Xi had a dike, he was still besieged by two groups of men and horses, and he fell into the river with a poisoned arrow. The Cangliu Army searched all the rivers and found no traces of it. However, some people have already recognized that the other party was Yan Xi, the Zuoquan envoy of Quan Xianjun through the portrait, so the next arrest process should be relatively simple.

Shi Peng guessed that Yan Xi was very likely to be hiding in Taoyuan County, because the governor of the county, Gao Shunzhao, was from Quanxian, so the entire Taoyuan County was extremely tolerant towards the merman. As for the subsequent search tasks, Shi Peng handed over to Nan Zhao to handle, and at the same time assigned Yu Huan to continue to cross the sky, no matter life or death, he must meet people.

It was Shi Peng’s actions that made Yu Huan more firm in his original intention, so he took Xiao away from Nan Zhao, took him as his subordinate, and gave him the drive of the Phoenix Falcon. Xiao Shi Yu Huan is like a savior, promising that he will repay his kindness, and he will not change until his death. Although Feiying does not understand Yu Huan’s thoughts, he still respects the other party’s decision.

Nasheng, who was far away at the foot of Tianque Mountain, finally came to the long-known Taoyuan County town. Entering the city, you can see the houses on both sides of the city. The smoke from the street is lingering, and the people pass by one after another.

It looks quite prosperous. Just when she was still worried that she had no money to buy steamed buns, an old man maliciously planned how to abduct her and take her to a remote place on the pretext of buying precious medicinal materials.

Bai Ying found that the Houtu ring had a reaction, and suspected that Sheng was in danger. After Da Siming opened the water mirror, he found that Su Gu showed up to rescue Na Sheng at the critical moment, which was enough to give them complete peace of mind. Na Sheng escaped the danger and followed behind Su G like a dog-skin plaster, until Su G cast a stern look, and was so frightened that he stopped in place.

Su G came to the Ruyi Casino alone, calmed down the chaos in the shop, and then went upstairs to discuss with Mrs. Ruyi. Back then, Su Fu was supposed to rendezvous with Mrs. Ruyi, but suddenly encountered a change, so he simply left the sound beads to go out to find strength. In the blink of an eye, a hundred years have passed. During this period, he has changed a lot, and everyone can see it.

Even though Su Gu has not yet obtained the power of the Sea Emperor, and he is no longer slaughtered by others, Mrs. Ruyi also recounted the situation after the battle, as well as the sudden disappearance of Qing Wangchen, whose whereabouts are still unknown. After saying this, Mrs. Ruyi activated the agency and led Su G to the secret room, not only to introduce him to the enchantment created by the pharaohs, but also to collect information and preserve her strength in recent years.

After learning the general situation, Su Gu asked Mrs. Ruyi to contact the rest of Taoyuan County as soon as possible. As for the follow-up plan, she went to the trapped Longyuan to unlock the seal of the Dragon God. With the power of the Dragon God, she opened the Haihun River, which sealed the blue sea, and led the entire clan. Going home together is everyone’s wish.

Mrs. Ruyi believes that it is not easy to unlock the seal of the Dragon God, and she needs to go to Jiuyi Mountain to get the Heaven-Picking Sword. There are still thousands of people in Taoyuan County that can be driven, but more people are needed to be more secure. At present, Huangtian and Houtu will be reunited again, and the Kongsang people must want to retake Jingcheng. There is chaos inside and outside the city, so Mrs. Ruyi arranged for Su Gu to live in the casino first.

Zhenlan used the power of the emperor to feel other powers, and found that those powers were sealed in Guishenyuan, Jiuyi Mountain and Jingcheng Tower. For a hundred years, the Six Kings have traveled all over the world and have long known about these extremely dangerous places. Among them, Guishenyuan is located in the south of Yunhuang, and it is said that ghosts and gods are difficult to enter, hence the name.

In addition, Jiuyi Mountain was once the territory of the Kongsangqing clan, because it was often shrouded in fog, ghosts and ghosts, and it was isolated from the world. The Mirror Tower was even in the center of the royal city. Therefore, if relying on the power of Emperor Tian, ​​I am afraid it will be difficult to protect Na Sheng, and it will be impossible to break through the obstacles of Cangliu and unlock the remaining seals.

Everyone couldn’t walk in the sun. If they were looking for someone to protect that Sheng, so far, there was only Bai Ying’s senior brother, Xijing, the great general of the former dynasty who could make the Cangliu Empire wanted for hundreds of years.

But now Xijing is no longer as high-spirited as before. He sits on the top of the mountain drinking all day, the jug never leaves his body, and there is also Merrenting by his side. Xijing asked Ting to go back to find Sister Zhao many times, but He Ting was always worried about him, because there were still clansmen beside her sister, and this hero completely lost his home and country, and became lonely and sad.

Na Sheng was in danger outside the city, and the Huangtian Ring reacted again. Zhen Lan asked Da Siming to open the water mirror to check, only to find out that she had met the injured Yan Xi. Bai Ying decided that before her senior brother appeared, she would protect Na Sheng first, and repeatedly stated to Zhen Lan that she and Su G were in the past, and that she would not have any involvement in the future.

On the other hand, Yan Xi endured great pain and handed the necklace to Na Sheng, hoping that she would send it to Ruyi Casino for him, and seeing things as people, it meant that he failed to complete the task and died. Seeing that Yan Xi was about to lose consciousness, Na Sheng suddenly remembered that Xue Yingzi might be able to save his life, so he took him to the cave to take good care of him.

Sure enough, after taking Xue Yingzi, Yan Xi’s life characteristics returned to stability. Afterwards, he thanked Na Sheng for spending the divine grass for himself, but when he heard that Na Sheng wanted him to make a promise, his expression changed drastically, claiming that the merman could Killing must not be humiliated, and it is better to die as someone else’s slave.

Na Sheng never thought of making Yan Xi a slave, she was simply attracted by her beauty. Even though she had met Su Gu who looked astonished before, but Yan Xi’s paleness and beauty were between men and women, as if Possesses attractive magic. Just as Na Sheng was chatting with Yan Xi and clarifying the misunderstanding to him, Nan Zhao’s voice came from outside the cave, she quickly helped Yan Xi to escape, and the two sneaked into the city.

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