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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 7 Recap

When Su G asked why Na Sheng had the emperor’s ring, Bai Ying had already sensed it through the back earth ring, and because Su G suddenly cast her gaze, she hurriedly closed the stone door. Su Gu pushed open the door and entered, subconsciously calling out Bai Ying, Na Sheng thought of the name he often chanted when he was asleep, and couldn’t help but curiously looked at the woman in front of him.

The three of them only talked for a while, Yu Huan had already led the soldiers to come, Su Gu asked Bai Ying and Na Sheng to hide first, and he went out to deal with it alone. Different from Su Gu, who was defenseless a hundred years ago, now he seems to be a bloodthirsty Shura, and his skills are so unfathomable that no one in a radius of a hundred miles can match him.

Bai Ying observed through the crack of the door and found that Yu Huan actually used a move of the Sword Saint, but she didn’t have time to think about it. Yu Huan dodged Su G’s attack, looked at the back of the two, and noticed the emperor’s ring on Sheng’s hand.

As the power of the ring was about to be exhausted and the remaining spiritual sense was about to disappear, Na Sheng, urged by Zhen Lan, briefly explained the ins and outs to Bai Ying. Just before sunset, Bai Ying and Na Sheng’s palms joined together, condensing the power of the emperor and the queen, and a beam of light shot through the layers of dense forest, crossed the sky tower, and reached the colorless city.

Prince Zhenlan teleported to the foot of the mountain, Bai Ying knelt down on the ground and welcomed him back to Yunhuang, ignoring the affectionate gaze cast by the other party. Bai Ying is concerned about Su Gu’s safety, so let Zhen Lan and Na Sheng rest here first, and then go back to help. Na Sheng couldn’t help but gossip about the relationship between Zhen Lan and Bai Ying, and at the same time was curious about Bai Ying and Su Ge’s unusual relationship, which made Zhen Lan more and more unable to hide her loss.

Yu Huan lost to Su Gu, and gradually fell behind, and then recognized Bai Ying as senior sister through the lightsaber, and simply stopped and left. Bai Ying also discovered the lightsaber in Yu Huan’s hand, wondering why there are Juggernaut disciples here, and even more shocked that Su G is so powerful in only a hundred years.

Before the other five kings arrived, Zhen Lan told Na Sheng about the origin of the Colorless City. This “empty” city originated 7,000 years ago and was jointly established by Xing Zun Emperor Lang Gan and Queen Bai Wei. Later, Emperor Xingzun conquered the Quartet, divided the six kings based on his military exploits, guarded the land of the six directions, and established the national capital city in the center of Jinghu Lake, with the mirror tower as the center to define the orientation of the Yunhuang Continent.

Because the Underwater Colorless City is like an ethereal existence, Emperor Xingzun built the city to prevent the Kongsang people from taking refuge in a catastrophe, and he left an edict before his death to close the passage between the two cities, unless Doomsday is coming, otherwise the passage must not be easily opened.

It lasted for more than seven years, Kong Sang had also experienced catastrophe, several times on the verge of the collapse of the country, all the kings without exception are gnashing their teeth to support the death battle. Until the battle a hundred years ago, the six kings joined forces to open the city and protect the people of Kongsang from falling into Jinghu. Since then, more than 100,000 sleeping people have become the residents of Colorless City.

Even though Zhen Lan had already woken up, he still had to rely on Na Sheng to find the rest of the seals for him under the guidance of the Emperor’s Ring. Na Sheng was very hesitant after hearing this. Originally, she was just an ordinary woman in Zhongzhou. She was seeking a safe place to live, and she didn’t want to be involved in right and wrong at all, especially if she wanted to harm her own life at any time. At this moment, the other five kings suddenly appeared. Zhen Lan, as if seeing a life-saving straw, hurriedly entrusted that Sheng to them, and then went to find Bai Ying alone.

Su Gu blocked Bai Ying’s way, his raised eyes were filled with love. He knew that Bai Ying had never married the prince, so he wanted to know Bai Ying’s feelings for him. But from Bai Ying’s point of view, the deep relationship a hundred years ago was already broken by Su Mo to the point that the branches and vines did not grow anymore, so they dispersed into the wind so calmly and peacefully, just like the fate of the world. There is no word that can save the fortune, only a decisive response.

This scene fell in Zhen Lan’s eyes, so he had the meaning of retreat, and turned away without saying a word. Considering that Na Sheng was not from Kongsang and could not enter the Colorless City with everyone, Zhen Lan asked her to go to Taoyuan County, a nearby town, which is also a rich place for businessmen. The five kings learned that Su Gu appeared in Tianque Mountain. Among them, King Xuan was furious and wanted to kill him, but was stopped by Zhenlan.

Na Sheng obeyed the arrangement to go to Taoyuan County along the way, and everyone returned to Wuse City one after another. As for Su Mo, he gradually let go, thinking that as long as Bai Ying was alive, it would be the greatest gift from God, and he no longer asked for too much. He shoulders the mission and joins Mrs. Ruyi to end the suffering of the people.

Six stars returned to the colorless city, and finally welcomed the Lord of Kongsang back. Looking at the bottom of the lake, where the sky was so pale that the sky could not shine, there were tens of thousands of ice coffins hanging, which made Zhenlan moved to tears and felt sad. extremely. Da Siming rushed to kneel down to worship Zhen Lan, and wanted to introduce him to the changes in the past century, but Zhen Lan already knew the whole process through Bai Ying, so now he needs to rest and deploy as soon as possible, and find a way to get Na Sheng back. Take back everything that was lost.

Fei Lian sent Xiao back to Jingcheng, but unexpectedly the deputy general Nan Zhao took her away at the order of Shi Peng, and then tortured her. Yu Huan was still kept in the dark, reporting the situation to Shi Peng, deliberately concealing Bai Ying’s identity. On the other hand, Nan Zhao sent someone to implement the mind control technique on Xiao, but she was stubborn. Although the mind control technique was unsuccessful, Nan Zhao suddenly changed her mind after receiving a secret letter from Shi Peng and asked her to ask Yanxi to be in Jingcheng.

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