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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 6 Recap

The Cangliu Empire has replaced Kongsang, and has already rooted its rule here, and everything is in order. Tonight, the five divisions who hold the highest authority of Cangliu gathered in the hall to discuss a situation that has been extremely rare in the past century. The Cangliu Holy Maiden Yu Zhu was instructed to tell the Canglang horoscope. The five divisions each expressed their opinions, and most of them advocated fighting.

Shi Pengnian and Taoyuan County are the territory of Gao Shunzhao, and it is not appropriate to rashly attack, but Shi Luo, who is sitting at the east end, disagrees with this. Don’t support people who have killed all the people who have gone through the sky.

Bai Ying was ambushed in the deep forest, but fortunately Su Gu came to the rescue. Su G confirmed Bai Ying again and again, took her into his arms in disbelief, and expressed his thoughts from the bottom of his heart.

Even though Bai Ying’s tears fell like rain, she knew that she was unworthy of walking side by side with Su Gu, so she reluctantly confessed that it was all a dream a hundred years ago, and now she wakes up, Bai Ying is dead. Similarly, Su G found that Bai Ying was wearing a back soil ring on her hand, and mistakenly thought that she was married to Zhen Lan, so she could only be powerless to let her go.

At this time, on the top of the Tianque Mountain, which has not changed for thousands of years, the hurricane is whistling, and the snowstorm is attacking. Between the heaven and the earth, Na Sheng is the only one left to grope and move forward. The corpse was instantly so frightened that it fell to the ground and rolled down the steep slope with the height of the two of them.

When Na Sheng woke up leisurely, the sun had already risen to mid-heaven, and she forced her sore body to climb up, every time she failed. Because the hillside was too slippery and steep, Na Sheng simply looked for another way out, but unexpectedly found a beam of light dusted in the Wannian Glacier.

As the ice layer burst, the colorful box opened on its own, and the Emperor Tian’s ring slowly rose and slipped into Na Sheng’s finger, believing that he was the master of Kongsang, no matter how hard Na Sheng tried, it was difficult to take it off. At this moment, Zhen Lan’s voice came out, and Na Sheng vaguely saw his body suspended in mid-air, and immediately let out a shrill scream, like a hide-and-seek with the other party, you advance and I retreat, not close to each other.

Later, the screams almost caused the cave to collapse, Zhen Lan reminded Na Sheng to break through the stone wall with the power of the emperor, and she did so and came out intact. Because the power of the emperor reappeared in the world, Da Siming was overjoyed when he saw Shuijing’s reaction, and asked the five kings to go to Tianque Snow Mountain to check.

On the other side, Na Sheng rushed out of the cave, raised his head and saw Zhen Lan again. After a closer look, he found that the other party was a handsome young man with gorgeous clothes. Only his body was half hidden, and the corners of his mouth were smiling. The mocking expression has not yet subsided. God had already chosen Na Sheng, so Zhen Lan hoped that she could take the Emperor Tian ring to Taoyuan County. It just so happened that Na Sheng had this intention, so she would just rest in place and leave for tomorrow.

The prey told the five divisions to guard the remaining three Heavenly Seals and send troops to the Heavenly Tower. They would rather kill them by mistake and never let them go. Since Banbu City is the closest to Tianque, Shi Peng asked Yu Huan, who was stationed in Banbu City, to be responsible for killing those who had killed Tianque. The elder sister Yu Zhu thanked Shi Peng for saving her siblings and immediately sent a message to the Banbu City barracks.

Major General Yu Huan was assassinated by Xiao half a month ago, and then pursued her to the desert. At the same time, Xiao Ning’s unyielding death changed his attitude towards the merman. The officers and soldiers welcomed back Yu Huan, and under his orders, they specifically detained Xiao in the cell for custody. Major General Fei Lian promised him that he would send this person to Jingcheng, while Yu Huan received a secret order from the elder sister, including a mana The extremely strong shark bead can save him from danger.

Accompanied by Zhenlan’s spiritual sense, Nasheng went all the way to the border of Tianque. He suddenly heard the voice of a soldier, and hurriedly hid beside him. Sure enough, he saw two soldiers who were suspected of searching for Tianque, and Zhenlan also passed. The content of their conversation knew that Cang Liu would be detrimental to Na Sheng.

When Yu Huan came to Tianque, he happened to see the soldiers drinking and roasting meat, distributing gold and silver treasures, and immediately ordered severe punishment in accordance with military regulations. The sun was getting hotter and hotter, Bai Ying couldn’t bear the exposure, and her body had already reached its limit.

Before it got dark, Na Sheng finally came down the mountain, the temperature was getting higher and higher, and sparse plants could be seen below the snow line, and she was so hungry that she could not wait to pick all the food. However, many plants are highly poisonous, and Zhen Lan repeatedly reminded her not to touch it, until she saw a white flower blooming, and she laughed with relief, feeling that she was really stupid and blessed.

The so-called Xue Yingzi is the most precious medicinal material on the Yunhuang Mountain. Looking at the entire Tianque Snow Mountain, there are only a few plants. Zhen Lan asked Na Sheng to quickly pull out Xue Yingzi and pierce her roots with a hairpin. Na Sheng did as he was told, and continued walking with Zhen Lan, listening to him tell about Bai Ying.

Since Zhen Lan belongs to half a spiritual sense, he can’t protect Na Sheng at all, so when he learned that Su Gu was also coming to Tianque Mountain, he asked Na Sheng to find him. Na Sheng chased after Su G closely, and sure enough, Su G saw the emperor’s ring, and no longer resisted, hugged her and fled from under the eyes of the soldiers, but stopped in front of the Temple of Heaven, and the sound of conversation caught Bai Ying’s attention .

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