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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 5 Recap

After a moment of eye contact, Su G hurriedly led Bai Ying into a remote alley, wondering why she suddenly descended from the tower. Bai Ying didn’t respond, and instead asked why Su Gu left without saying goodbye, and even hid her sachet. It was precisely because of this good day that Su G couldn’t help but speak out, hoping that Bai Ying would not return to the Mirror Tower and be his only A Lin.

It was not until this moment that Bai Ying realized that Su G had already known that she was pretending to be A Lin and spent many good times with him as A Lin. Just when Bai Ying hesitated and seriously considered Su Mi’s suggestion, a group of guards chased after him along the road, and the two had to hide under the invisible cloth. The extremely close distance made the atmosphere extraordinarily ambiguous.

After the guards left one after another, Su G and Bai Ying walked side by side, relatively silent throughout the whole process. One is a lowly merman, the other is a prince who is to be married, and she comes from one of the Bai clan in the six tribes of Kongsang, and she was born destined to be the future queen of this huge empire.

Bai Ying can’t give up her family for her own feelings, and she will never do such deviant things as “elope”. She can only cut off her love and end her love, and the seal will be removed on its own due to her complete temptation. The seal in the shape of a cross represents the holiness of the Crown Princess, and it also means what will happen if the seal is lost. Su Mo wants to take Bai Ying to leave, but the guards of the Qing Wangfu are used from all directions, and surrounds the two of them, each bringing them back. .

Su Gu forced Qing Wangchen to help Bai Ying with a blood contract, but how could she know that the blood contract had already been broken. Qing Wangchen was not afraid of any threat, and accused Bai Ying of having an affair with Su Gu in court. In the temple of the Mirror Tower, which is far away from all living beings, an unimaginable crime involved the elopement of Princess Bai and Cangliu many years ago. , leaving behind a pair of daughters and a husband.

Now, Qing Wangchen has publicly accused the mother and daughter of the Bai family as a disgrace to the dynasty, especially at this juncture of national difficulties. Bai Ying was completely stunned on the spot without any reaction.

At this moment, Zhen Lan scolded from outside the door, her voice was extremely sharp and angry, claiming that the top priority was to guard Yecheng, not to argue endlessly here.

Zhen Lan was surprised for a moment when she saw the appearance of the Crown Princess, and immediately recognized that she had saved herself. King Chengguang considered the fortune of Kongsang to be the most important, and ordered the wedding to be held as scheduled. If Bai Ying was still unable to inherit the power of the land after marriage, the Bai clan would all be beheaded, and then Bai Wangliao and Qing Wangchen would be dispatched immediately. Support Yecheng.

King Chengguang left with the help of Da Siming and others. Soon after seeing Su Gu being escorted to the front of the hall by the guards, Qing Wangchen mercilessly exposed him to deliberately seduce the crown prince, but he was quickly attacked by Su Gu, and the two kings For this, they turned against each other. After a while, only Bai Ying, Su Ge, Zhen Lan and the others were left in the hall. Da Siming admitted that the seal was to seal the heart, not just the body, so when she was tempted by Su Ge, everything would be irreversible.

Now Shi Peng received the news that the seal had been broken, and led a large army to attack the city in one fell swoop. Everyone vowed to die together with Yecheng. On the top of the 10,000-foot-high mirror tower, on the square in front of the temple, the sky is windy. Bai Ying, in order to ensure that the emperor, the emperor, the queen, and the earth will not make any mistakes, so she resolutely turned over and fell to the tower. Women inherit the power of the land.

Su Gu realized that something was wrong and rushed away subconsciously, but unfortunately he still failed to catch Bai Ying, and witnessed her leap down from the white jade railing like a feather of a white goose. Forget these things. Zhen Lan did not order Su Gu to be executed, but decided to banish him to the outside of the Heavenly Tower.

He would suffer the pain of losing Bai Ying all his life. At the same time, he asked the chief minister to announce to the world that Bai Ying was a fairy who came down to earth, and now she has returned to the heaven. preserve his reputation.

As Qing Wangchen became a traitor to Kongsang, the six clan strife broke out, and foreign enemies invaded, and beacon fires were burning all over the land of Yunhuang. , the entire nation has completely disappeared. In one year, Su G, who was pardoned, climbed to the top of Tianque Mountain, looked westward and looked back into the distance. Holding the sachet tightly in his hand, he was overwhelmed and fell into the snow with thoughts and guilt for Bai Ying.

A hundred years is like a white horse passing through a gap, and that catastrophe started in the power of heaven, like a storm falling, indicating that the emptiness will be destroyed, the vicissitudes will rise, tens of thousands of living beings will be wiped out, and all beings in the deserted cloud will be miserable. The immortals of Yunze City are inconvenient to intervene.

They can only record the changes of dynasties. The world is impermanent. Fairy Huijia believes that the common people can make their own decisions, and the person who returned from travel already has the power to change the common people.

Under the gloomy sky before dawn, six stars cut across the sky from north to east, and fell in the direction of the sky tower. . At the same time, Bai Ying silently guarded the colorless city, recalling that a hundred years ago, the country was destroyed and the family was destroyed, but the mountains and rivers still existed.

At that time, Bai Yingzhe Tower was still alive, but she was rescued by the Houtu Ring. When she woke up from Jizijue and rushed to the battlefield, Prince Zhenlan’s imperial power had been sealed by mysterious people everywhere, and there was no trace. After Zhen Lan fell asleep, in order to protect the people of Kongsang, the six kings each gave half of their spiritual knowledge to open the colorless city, and everyone could not walk in the sun from then on.

Later, every time Bai Ying went, she would tell Zhen Lan about local anecdotes, but unfortunately there was no response for a hundred years, and she still fell asleep. The Da Siming summoned Bai Ying urgently to inform her about the recent astronomical anomalies, guessing that someone will break into the cloudy desert from Tianque, which will definitely break the existing pattern.

Na Sheng and others rested in the cave until early morning, and set off to climb the mountain, but they encountered an avalanche. I saw the monstrous waves set off by the avalanche raging above Na Sheng’s head, and at the critical moment, Su G picked up Na Sheng and flew into the air, worthy of dodging. After the storm passed, Su Mo pointed Na Sheng to Taoyuan County behind Tianque Mountain, and then left alone.

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