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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 2 Recap

The other five kings were summoned into the palace, and under their witnesses, they completed the ceremony of recognizing the emperor’s ring, confirming that Zhen Lan’s identity was orthodox and could inherit the power of the emperor. King Chengguang couldn’t help but be overjoyed, and named Zhen Lan as the crown prince of Kongsang on the spot, and the daughter of Bai Wangliao as the prince concubine.

Bai Ying found out about this through her father, and felt very sad in her heart. She really couldn’t accept such an arrangement. She left the mansion to go to Kongjing Mountain since she was a child, and worshipped under the swordsman’s gate, nothing more than to become a general, guarding the rivers and mountains like senior brother Xijing, rather than marrying into the royal family. It is a pity that the fate of the eldest daughter of each generation of the Bai family has been the same for the past seven thousand years.

Now, when Kongsang is in trouble both at home and abroad, the prince returns to the throne, and the king of Chengguang announces to the world, and the people of the world also believe that Bai Ying takes the line of the queen. Bai Wangliao knew her daughter’s thoughts well, and she didn’t say much, so let her think calmly at home, and don’t go out if she doesn’t think clearly.

That night, Su G sat alone by the Jinghu Lake in a daze, recalling what Mrs. Ruyi said to him, still deeply shocked. On the other hand, Zhen Lan and Bai Ying were also distressed by their own situation. The sudden change made the three of them feel a little dazed and at a loss.

The next morning, Bai Ying accidentally discovered the Sea Soul Pearl, and instantly thought of the encounter with Su G before. The little daughter’s heartbeat seemed to be as sweet as honey, but she didn’t know it. The chief of the Chi clan, Hong Yuan, suddenly came to visit and handed over an invitation to Bai Ying, expressing that she was going to marry the blue king. Although she was also reluctant, at the moment of the enemy, only the unity of the six divisions would be beneficial to Kong Sang.

So Hongyuan hopes that Bai Ying can accompany her to meet her sweetheart. It was not until this moment that Bai Ying discovered that the person Hongyuan loved was actually Quan’s first doctor, Shark, and then she was transformed into a man for treatment. Besides, the merman loved one person in his life.

Mrs. Ruyi saw that Su G was deeply entangled, so she persuaded him to accept his fate. After thinking about it for a long time, Su Gu finally decided to shoulder the responsibility of saving Quanxian. She sneaked into the White King’s Mansion to look for the Sea Soul Pearl at night, but when Bai Ying came back from the outside, she hurriedly held up the invisibility cloth.

The Bai sisters gathered in the room to reminisce about the old days. Seeing that it was getting late, they planned to share a bed and rest. While Bai Lin went out to get the quilt, Bai Ying got up and changed her clothes, when she suddenly heard the sound of her stomach rumbling from the corner. After careful observation, Bai Ying found that Su Gu showed her horse’s feet, slashed the invisibility cloth with a sword, and then quickly returned the sea soul beads to him.

Before leaving, Su G and Bai Ying knew each other’s names, and even praised her for her beautiful sword. Unexpectedly, when he returned to his residence, Qing Wangchen had been waiting in the room for a long time. Not only did he kidnap Mrs. Ruyi, he threatened Su G with the life of his clan to hand over the sea soul beads, and even poisoned his eyes, allowing him to approach Bai Ying as a servant.

Bai Ying, who is not yet aware of this, is chatting with her father, and thus understands her mother’s character, finally figured out a lot, and promised to be a qualified crown princess. On the day of the canonization ceremony, the chief minister ordered Bai Ying to put a holy seal on her, and told her to be cautious in her words and deeds, and she must enter the tower to practice royal family rules and empty sang rituals before the wedding.

Bai Wangliao went to see his daughter for the last time, and he was no longer an ordinary father and daughter. And Da Siming explained that Bai Ying meditated for three months. In fact, it was to keep holy for Zhen Lan and not to be close to outsiders. If he did anything unclean, the seal would be automatically unlocked. In the same way, Zhen Lan also went to the Mirror Tower Library to study the grammar of arithmetic, but Zhen Lan had no interest in it, and deliberately found an excuse to send the Da Si Ming away.

Qing Wangchen arranged for Su Mo to enter the tower as a servant, but in fact he wanted to destroy the marriage of Bai Ying and Zhen Lan. Just when Su Mo was worried that it was difficult to get close to Bai Ying, it happened that the maids A Wan and Yao Er accidentally broke the Konghou. A Wan heard that Su G was proficient in rhythm, and wanted him to be responsible for the repairs, but because of his blindness, Yao Er simply went to Bai Ying first, and only allowed Su G to get started with her permission.

In fact, it wasn’t that Su G couldn’t see the light at all. At most, he was rather vague about the things in front of him, and he could probably see a shadow. Su G repaired the Konghou and played Jingyuehu. The music caught Bai Ying’s attention and made her stop involuntarily, because there was a door and the identity of the person who played the piano had not yet been discovered.

In the evening, Bai Ying and Yao’er mentioned the piano master who had repaired the Konghou with a little more appreciation and attention. As everyone knows, Ayi stood outside the door and eavesdropped on the conversation, and she was the eyeliner arranged by Qing Wangchen to monitor Su Mi’s movements, and then assist him in completing the task.

In the next period of time, Bai Ying, under the arrangement of the chief minister, learned complicated and boring etiquette every day, but she hoped to harness the power of the back soil as soon as possible to protect the Kongsang King City. Da Siming took the liberty to mention a few words to Bai Ying, hoping that when she can’t do what she wants, she might as well try to open her heart to accept it.

After sending off Da Siming, Bai Ying went outside the door alone to relax, and suddenly saw the musician standing beside him playing music. The other party was none other than Su Gu. Bai Ying was surprised why Su G was in the mirror tower and noticed the other person’s eyes. When she returned to the room, she couldn’t help feeling that there was another lonely person on the mirror tower.

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