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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 1 Recap

Since ancient times, legend has it that the right hand of God created the world of Yunhuang. There are three tribes of Kongsang, Quanxian and Cangliu living here. Kongsang Langgan and Bai Wei have the power of Liuhe to open up the world. People, who are good at rhythm, fall into tears. As for the Cang Liu one, it lives far away in the mountains of Lingqiu.

Seven thousand years ago, Lang Gan fought in the Quartet, imprisoned the Dragon God and sealed Bi Luo Hai, and the merman could not return for thousands of years. Seven thousand years later, in order to save the people, the first merman of Youquan set off the turmoil in the cloud and disappeared. Now that he has returned, the mountains are covered by heavy snow, and the endless pale shrouds him, and he is far away.

The hurricane was like a biting icicle at first, and the exhausted barrens couldn’t stand the rampage, so they could only walk forward in groups, looking for a cave that could still be sheltered. Among them, Su Gu, a native of Quan Xianmer, walked with him, and did not say a word during the whole process, watching on the sidelines of the almost starving child, and the kind girl Na Sheng who offered food.

The long journey had just ended, and everyone was so tired that they fell apart and couldn’t care about each other at all. Na Sheng noticed that the unsmiling Su G had called Bai Ying’s name many times in her dreams, so she was curious and approached to chat, and even helped him, telling her past events and future results.

As a supporter, Na Sheng couldn’t watch it in person, so he immediately turned his head and urged Su G to read the content quickly. Su Gu stared at the few prophecies on the ground. His expression was blank and empty, but he couldn’t help but change. Just as he continued to look down, a gust of wind covered the words behind him.

Na Sheng couldn’t do the divination for him a second time. If he wanted to know the result, he would have to start all over again next year. It is precisely because of this that Su Mo looked into the distance full of thought. If it didn’t start, it wouldn’t end, and his beginning was a hundred years ago, in the cloudless Xianzhou with green summer trees.

A hundred years ago, Bai Ying, the master of Kongsangchang County, studied under the sword sage Zunyuan, adhering to the sect of “holding the lightsaber with compassion, keeping the right way and protecting the common people”, and then went down the mountain to experience and return to his hometown. I learned that the merman seemed to be threatened, but in fact they were sent to Xinghan Yunting.

At this time, Su Gu took the opportunity to attract bees to distract the servants’ attention, and then jumped into the carriage that escorted the merman, and went with them. Bai Ying looked at Su G’s little trick calmly, wondering why he chose to throw himself into the net, and simply visited Xinghan Yunting as the county owner to find out what happened.

Su Gulai stayed in Madam Ruyi’s room and refused to leave. She bluntly stated that she wanted to take the Sea Soul Orb, saying that she could be a helper, which would save trouble. During the conversation, the servants knocked on the door and told Mrs. Ruyi to attend the Pearl Appreciation Conference. Mrs. Ruyi asked Su G to go first and agreed on a place to meet later.

Boss Jin warmly entertained Bai Ying and explained to her the transformation pool of Xinghan Yunting. As long as the mermen enter the Dingyan Xiangtang, they can choose between males and females, and those who fail in transformation will be transformed into bones. beads. As a result, Boss Jin has collected more than a hundred shark beads, and displayed each color for Bai Ying one by one. Little did he know that Su Gu was hiding and snooping on the side, and he believed that the county owner was definitely not a good person.

At the same time, Zhenlan, a young Wrangler, was taken back to Jingcheng by General Xijing. He couldn’t understand why the other party would pursue him so much. Xi Jing said that someone wanted to see him, but Zhen Lan didn’t take it seriously, but encountered a group of killers in a blink of an eye. Taking advantage of Xijing’s fight with the killer, Zhenlan hurriedly got into the crowd and slipped away.

Bai Ying found that Su G was looking for the Sea Soul Orb in the room, and after a brief conversation between the two, it was a good impression. At this moment, there was a loud chasing sound from outside the door. Bai Ying thought that she had just knocked out the guard, so she handed a bag of shark beads to Su Gu and asked him to send the mermen back to the sea with tears.

On the other side, Mrs. Ruyi secretly arranged for sisters Ting and Xiao to wait for the Pearl Rewarding Conference to start, trying to find a way to rescue the backyard mermen. In the Hundred Flowers Hall, guests came to watch the dance one after another. Su Mi heard Madam Ruyi in the backstage telling the sharks to go down to the Metamorphosis Pond. No matter whether they were born male or female, as long as they survived the pain of eroding bones and sucking sperm, they could finally find the Sea Soul Orb. Open the Mirror Lake barrier.

Boss Jin learned that the shark bead was lost, and immediately sent someone to look for it, and at the same time went to inform the Qingwangfu. It just so happened that Zhen Lan avoided the killer and broke into the Hundred Flowers Hall, and the guests were in chaos. Su Gu ignored Madam Ruyi’s objection and jumped into the living pool directly. His body remained unchanged, and he found the Sea Soul Pearl extremely smoothly.

Bai Ying tried to save Zhen Lan, but she was plotted and almost fell into the pool. Fortunately, Su Gu appeared in time and hugged her. Su G considered that the current situation was dangerous and that people with too many eyes were prone to mishaps, so he secretly put the Sea Soul Pearl into the purse around Bai Ying’s waist. Boss Jin grabbed Mrs. Ruyi and threatened Su G with his arrest, and Xijing also came at this moment.

Although Bai Ying wanted to take Su G away, Boss Jin refused to let him go. Just as the people took Mrs. Ruyi and Su G to the backyard, they found that the cell where the mermaid was being held was on fire. Su G rushed in regardless of his own safety, but unexpectedly reunited with Bai Ying, and the two worked together to save the person.

In order to cover Su Mo’s departure, Bai Ying went to deal with her uncle Qing Wangchen alone, and bluntly stated that the act of selling mermaids was inconsistent with the laws of Kongsang. Qing Wangchen thought that Bai Ying, as the county owner, should not intervene rashly. Even if the mermaid was sold, there would be relevant personnel to deal with it. With Qing Wangchen’s reminder, Bai Ying simply went home first and met her sister Bai Lin.

Su G, who had already escaped from Xinghan Yunting, came to the pre-agreed place and learned about everyone’s situation through Mrs. Ruyi, and immediately said that the sea soul pearl was given to Bai Ying and needed to find a time to retrieve it. Mrs. Ruyi felt that it should not be discussed tonight, so she asked sisters Ting and Xiao to go back to Xijing Mansion to listen and arrange.

Xijing brings Zhenlan into the palace, revealing his identity as a prince, and the only heir to the current king, who needs him to save Kongsang. However, Zhenlan refused to believe it, and Xijing had no choice but to inform Zhenlan that his mother was killed. If he wanted to avenge his mother, he had to ascend the throne.

Chief Kongsang ordered Zhenlan to enter the hall. King Chengguang, who was sitting on the throne, carefully looked at the young man in front of him, and became more and more certain that he was his son. On the contrary, Qing Wangchen had a different opinion. Prove that it is the blood of the king. Moreover, in his opinion, Zhen Lan’s biological mother was a wild horse-herding woman who was ignorant of propriety and righteousness.

When Zhenlan heard these words, she wanted to come forward to argue, but was stopped by Xijing. Compared with Qing Wangchen’s contemptuous remarks, Bai Wangliao seems more stable. King Chengguang thinks that it is not difficult to prove Zhenlan’s orthodoxy, and to see if Huang Tian will recognize him, so he ordered the six kings to go to heaven. temple.

After Mrs. Ruyi dismissed the crowd, she had a detailed discussion with Su Ge alone, knowing that there was nothing unusual about him entering the transformation pool, which was enough to show that he was different from others, and he was the master of the first spring, Biluo Haihuang.

As soon as these words came out, Mrs. Ruyi knelt down and kowtowed, honoring the young master Su Gu, telling that after the death of Sea Emperor Chunhuang in battle 7,000 years ago, the bloodline was stored in the spirit bead, until 7,000 years later, Yu Ji swallowed the spirit bead Su G and Anuo were born, which also explains why the brothers have the mark of the Dragon God behind them.

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