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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 39 Recap

Before the start of the new round of defensive warfare, Sorghum originally wanted to treat the heads of the observation group as prisoners and bundled up explosives in advance, but Nian thought that they had suffered a lot, so they no longer followed the actual combat standards, so they would regard them as prisoners. Same as execution.

During this period, Zheng Yuan never expressed any opinion. In fact, he was very satisfied with Sorghum’s actions. On the contrary, Qin Hanyong and Li Shaobing were very angry.

The Red First Battalion reported to the director’s department and decided to use all its strength to start the battle to seize the island. When the Red Army launched an attack, Jiang Nanzheng also took a lunch to the island to visit the Blue Army.

Gao Liang was emotional because of his actions and asked him why he wanted to help Gu Yinye. deal with yourself. Jiang Nanzheng said that he was already a civilian and would not reveal any information to him.

Now there are forty-nine officers and soldiers left in the Blue Army, and most of them have reached the limit of starvation. Without heavy weapons and fire support, the lunch box is equivalent to a fatal temptation for them. Before setting off, Gaoliang asked everyone to get a rice ball. If they couldn’t bear it, they could eat it. After ten minutes, they had to quit the battle according to the rules of the exercise.

Because the special operations team could not face the first red battalion, Sorghum deployed a personal combat team to stick to Qiaotou Island with flesh and blood, and would not give in half a step until death, trying to stay on this island for as long as possible. . In this battle, Gaoliang asked the team members to show their spirit, because what they are guarding is not only an island, but also China’s sovereignty and territory, and the dignity of the Chinese army. What they have to do is to never fail Special warfare spirit.

Gao Liang’s remarks moved everyone in the observation group and the director’s department. Jiang Nanzheng couldn’t help but burst into tears as he looked at the special forces members who passed by in front of him. Jiang Weixing handed over the flag of Jiulian to Chen Nianqing and told him to remember that people are here and the flag is here.

Gaoliang didn’t go to get the rice balls, but limped out. Just as he was about to step out the door, he heard Jiang Nanzheng’s voice, so he took out a small bottle from his pocket, indicating that his supplies were always there. Toffee delivered.

At this time, the Red Army began to attack. The only remaining members of the Blue Army gave up the underground fortifications and dispersed to the island to fight. When there was no ammunition, they used everything around them that could be fought as weapons. The generals looked solemn.

Jiang Weixing was intercepted by the Blue Army, and knowing that the Red 1st Battalion was trying, he deliberately angered the opponent to achieve the purpose of sacrifice. Even though Chen Nianqing suffered a serious leg injury, he still draped the flag of the Lao Jiu Company on his body, and even jumped into the sea regardless of the comrades in the Red 1st Battalion and the persuasion of the observers.

Gao Liang seized Xiaowangcheng in time, kidnapped him to blow up the command post of the Red 1st Battalion, and everyone in the observation team had been rescued, but when they saw the scene in front of them, their hearts were still hanging. Gaoliang and Gu Yinye had a one-man contest, fighting fiercely in close quarters, and neither of them would let each other go.

At a critical moment, Jiang Nanzheng couldn’t help but stop Gaoliang and let them remember the comrade-in-arms covenant of “life and death together”. Gao Liang gradually regained his senses, Gu Yinye got up and left, and Jiang Nanzheng ran to Gao Liang, crying to marry him, and hugged each other tightly amid the blessings and applause of everyone.

Although this exercise was very shocking, considering the exercise accident in which five soldiers were seriously injured and one soldier was missing, the military region determined that both Gu Yinye and Gaoliang had unshirkable responsibilities, so they were punished. Just when the two were going to Zheng Yuan to find out the situation, they happened to hear that he and Political Commissar Xing were discussing this endlessly.

Zheng Yuan believes that the real war is the existence of casualties and accidents. If they are punished because of an accident in the exercise, then all the chief officials will go through the motions for safety, and where will the combat effectiveness of the army come from? Political commissar Xing also agreed with Zheng Yuan’s point of view, and decided to report to the military region to apply for revocation of the punishment of the two.

Hearing the final result, Gaoliang and Gu Yinye breathed a sigh of relief in unison. While they were chatting and joking, they suddenly received news that Chen Nianqing had been recovered by a fishing boat and was now on his way to the hospital. Zheng Yuan immediately instructed the hospital to give all-out treatment, and he would immediately rush to visit this outstanding soldier.

After a while, Gao Liang had to pack up and be discharged from the hospital. Xia Lin came to visit him. Gao Liang learned that Xia Lin had been tracking Prince for six years, wanting to avenge Han Chunyu, and persuaded him to learn to let go and solve his personal problems. Then Xiaofei personally came to pick up Sorghum and was discharged from the hospital, and at the same time announced that he was admitted to the national defense student of Tsinghua University, but he hadn’t informed Gu Yinye yet.

In fact, Xiaofei didn’t have any interest in the army at first, but when he saw the South African embassy being bombed and the boy blowing up, he couldn’t help crying, and he didn’t want the tears to stay again, so he decided to use his actions to serve the country.

Xiaofei learned through Gaoliang that both he and Gu Yinye had been dismissed, but they were actually studying in a school that trains military officers in Beijing, and couldn’t help but be surprised. Gao Liang asked Xiaofei to take a box out of the box and put it on the bed. When Jiang Nanzheng came to pick up Gao Liang, she opened the box and found a military uniform and a letter from Gao Liang.

In the new content, Gaoliang made it clear that he had fallen in love with someone else. Jiang Nanzheng couldn’t believe it. He wanted to ask clearly, so he came to Lao Jiulian’s dormitory according to the address. Unexpectedly, the person waiting outside the dormitory turned out to be Gu Yinye. He claimed that Gaoliang did not know how to speak to Jiang Nanzheng, so he explained it on his behalf.

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