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Reset 开端 Episode 7 Recap

In the visiting room of the prison, the uncle happily told his wife that he was about to go home after being released from prison. But the wife has sold the house and decided to move to Jialing with their son Xiaolong. Because there is a murderer’s father, Xiaolong is looked down upon by everyone. This time they decided to leave completely.

Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun came to the police station. Zhang Cheng asked her why she decided to get out of the car temporarily. Li Shiqing said that she had a dispute with Lu Di because her boyfriend’s schoolbag was stolen, but there were always loopholes in her words. Xiao Heyun deliberately revealed that the two uncles carrying a suitcase and carrying a watermelon were suspicious. Under Li Shiqing’s identification, the uncle named Ma Guoqiang carrying a watermelon came into the police’s sight.

Although the three of them cooperated actively, Zhang Cheng was very skeptical that they could describe the situation in the car in such detail. He also said that he could release Li Shiqing first, leaving Xiao Heyun and Lu Di to communicate. Li Shiqing walked through the corridor and looked at the sad and distressed family members. She heard the police questioning Ma Guoqiang’s ex-wife on the side. She left behind to collect some passengers’ information on the pretext of waiting for her boyfriend.

Ma Guoqiang was once arrested and sentenced for a hit-and-run accident. After his early release, he worked at home farming. Zhang Cheng asked his son Xiaolong and learned that they had not seen each other for many years. His father hit-and-run and the victim was Xiaolong’s classmate. The compensation has always been paid by his mother and Xiaolong is still here. Zhang Cheng asked if the victim’s family had any intention of taking revenge. Although Xiaolong said no, he also had doubts in his heart.

Li Shiqing wanted to find an opportunity to communicate with Ma Guoqiang’s ex-wife, but she couldn’t. She watched Xiaolong talk to her mother about the debt repayment and life lawsuit. Her mother was very excited when she heard it. great sin. Li Shiqing followed the tired Xiaolong out of the police station, and learned that Li Shiqing had seen his father, and he felt very guilty. His father had been out of touch with the society for seven years of labor reform.

Lu Di’s mother read what he wrote, ran to the police station in a hurry, and excitedly said that he was tempted to save the explosion. As soon as this remark came out, Zhang Cheng immediately launched an order to bring Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun back and interrogate them separately. Facing her mother’s persistent questioning, Lu Di finally broke down and said that she was lucky to be selected. Her father understood Lu Di’s inner pain and ordered his wife to go out, and comforted Lu Di to cooperate with the police investigation.

The three had no choice but to tell the truth about the cycle. The police still didn’t believe it. They looked at the clock behind them. After twelve o’clock, everything would restart. Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing woke up on the bus without any accident. Lu Di’s suicide note caused trouble.

Li Shiqing informed Xiao Heyun that Ma Guoqiang carried human life on his back, Xiao Heyun stepped forward and wanted to check the bag that Ma Guoqiang put at his feet, but he was too cautious and Xiao Heyun could not check. The two pin their hopes on Lu Di, but find that he fails to enter the cycle.

In desperation, the two could only investigate by themselves. Xiao Heyun pretended to be quarreling and stepped forward and smashed two watermelons. Ma Guoqiang was nervous and the watermelon pushed him away, but instinctively raised his hand in fear. After everyone’s persuasion, Ma Guoqiang calmed down and was very sad to see the melon broken into this.

Li Shiqing told Ma Guoqiang that he was Xiaolong’s colleague. Xiaolong showed himself his father’s photo and wanted to go back to see his father during the New Year. It turned out that Ma Guoqiang entered the city because his relatives saw in Xiaolong’s circle of friends that he wanted to eat the melons grown by his father, so he came all the way with so many watermelons on his back. Ma Guoqiang thanked Li Shiqing very much and distributed the broken watermelon to her and the passengers in the car to taste.

Before the familiar old-fashioned mobile phone rang, Li Shiqing hurriedly relayed what Xiaolong said to herself to Ma Guoqiang. The explosion sounded and the cycle started again. At this time, there were two suspect passengers left, and the two were still in the same station.

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