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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 16 Recap

Sun Lei’s heart was a mess. His parents disagreed over the matter of rights protection. In the end, they quarreled. Sun Lei left in a hurry and forgot to bring his mobile phone. The factory manager sent someone to call him. Chen Shan picked up the phone to answer, and learned that the factory had issued an accident certificate, and asked Sun Lei to sign at the factory before five o’clock.

Go to the factory without saying a word. Sun Lei found that he didn’t bring his mobile phone, and hurried home to get it. Chen Shan had already gone out, and the two missed it.

Lin Qingkun reported to Zhou Jiakai that Sister Jin’s Xifuhui wanted to go public. He couldn’t persuade Chen Shan, and Zhou Jiakai was powerless. Both of them were reluctant to give up the project, suffering from the lack of suitable candidates. Li Yu was very interested in the Xifuhui project, and she recommended herself to Lin Qingkun.

Lin Qingkun suddenly received a call from Xiao Liu and learned that Wu Min had low blood sugar. She insisted on picking up Lin Jing, but Xiao Liu could not persuade her, so she had to call Lin Qingkun for help. Li Yu once again proposed to cooperate with Lin Qingkun on the Xifuhui project, and Lin Qingkun promised to think about it.

Xiao Liu came to school to pick up Lin Jing, but Lin Jing didn’t know her and decided not to go with her. Xiao Liu couldn’t get through to Wu Min and guessed that she was sleeping. When Lin Jing saw Sun Lei coming to pick up Sun Yuanqiao, he ran over and asked Sun Lei to take him home. Xiao Liu had to call and report to Lin Qingkun.

Chen Shan came to the pharmaceutical factory in a hurry. President Huang took the final results of the factory leadership research, fined Sun Lei 1.2 million, and also demoted him to work in the cafeteria. Go to the site and look at the maintenance log of the machine and equipment.

Sun Lei and Sun Yuanting took Lin Jing home together. Wu Min was sleeping in the room. She struggled to get up and greeted Sun Lei. Because of low blood sugar, Sun Lei hurriedly made him a glass of brown sugar water. Lin Jing and Sun Yuanxiang went to the kitchen together to make sandwiches for Wu Min. Wu Min started to sneeze because he caught a cold.

Sun Lei hurriedly closed the window and greeted Wu Min. Lin Qingkun walked in and saw this scene. Wu Min couldn’t listen anymore, so he hurriedly stopped him and asked Sun Lei to take Sun Yuanying home. Lin Qingkun warned Sun Lei not to get involved in their family’s affairs, revealing that Chen Shan had fetal gas in the hospital today, and Sun Lei retorted him, Lin Qingkun is also not allowed to interfere in his family’s affairs.

Sun Lei took Sun Yuanjing home, and when he went out, he saw Sister Jin. Sister Jin wanted to go to Chen Shan for help in person, but she was not feeling well, and Sister Jin wanted to talk about it later. President Huang took Chen Shan to the laboratory for investigation, and also retrieved the monitoring records of the day. Finally, Chen Shan read the machine maintenance records.

Until dinner time, Chen Shan hadn’t come home yet. Sun Lei called Chen Shan. Chen Shan excused that she couldn’t go home because of something. Grandson’s mother hurriedly took the call to persuade Chen Shan. Chen Shan had to admit that she helped Sun Lei in the pharmaceutical factory. When dealing with the problems left over from the accident, the grandson’s mother was worried and wanted to go to the factory to take a look.

The grandson’s father believed that Chen Shan could handle it well, and Sun Lei hurried to the factory regardless of his father’s objection. Chen Shan found out that the thermostat had been repaired because the temperature was too high, and questioned the factory to let the sick machine continue to work.

President Huang called Chen Shan aside alone, and reminded her not to record her. Chen Shan turned on the phone and asked him to verify. President Huang insisted that Sun Lei made a phone call in the laboratory in violation of regulations, which interfered with the normal operation of the machine and caused the accident. The main reason, but Chen Shan felt that President Huang took Sun Lei as a scapegoat.

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