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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 15 Recap

Lin Qingkun swears and promises that Sister Jin’s company will be listed on the main board. Sister Jin is very grateful to him and will thank him again after the promise is done. Lin Qingkun wants to find a lawyer to help Sister Jin handle the relevant legal documents. Sister Jin guessed that it was Chen Shan, and Lin Qingkun was on the spot.

Called Chen Shan to explain the situation, Chen Shan excused her pregnancy. Sister Jin learned that Chen Shan was pregnant, and took the opportunity to persuade Lin Qingkun and Chen Shan to keep a distance, so as not to affect the families of both parties.

Wu Min was so bored that she wanted to go out for a walk, but Xiao Liu did not allow her to go out, and claimed that Lin Qingkun had explained it. Lin Qingkun then rushed home and asked Wu Min to go back to rest. He wanted to go to Chen Shan to discuss the listing of Sister Jin’s company, and It was stated that he had completed the lease contract with Sister Jin, and explained that Xiao Liu had full authority to handle the trusteeship class, so that Wu Min could feel at home at home. Wu Min was completely disheartened and felt like a waste.

Lin Qingkun drove to the downstairs of Chen Shan’s house and called her down. Lin Qingkun promised to invite her to dinner. When her grandmother came back from shopping, she saw Lin Qingkun and Chen Shan talking and laughing and got into the car and left. Lin Qingkun asked Chen Shan to help Sister Jin’s company go public, but Chen Shan categorically refused, she didn’t want to miss the last chance to have a child. Sun Lei called Sun Lei as soon as she got home.

Sun Lei advised her mother not to think wildly, and then called Chen Shan. Chen Shan admitted that she and Lin Qingkun had dinner together. She decided to switch roles with Sun Lei and stop all work. Raising the baby well, Sun Lei promised to work hard and take on the responsibility of supporting the family.

The client sent ethanol, and Sun Lei went to the laboratory to continue working after the handover was completed. Li Yu suddenly called him and insisted that the relationship between Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun was not normal, and tried his best to instigate the relationship between Sun Lei and Chen Shan. , to sue her for false accusation, Li Yu insisted, and continued to add fuel to jealousy. Sun Lei was so angry that he hung up the phone before she finished speaking.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded from the laboratory. Sun Lei rushed in desperately and saw the thick smoke billowing from the heating box. Sun Lei hurriedly put out the fire with a foam fire extinguisher. As a result, the ethanol exploded and Sun Lei was injured. When Chen Shan received the news that Sun Lei was injured, she rushed to the hospital with Lin Qingkun.

Sun Lei was receiving treatment in the emergency room. Chen Shan learned about the incident from Mr. Huang. Mr. Huang determined that Sun Lei’s improper operation caused the explosion, and he should be held accountable. Chen Shan was not convinced and argued with Mr. Huang.

Sun Lei bandaged the wound and came out. Chen Shan hurriedly ran over to greet him. Sun Lei was angry when he saw Lin Qingkun. He was willing to take all the guilt. Chen Shan went home and heard Sun Lei called a friend to borrow 500,000 yuan. She advised Sun Lei to stay calm and wait until the accident identification results came out. Sun Lei didn’t want to mention it again.

My colleague took the guilt and was fined 200,000 yuan by the factory. The family bought a house with a loan of 2 million yuan. Chen Shan worked hard day and night to pay it off. She didn’t want to pay for Sun Lei’s stupidity anymore. Word.

The grandson’s father and grandmother heard Sun Lei and Chen Shan arguing next door, and hurried over to persuade them. The grandmother complained that Chen Shan didn’t understand Sun Lei, and told her face to face that she and Lin Qingkun left together. Chen Shan repeatedly explained that Lin Qingkun wanted her to Help, she refused because of the child in her belly.

When the grandmother and grandfather learned that Chen Shan was pregnant, their attitudes changed drastically. They tried their best to make her happy, and scolded Sun Lei severely. Sun Lei confessed to Chen Shan. Sun Lei tried to persuade his parents to leave.

Chen Shan asked Sun Lei to bring the list of damaged machines and equipment. She wanted to find a professional to calculate it. She couldn’t compensate 500,000 yuan for nothing. Sun Lei did not let Chen Shan intervene in the matter. Hearing their commotion, his grandmother and grandmother hurried in to persuade him and promised to help Sun Lei repay the money.

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