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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 39 Recap

Wu Tianyi called Zhang Yingnan on the way to take Li Xuemei to the hospital to cancel the dinner together tonight. Zhang Yingnan thought he was worried that he bumped into a pregnant woman, and hurriedly called Wu Shiyi to come with him. The marquis slept soundly on the sofa, and woke up when he saw Wu Shiyi was about to leave.

Wu Shiyi told him that he was not allowed to go anywhere and could only go home. There was nothing wrong with Li Xuemei being sent to the hospital in time, so she quickly thanked Wu Tianyi, and Wu Tianyi didn’t want to mention the previous matter. Dapeng hurried to the hospital after receiving the news, thinking that Wu Tianyi hit Li Xuemei and was very angry, Li Xuemei quickly explained.

Zhang Yingnan and Wu Shiyi arrived a little embarrassed to see this scene, and told Dapeng and Li Xuemei to take a good rest before leaving. Dapeng chased out to apologize and thank Wu Shiyi, Wu Tianyi, and Zhang Yingnan. Wu Shiyi had already let go of his previous feelings.

Wu Shiyi, Wu Tianyi, and Zhang Yingnan received a phone call after returning home. It was called by lawyer Zhang from Zhirong Construction. The Marquis had reached a debt transfer agreement with Wu Tianyi’s creditors to transfer Wu Tianyi’s debts to the Marquis.

The three were stunned for a moment and decided to discuss it. Wu Tianyi refused, and he must not do this. After thinking about it, he can make an IOU for the Marquis. Zhang Yingnan refused, and doing so meant that Wu Shiyi could not control his own feelings. How could it be so simple to be favored by others.

Wu Tianyi and Wu Shiyi’s father and daughter decided to repay the debt slowly, but Zhang Yingnan wrote an IOU and asked Wu Tianyi to sign it, and she could help to repay the debt. Wu Shiyi was very moved, she knew that Zhang Yingnan did this because she felt bad for herself. The family of three did not leave anyone behind during the most difficult time, and the relationship between Zhang Yingnan and Wu Tianyi also returned to the past.

When Wu Shiyi returned home, he found that the marquis had changed clothes and came back, saying that he wanted to cook for her. Wu Shiyi asked about the debt and said that Wu Tianyi did not agree because Zhang Yingnan agreed to help pay it off.

The Marquis also felt that it was more appropriate for him to do so, but Wu Shiyi still thanked him for everything he had done for himself. Wu Shiyi said that he wanted to drink to celebrate, so the marquis took her to the bar and prepared a special show. Amid the roars of the audience, Wu Shiyi was pushed onto the stage by the Marquis to sing.

Wu Shiyi always said that his singing was ugly, and it was true after he took the stage, but the Marquis was watching happily with his mobile phone below. Wu Shiyi sang a song with insufficiency and quickly apologized. In fact, she had also felt inferior for many years because of the singing, but today she gained courage with the encouragement of the marquis.

The Marquis was still watching the video of Wu Shiyi singing out of tune at night, but Wu Shiyi sang happily today and had a good time. After they said good night to each other, they turned off the lights and went to sleep. The marquis went to redeem his mother’s jade pendant but was told that the jade pendant was not in his hands. It turned out that it was just a play before. It was Hai Xing who knew he was short of money to do so, and the 100,000 yuan was also his.

Hai Xing wanted to drink two bottles of beer during the day. After seeing the doll, she grabbed it and poured it into her stomach. She knew the reason why Hai Xing was drunk all day long, and the feelings that Marquis Qian Qian and the others didn’t want were what she wanted most.

The Marquis and Hai Xing hurried to receive the news that the rescue team had assembled, Wu Shiyi followed behind him, and the doll also took the initiative to hide in Hai Xing’s car and followed. Starfish arrived first to participate in the rescue. After the Marquis arrived, he found that the rescue team had a lot of new equipment. The captain said that it was given by money.

Starfish sprained her foot during the rescue, and the doll was very worried. When the two of them were about to leave the car, it broke down, and the Marquis hung up the leash without saying a word. The doll satirized him as a cat crying, a mouse, and fake mercy, but Hai Xing told her that he was actually sorry for the marquis.

After returning to the store, the doll took the Marquis and let him sit in for a while. Wu Shiyi saw that the Marquis didn’t go in, so he added some firewood and asked him to help pack a piece of fried rice.

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