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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 38 Recap

The Marquis is much calmer now, and Hou Zhirong is also deeply relieved. Hai Xing has been in a bad mood recently. He drank heavily all day and gave customers free orders. The baby was so anxious that he didn’t know what to do, so he could only call the Marquis. The doll said that Haixing had been drinking for the past few days, and was making a fuss about hanging himself and jumping into the river when he was drunk, so the Marquis could only rush over and settle Haixing.

Wu Shiyi followed behind, checking every suspicious person. The doll planned to sleep on the sofa tonight, for fear that Starfish would be in danger alone, but the Marquis was more worried when they were alone, but in the end, the doll could not be beaten.

Wu Shiyi found a suspicious vehicle, so he told the marquis to drive directly to the company basement, where it was safer. After the Marquis left, Wu Shi and the man who drove the motorcycle had a long standoff, and did not go to the Marquis until he left.

Qian Qian has been in a bad mood during this period of time. In fact, Hou Zhirong couldn’t forget Qian Qian. He often went to the playground where they were together, and Qian Qian also came. The two lonely people met again, and Qian Qian kept them again. She thought that Hou Zhirong came here because he couldn’t let go of their feelings, and Hou Zhirong still loved her.

But Hou Zhirong didn’t know what his feelings for Qian Qian were. After the death of Marquis’s mother, he never had any feelings again, so he couldn’t be sure whether it was love for Qian Qian or not. Money doesn’t care, she can be exchanged for her to love Hou Zhirong. But Hou Zhirong knew that doing this was unfair to money. He couldn’t give money for anything because of his age, so she didn’t deserve it.

Qian Qian still has a lot of youth, and she will meet better people. Seeing that Hou Zhirong was so determined, Qian Qian didn’t insist any longer. He just asked him one last question. If he gave up on her, would Hou Zhirong regret it in the future? Hou Zhirong was silent for a long time and replied, yes, he will regret it. Qian Qian was overjoyed, and Hou Zhirong finally faced up to his feelings for Qian Qian.

Hai Xing wanted to sell the restaurant, so he brought people to see the room. The doll was very sad, and hurriedly called the marquis. Some time ago, Hai Xing was happy. Later, two men in black and a boss came to him. The baby cried for a long time and realized that something was wrong and hung up the phone, but the Marquis had already heard it clearly. Just when the contract was about to be signed, Hai Xing suddenly changed his mind and did not sell the store.

The baby heard the news and kissed Hai Xing with joy. The Marquis reacted that the person who stole the document was Haixing, and went to Hou Zhirong to ask for evidence. Hou Zhirong didn’t want to pursue this matter anymore, he just wanted to live a relaxed life. The Marquis wondered why Hai Xing would do this, but Hou Zhirong felt that it was rare for a person to have a few true friends in his life, and he should be spared and spared.

But precisely because Hai Xing is the Marquis’s true friend, the Marquis regards him as a brother, and cannot forgive him for doing so. It is not surprising that Starfish saw the Marquis coming over aggressively, this matter will be exposed sooner or later. Hai Xing confessed that he fell in love with money some time ago, but unfortunately this is destined to be a fruitless relationship. Later, a rich man and Qian Qian got together but abandoned him, so Hai Xing wanted to get revenge on him.

The Marquis is angry and can’t understand, what does this have to do with him? Hai Xing did not say anything about Qian Qian and Hou Zhirong, but only said that it was because of money. The Marquis was deeply disappointed that he could not accept that his brother harmed him and caused such consequences. However, Hai Xing looked like he was about to make a clean break.

They were not the same people at all. The Marquis grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth, while Hai Xing was raised by the welfare center. The Marquis thought he was his brother, but he was actually his sidekick. Horse boy. Starfish pointed at the Marquis and said that he hated his finger-pointing, and the Marquis couldn’t bear to fight him. The doll hurriedly stepped forward to persuade him to fight, but Wu Shiyi calmly watched this scene downstairs.

The marquis and Wu Shiyi talked about this, but Wu Shiyi thought about it carefully and felt that it didn’t make sense. Wu Shiyi thought about it, wouldn’t the person Qian Qian liked be Hou Zhirong? Only in this way can this matter make sense.

The conditions that Qian Qian said before and Hou Zhirong all match. The Marquis also suddenly realized, but it was still somewhat unacceptable. Hai Xing couldn’t say it, Qian Qian didn’t want to say it, and Hou Zhirong couldn’t say it, that’s why this situation was created, and the Marquis who knew the truth was even more uncomfortable. How complicated it must be for the relationship between the four of them.

Wu Shiyi took the marquis to the house he rented. Standing in front of this window, many things were not as simple as they seemed. The marquis lamented that she had spent all her luck for three lifetimes when she met Wu Shiyi, so she would always be by her side.

The two embraced each other deeply, very sweetly. When Wu Tianyi was in the supermarket, he happened to meet Li Xuemei collapsed on the ground with a big belly. Many people around didn’t dare to come forward. Wu Tianyi hurried over to save people.

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