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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 37 Recap

Jiang Nanzheng led the scientific research team to the director’s department, mainly responsible for verifying and evaluating the equipment performance of Shanwang No. 2. At this time, the red and blue sides are already in a stalemate. If only based on the current war, the Red Army not only has obvious peripheral firepower advantages And mobile power, including troops are also four times more than the Blues.

Therefore, the situation of the Blue Army is very bad, and it has been completely trapped in Qiaotou Island. With the loss of external coordination, the director department cannot see the possibility of more variables. When Jiang Nanzheng listened to this series of situations, he was very anxious, but he realized that he was too obvious, and quickly adjusted his state and went to work.

The observation team that was also held hostage did not stop. Qin Hanyong and Li Shaobing fought hard for their respective troops, insisting that they were the most likely to win. Only Zheng Yuan was silent about this, lying on the bed alone to rest. Originally Song Jianshe had prepared a more comfortable bed for Zheng Yuan, but the other party ignored him and snored on the spot.

That night, the Red Army scouts went ashore one after another, secretly shuttled through the Blue Army positions, reported to Gu Yinye the coordinates of the fifteen targets on the island in time, and informed the observation team that they had moved to underground fortifications. One of the soldiers was quickly captured, but he chose to die in action, refusing to reveal any information.

Under the cover of others, Xiao Wangcheng, who was already the chief of staff of the Red Army, finally successfully landed on the island. He carefully marked the command post and firepower arrangement of the special forces brigade, and Gu Yinye ordered remote destruction. Sorghum found Xiaowangcheng, which was guiding the target for the Red Army fighter jets, so he pursued him.

Unexpectedly, Xiaowangcheng found the only storage point on the island and directly “poisoned” it. Sorghum tried to stop the unsuccessful attempt and fought fiercely with him, and finally captured him. In fact, Xiao Wangcheng knew that he was no match for Sorghum, so he wanted to entangle Sorghum as much as possible to buy time for the Red First Camp.

On the other hand, the special operations team also fought back, blasting the command ship Yueshan of the Red Army underwater, making it lose its command ability. Just when everyone thought the outcome was decided and the director’s department announced that the command ship of the Red 1st Battalion would withdraw from the exercise, Gu Yinye suddenly reported to the director’s department that the command post had been transferred from Yueshan to Tengshan very early.

Originally, Qin Hanyong was ecstatic about the blasting of the command post, but when the plot took a new turn, it was Song Jianshe and Li Hongbing’s turn to smile. Jiangnan Zheng was guarding in front of the monitor, closely following the movement of the Zhanlan exercise. The director team integrated the information of the Red Army commanders sent by Shanwang No. 2 and believed that there would be even greater miracles in the future, all thanks to Gu Yi Wild’s combat experience.

Because of the reefs on the east and north sides of Qiaotou Island, the firepower of the Red 1st Battalion could not attack at all. If they insisted on grabbing the beach from those two places, it would inevitably cause great losses.

Although the task of landing on the island is arduous and will cause some casualties, Gu Yinye once again showed the importance of this war. It was only after a lapse of seven years that I returned to the embrace of the motherland. If the motherland and the people needed them to take down the island today, even if they sacrificed, they would have to keep going.

Now that the last leg of Operation Zhanlan is about to start, the red and blue armies have made their own preparations, especially the special operations brigade led by Gao Liang. Troops for cover duty. Before the action, Gaoliang solemnly told the soldiers that because they are special forces and carry out the most arduous tasks of the entire army, no matter how tragic the battle ahead, they would always rather die one step forward than half a step back.

Afterwards, the Special Forces Brigade and the Red First Battalion had a desperate battle, and both sides suffered varying degrees of attrition. Gu Yinye forcibly landed on the island to seize the tidal flat to establish a position, and Gaoliang also sent a flying wing team to shoot the Red Army ships. There is only half an hour left before the scheduled end of the exercise. It seems that the situation has now become a foregone conclusion.

He Zhigeng decided to strictly implement the plan and was about to announce the end of the exercise, but Zheng Yuan believed that the state of the red and blue sides was closer to actual combat, and the mentality was also very different from the previous exercise. There are a lot of grand occasions, from which we can learn a good experience.

Jiang Nanzheng also believes that everything can depend on the situation, especially the data of Shanwang No. 2 is not complete enough, maybe there will be a chance to change the ending, after all, the war in reality will not be terminated by time. In the end, under everyone’s persuasion, He Zhigeng simply reported the situation to his superiors. Unexpectedly, the incident caused the military headquarters, and the No. 1 chief personally issued an order, requesting Deputy Commander Meng to organize officers above the division level to come to inspect and observe, and the exercise will continue. .

As the night faded and the sky had broken, Gu Yinye stood alone on the deck, recalling that he had fought countless fights with Gaoliang in the past few years. Never. Therefore, this battle is very important, and Gu Yinye cannot tolerate his own mistakes.

The special forces guarding Qiaotou Island are facing the point of running out of ammunition and food, especially under the attack from both sides of the Red 1st Battalion, and they have not rested for two whole days. On the other hand, the Red 1st Battalion was supplied by the director’s department. Jiang Weixing suspected that they did it on purpose, but after listening to his complaints, Gao Liang did not make any statement, but let him continue to organize troops to carry out a counter-offensive.

Song Jianshe complained a lot about the supply issue, and Zheng Yuan told them that they are now hostages and should not require too much of the environment, and many times the combat situation is worse than it is now. Sorghum came to visit several old leaders. Qin Hanyong kept praising Sorghum and promised that as long as he could last for thirty hours, he would hold a celebration banquet in person. At the same time, Li Shaobing discovered that there was a problem with the soldiers behind Gao Liang.

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