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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 13 Recap

The furniture store staff brought sofas and mattresses. Lin Qingkun gritted his teeth in anger, suspecting that Wu Min and Sun Lei were going to settle down in the rental house. Sun Lei explained that Wu Min wanted to hold a trusteeship class here. Wu Min admitted that she rented the house. He hurriedly descended from the second floor, suddenly slipped his feet and rolled down the stairs, blood flowing between his legs.

Sun Lei, Lin Jing, and Sun Yuantian ran over to appease Wu Min at the same time. Lin Qingkun stood motionless, Wu Min had unbearable abdominal pain, Sun Lei urged Lin Qingkun to send Wu Min to the hospital, and Lin Qingkun woke up. At the same time, Chen Shan came to the hospital for examination because of nausea and vomiting. She thought she had a recurrence of cervical heart disease, so she went directly to the neurology department for examination. The doctor suspected that she was pregnant. Chen Shan went home for a test and found out that she was really pregnant Yes, she was surprised and delighted.

Sun Lei went out to buy dinner and urged Lin Jing and Sun Yuantiao to eat quickly. Chen Shan excitedly called him and wanted to tell him the good news of her pregnancy. Sun Lei saw Lin Jing and Sun Yuantiao rolling down in Wu Min. On the stairs, she hurriedly stopped them loudly, but Chen Shan didn’t say anything out of her mouth, wanting to wait until Sun Lei returned home.

Lin Qingkun accompanied Wu Min to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor found out that she had a miscarriage. She couldn’t help being surprised, only to find out that she was eight weeks pregnant. Lin Qingkun put her in the hospital.

Wu Min insisted on going home. field, leaving Wu Min aside. Wu Min saw a man squatting down to help his pregnant wife tie the shoelaces. Her tears of grievance could not stop flowing. Lin Qingkun turned around and asked her to wash her face, so that Lin Jing would not see that she had cried. Min made it clear that the doctor would not let her touch cold water, and Lin Qingkun held back and helped her open the door.

Lin Qingkun thought that Wu Min deliberately concealed her pregnancy, and set up a house with Sun Lei outside, suspecting that their relationship was not normal. Wu Min repeatedly explained that she wanted to open a trustee class, and Sun Lei just helped her, but Lin Qingkun didn’t believe it at all. Wu Min couldn’t bear it anymore, and she vented all the grievances she had accumulated in her heart for many years. She worked hard for the family for 20 years and gave her precious youth.

Lin Qingkun restricted her from time to time, and she didn’t even have the freedom to use her mobile phone, Lin Qingkun remembered. The photos in the phone were even more angry. He yelled at Wu Min. Wu Min was very distressed. Lin Qingkun not only ignored her efforts, but even insulted her. When he left, Lin Qingkun was dumbfounded.

Wu Min took a taxi to the nearest hotel, called Sun Lei to help take care of Lin Jing, and Sun Lei agreed. When Wu Min arrived at the hotel, he found out that there was no money in WeChat and Alipay, and his credit card was frozen. Wu Min had to call Sun Lei to borrow 1,000 yuan. Sun Lei was very worried about her, and Wu Min didn’t want to say more. Lin Qingkun aggressively came to rent the house, turned a blind eye to Sun Lei, took Lin Jing away directly, and Sun Lei also took Sun Yuantian home.

Wu Min wanted to check in, but she didn’t bring her ID card, so she had to leave angrily. As soon as Lin Jing came home, he asked Lin Qingkun to find the leather shoes and dresses for the event tomorrow. Lin Qingkun never cared about the family affairs. He didn’t know where to put them. Lin Jing wanted to call his mother, but Lin Qingkun disagreed. Lin Jing guessed that the two of them had a quarrel. Don’t dare to ask any more.

Wu Min had nowhere to go, so she had to sit on the street and blow the cold wind. A drunken homeless man passed by, and she was so frightened that she hurried to a nearby cafe. Wu Min couldn’t help thinking of the past. She and Lin Qingkun went to the same university, and the two quickly fell in love. After graduation, Lin Qingkun wanted to study in the United States. Wu Min ignored her mother’s objection and followed Lin Qingkun to go abroad. Can’t stop crying.

Lin Jing secretly called Wu Min to ask about the dress. Wu Min remembered that the dress had not been washed and promised to go home immediately. Lin Qingkun grabbed the phone and shouted at Wu Min. Jing washes and irons the dress. Lin Qingkun put the dress into the washing machine, but he didn’t know how to use it. He called the assistant overnight to help him. The assistant was bedridden because of a fever, so he had to find a way by himself.

As soon as Sun Lei came home, he found Sun Yuanqiao’s dress and ironed it. Chen Shan once again wanted to tell him the good news of her pregnancy. Sun Lei’s mind was full of Wu Min’s heavy bleeding. He suspected that Wu Min had a miscarriage. Worried that it would affect their relationship, Chen Shan couldn’t wait to tell Sun Lei the news of her pregnancy.

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