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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 36 Recap

As the troops of the two armies have assembled on Qiaotou Island, Zheng Yuan also delivered a speech at the mobilization meeting, telling all the officers and soldiers about the hardships at the beginning of the founding of New China, and how the revolutionary martyrs fought back 54 years ago. Enemy bandits, guarding the motherland, went to the battlefield one after another, and loyal bones can be seen everywhere in the green mountains.

Therefore, while Zheng Yuan led everyone to pay tribute to the heroes, he also hoped that they could understand that although this is an era of peace, and the country’s focus is on building a modern economy and society, if one forgets the war, there will be danger. Always remember the heavy lessons of history and remember who they fought for, which is also the main purpose of this exercise.

Under the leadership of Zheng Yuan, all the officers and soldiers sang the army song of the People’s Liberation Army, and in the resounding singing, the Zhanlan exercise officially started. The observation team headed by Zheng Yuan took the lead in landing and stationing, and the director’s department also checked the signal clarity immediately.

Qin Hanyong and others could not help being annoyed when they saw the Blue Army’s artillery positions in the tidal flats, but he didn’t know that the reason why Sorghum was so daring was because the observation post was very close to here, and they used the safety of the leaders in disguise to force them. Gu Yiye did not dare to attack, which is equivalent to the strong insurance measures set up by the Blue Army.

Even though Sorghum explained the reason clearly, Qin Hanyong still didn’t buy it, Song Jianshe and Li Shaobing gloated. However, after Gao Liang left, Zheng Yuan criticized Qin Hanyong, believing that since the command was decentralized, they should not intervene too much, and they had the final say on all arrangements on the island. Moreover, Zheng Yuan asked them to observe the fort carefully, confirming that it was a conspicuous decoy to lure the enemy, but it was actually a disguised position.

At the same time, Gu Yinye quickly organized the first round of attacks, with the SEAL team of the Red 1st Battalion and the Eagle Team bombing the island from both the sea and the air. Unexpectedly, the special operations team responded quickly and deployed in advance. Get it right, coupled with the island’s environmental impact, and it quickly fails.

The first batch of twenty-five people who landed were all prisoners. Two of the three fighter planes were hit and had to withdraw from the battle. The remaining one was the power wing driven by the wing king Dao Xiaohui, and finally made an emergency landing near the main peak of Qiaotou Island. . The news quickly spread to the observation team. Song Jianshe was very dissatisfied when he learned that Gu Yinye had lost the first battle. In the end, he was reprimanded by Zheng Yuan, saying that even if the command was in their hands, it would still be a three-pronged axe. s level.

Gao Liang listened to Jiang Weixing’s report, and intuitively Gu Yinye would never play cards according to common sense, and he would definitely leave behind. As expected, Dao Xiaohui hid immediately after landing. Kaoliang sent people to search for a long time to no avail. Niu Mancang was accidentally knocked out by Dao Xiaohui while searching for the glider.

The Red 1st Battalion attacked the island again, using long-range missiles to blow up the island’s airport and supply warehouse, and destroyed the Blue Army’s sea, land and air coordination forces. Song Jianshe and Li Shaobing were overjoyed by this, but Qin Hanyong was very depressed. Through the director’s observation, it was determined that Qiaotou Island had become an isolated island. Now the Blue Army can only support forty-eight hours at most, relying on the island’s troops and supplies.

Because Gu Yinye was too powerful, Sorghum adjusted the deployment based on past experience, notified the troops to enter combat preparations, and asked the two missile companies to immediately withdraw to the underground fortifications. The beachhead mines are bound to block the first red battalion from the island, and at the same time emphasize that the red and blue sides are the real enemies now, and they are also facing a real war.

The special forces team strictly guarded Qiaotou Island, and Gu Yinye did not give the slightest chance to breathe, attacking from both land and sea again and again. As the Blue Army has placed a large number of mines in the direction of the pier and beachhead waters, the attacking force is basically exposed to the heavy fire coverage of the island.

Sorghum took special measures against prisoners of war, as did Gu Yinye, a former good comrade-in-arms, claiming that he would give Niu Mancang an anti-censorship training, and under the condition of ensuring that no internal injury would be caused, he ordered someone to perform “extortion of confessions by torture” on him. . Just as Qin Hanyong scolded Gaoliang for not knowing how to be flexible, he suddenly heard a voice from underground. If you listen carefully, it was actually the singing of the Red Army prisoners. Even if they were locked in the bunker, they would still use singing to increase their ambition.

Gu Yinye sent soldiers disguised as fishermen to go ashore. Originally, Sorghum refused repeatedly. However, Song Jianshe and others persuaded him with the fish and water between the army and the people. The director also felt that it was in line with the changeable characteristics of modern warfare, and immediately judged it to be effective.

After confirming the “fake identities” of these fishermen, Gaoliang couldn’t bear to go to the observation team. Even though Zheng Yuan promised that similar incidents would not happen again in the future, he still demanded that the observation team want to stay in Qiaotou Island and must change their identity and be a hostage. .

Although the fishermen sent by Gu Yinye were unable to land successfully, the first group of fishermen who went ashore have been certified by the director’s department, and ordered the Blue Army to ensure their safety and provide corresponding supplies. Sorghum cursed shamelessly. Seeing that the sky was getting darker, and the red and blue armies were at a loss, Gu Yinye and Gaoliang guessed each other’s thoughts.

The director’s department and others are also analyzing the situation of the war between the two sides. Xia Lin believes that even if Gu Yinye is playing civilians to participate in the war, Sorghum also has a hard plan. On the other hand, on the Red Army side, the chief of staff asked whether to launch an attack at night, but Gu Yinye told them to recharge their batteries and concentrate their forces to seize the island tomorrow.

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