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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 35 Recap

Sorghum agreed to participate in rehabilitation training, but he was still listless. Niu Mancang handed the tape recorder to Jiang Nanzheng, saying that this was all the wishes of his comrades. During the next training process, Jiang Nanzheng turned on the tape recorder and let Gaoliang hear the familiar whistle and everyone’s encouragement to him. Because of this, Sorghum was full of tears and determined to stand up again and again after falling down again and again.

On the other hand, Gu Yinye walked home with his luggage and met his father Gu Heng downstairs. Now that Gu Heng has stopped his research results for many years, he asked Gu Yinye to throw away those books. While Gu Yinye was helping to clean up, he suddenly realized that he could transfer to the college to be his father’s assistant. By his side, if possible, write a book about my father’s research.

Soon after, the news of the NATO attack on the Chinese embassy in South Korea reached China, and the foreign ministry expressed strong protests against this gross violation of China’s sovereignty, demanding that the NATO government headed by the United States must take full responsibility and would reserve further measures. s right.

When the news reported that the reporter and his wife of the embassy in South Korea had been killed, all the Chinese soldiers felt extremely humiliated. Sorghum seemed to have gone crazy for rehabilitation training. Gu Heng also excitedly told Gu Yinye that he should continue to stay in the army. , as a soldier, we must appear where the motherland and the people need it.

Zheng Yuan received Gu Yinye’s application for a career change, and immediately called Chen Dashan to question him, including the previous matter about Sizhe, and severely reprimanded him. In Zheng Yuan’s view, a new recruit who can’t even do pull-ups, just because he is the son of a real estate agent, went to the best red battalion in the military region as a platoon leader, and even got a third-class merit for no reason. , is really ridiculous.

Chen Dashan realized that Zheng Yuan had misunderstood that he was greedy for money, and hurriedly shouted that he was wronged. However, Zheng Yuan asked him how much it would take to buy back three Chinese lives, and how much would it take to disperse the dark cloud of humiliation over the Chinese soldiers. Zheng Yuan unceremoniously accused Chen Dashan of violating the bottom line of being a soldier in order to take care of the favor of his superiors, and actually sacrificed the arm of a grassroots soldier.

After all, Chen Dashan was cultivated by Zheng Yuan himself. It is absolutely impossible to say that there is no emotion, so Zheng Yuan invited Chen Dashan to dinner in his courtyard that night, and recalled the past with him. Chen Dashan admitted that the real estate developer had funded a lot of money, but he never thought of taking it for himself, but used all the money for the construction of the Shishi Museum.

Zheng Yuan naturally believed in Chen Dashan’s character, and the reason why he let him leave the army was because he, as a military chief, had completely lost his war vigilance, which was not a good thing for the 720 regiment and the entire group army. At first, Chen Dashan was still very aggrieved, and through the conversation tonight, he gradually figured it out, saying that if leaving would bring new vitality to the army, he was willing to raise a glass with tears in his eyes and drink parting wine with the old chief.

In the blink of an eye, six months later, after a period of recuperation, especially when Populus euphratica sent a special medicine from overseas, Sorghum’s injury has greatly improved and he can be discharged from the hospital. Yi Ye specially drove to pick up Sorghum and Jiang Nanzheng, and on the way back, he talked about Zheng Yuan’s “killing Ma Su with tears”.

For Zheng Yuan, Chen Dashan is a general under his command, and leaving is a loss, but for the army in the long run, this is a good thing. Jiang Nanzheng felt that the atmosphere was too heavy, so he simply changed the subject and asked Gu Yinye if he had let Hu Yang send expensive special medicines, but Gu Yinye immediately denied it, saying that Hu Yang treated sorghum as a special patient because of his military uniform, free of charge send medicine.

The car passed the beach, Sorghum looked out the window, and felt very emotional. Jiang Nanzheng took the initiative to hold his hand, and gave encouragement and courage without words. Gu Yinye and Jiang Nanzheng brought Sorghum to the beach in wheelchairs, but after a while, all the comrades in the special operations battalion appeared and saluted him solemnly.

Under the earnest gazes of the entire battalion, Sorghum could finally stand up and move forward step by step. In the days that followed, Sorghum recovered completely. Although he could walk, he was also disabled. Jiang Nanzheng fulfilled her promise to leave Gaoliang, even though she went round and round and separated, but she believed that the two would stick to their respective positions. As long as they have each other in their hearts, they will definitely meet again.

In the blink of an eye, three years have passed, and Zheng Yuan has become the chief of staff of the group army. In this grassroots inspection, it is proposed that the military region will launch an exercise that fits the actual combat in three months. Therefore, there is no doubt that there will be another confrontation between the special operations battalion and the first red battalion. Li Shaobing and Qin Hanyong are fully prepared, as well as Gu Yinye and Gaoliang.

Before the start of the exercise, Zheng Yuan suddenly adjusted the direction of the red and blue exercises. The special operations brigade, which is good at attacking, would guard the island, and then let the first red battalion, which has rich experience in positional warfare, take over the island. In addition, Zheng Yuan asked Qin Hanyong and Song Jianshe to decentralize the command, and they served as the observation group together. Qin Hanyong specially reminded Gaoliang to take advantage of this opportunity to perform well in front of Zheng Yuan. Gaoliang expressed great pressure.

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