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Reset 开端 Episode 5 Recap

The police quickly found Xiao Heyun’s location over the phone. Xiao Heyun knew that he couldn’t escape the shutdown and went to a nearby pharmacy to buy sleeping pills. Without a prescription, he had to buy the melatonin recommended by the clerk. Being able to escape the urging of the clerk, Zhang Cheng and others discovered his whereabouts.

Holding the liquor bought from the supermarket, Xiao Heyun drank the drug and got drunk in the alley, and murmured to Zhang Cheng who came over that he didn’t want to close the small dark room again, why did they call the police when they were not in the loop, the police life is life. Zhang Cheng, who was sitting in the police car, had red eyes recalling all the things he had with Jiang Feng, while Xiao Heyun, who had fallen asleep, woke up again on the bus with Li Shiqing’s shouts.

Because of Jiang Feng’s sacrifice, Li Shiqing decided not to call the police, and Xiao Heyun also decided to stay with her. The two made a plan to find out the location of the bomb first. At this time, the masked man got into the car, and Li Shiqing asked Xiao Heyun to pretend to be a couple quarreling in order to approach the masked man. However, Xiao Heyun really has no experience in love and acting, because his fiddling has missed this opportunity.

The second time, Xiao Heyun used the masked man to take out his mobile phone to secretly take pictures of his girlfriend as an excuse to come forward to argue, but the masked man tightly covered his schoolbag even if his asthma recurred and he would not let go. happened.

The third time, Xiao Heyun finally realized that they could stop the masked man under the car. The two cooperated inside and out to stop the masked man under the car, and when he opened his schoolbag, a thin stray cat jumped out. It turned out that the mask man was a caring person who helped stray cats. He was so nervous about his schoolbag because pets could not get on the bus.

Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing helped return the cat. The explosion sounded as expected. The two looked at the thick smoke in the distance and left calmly, which surprised the masked man. In addition to the news of the bus explosion that the pet store saw, he was even more aware of the incident. is wrong.

Li Shiqing thought that the mask man was intercepted by them, and it was very likely that they would also enter the cycle, so that they would have one more partner. However, Xiao Heyun was uncharacteristically and tried his best to stop him. He didn’t give a bunch of excuses to Mazui, but he actually wanted to show that he was not weak in front of Li Shiqing, which made Li Shiqing really dumbfounded.

The two came to a secluded cafe and decided to carefully analyze the condition of the cycle. They found that the physical state of the cycle was not sustainable, and even the money spent would come back on the next cycle, including the weight they gained.

The two ordered a bunch of delicious food and decided to hurry up to find clues about the bombing. They found that unless both of them went to sleep, they could enter the loop, otherwise one party would enter a standby state, waiting in a dream until the other party also fell asleep. The cycle can be restarted.

Xiao Heyun found that the two of them had very limited search capabilities, so he had to negotiate with Li Shiqing to find a way to learn more about the passengers next time he entered the police station. On the Internet, they saw that the man who always liked to use his mobile phone to shoot and talk a lot was an Internet celebrity named “Happy Brother”. After the explosion, his colleague broadcasted a live broadcast at the crime scene. Many friends and Fans will come to mourn him.

Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun returned to the scene of the crime, trying to find out more information about the passengers who died. While watching a short video of a brother, the masked man rushed out to stop the two and asked them if they knew the inside story of the explosion.

Xiao Heyun originally wanted to prevaricate and leave, but in the face of the threat of the masked man calling the police, Li Shiqing had to answer embarrassingly that it was not easy to say. The mask man immediately understood, and he asked Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing to follow him to another place to discuss in detail.

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