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Reset 开端 Episode 3 Recap

Xiao Heyun decided to sort out the context of the matter before the police came to him. At present, a total of ten cycles have occurred. The tenth time he woke up was 1:36, and the explosion occurred at 1:42, at the intersection and the oil tank. The car exploded. The ninth time, they woke up at 1:37, the time of the explosion was uncertain and the explosion site was the bridge across the river, this time it was artificially detonated. Through layer-by-layer analysis, they found that every time they wake up, they will advance by one minute, but what does this advance time mean?

The two analyzed the boarding time and Li Shiqing’s previous cycle, but facing Li Shiqing’s faltering appearance, Xiao Heyun always felt that she was hiding the truth, and the only thing Li Shiqing could remember was the ringtone of the old-fashioned mobile phone. Li Shiqing talked about Zhang Cheng’s questioning about herself when she woke up for the sixth time. She felt that the police would not believe them. However, Xiao Heyun felt that the clearer would clear himself, as long as the police could find the bomb on the car, their suspicion could be cleared.

Zhang Cheng led Jiang Feng and others to find the two and took them back to the Public Security Bureau. On the way, Zhang Cheng arranged for the two of them to sit in separate cars, and asked Xiao Heyun the purpose of traveling that day. A friend called and asked that Xiao Heyun was late and caused the investor to leave, embarrassing him. Xiao Heyun turned off the phone embarrassedly. Facing Zhang Cheng’s question about Li Shiqing, he truthfully replied that the two had just met on the bus.

The surveillance video of the accident vehicle was difficult to retrieve, and Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing were the only breakthroughs in the case. Facing Zhang Cheng’s question, Li Shiqing couldn’t speak at all, so Zhang Cheng had to hold the analysis paper that Xiao Heyun had thrown in the trash and put it in front of her.

In the face of the impatient Jiang Feng, Xiao Heyun’s explanation didn’t help. He looked at the clock on the wall and began to fidget. Jiang Feng asked the leader Du Bureau for instructions. Du Bureau was very dissatisfied with Jiang Feng’s violent temper and decided to implement a drug test.

In the face of Zhang Cheng’s step-by-step questioning, Li Shiqing called him Officer Zhang and asked him if he had called the police after he called the police. Zhang Chengminrui discovered that Li Shiqing knew her surname, and she also knew that her right hand couldn’t use force. Li Shiqing had to tell him that he met him in the hospital in a loop, and re-explained the time loop.

Xiao Heyun’s statement did not win the trust of the police, and the only thing Li Shiqing was sure about was that she heard the ringtone of the old mobile phone, but Li Shiqing was not sure whether it had anything to do with the explosion. The police have nearly collapsed, and Jiang Feng does not believe in the so-called cycle, but Zhang Cheng analyzed that the two had no motive for lying, and the relationship between the two was simple and did not have any communication. The police were convinced that the analysis chart written by Xiao Heyun was the crime plan of the two, and Bureau Du suggested that the two sides exchange the object of questioning.

The police used interrogation techniques to get the two to confess, but there was no actual progress, and there was no problem with the drug test. During the interrogation, Jiang Feng said that Xiao Heyun said it was just a simple accident, and Li Shiqing immediately heard the loophole in the words. At this time, Bureau Du called Zhang Cheng and Jiang Feng out, because explosive residues were indeed found on the bus at the scene.

In the face of the incoming superior, Bureau Du decided to detain the two and interrogate Xiao Heyun, who has a thin psychological defense. At this time, the sleepy Li Shiqing woke up again on the bus. A man passed by her and shouted the next stop on the radio—Yanjiang West Road Station.

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