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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 12 Recap

Chen Shan insisted on taking the responsibility for the wrong sentence. Lin Qingkun couldn’t beat her, so she had to hand over the recorded evidence to her. Chen Shan knew that Lin Qingkun was thinking of her, but her conscience was disturbed. She wrote about the incident overnight and submitted the evidence together.

Chen Shan was penniless, and her mobile phone was confiscated by the security guards of the factory. She waited for Lin Qingkun to return to Shanghai early in the morning. The factory manager came to the conference room according to Lin Qingkun’s instructions, and found that Chen Shan had already jumped out of the window to escape.

He immediately reported to Steven, who immediately told Lin Qingkun the news. Lin Qingkun pretended not to know and complained that the security guard was not doing his due diligence.

When Lin Qingkun learned that Chen Shan had handed in the evidence, he couldn’t help making fun of her, laughing at her that she was the secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Commission, but he admired her in his heart.

Lin Qingkun promised to help her in the future. Chen Shan made up a phone card and put it on the mobile phone that Wu Min returned to her. Chen Shan found that the photos in the mobile phone had not been deleted, so they passed them to Lin Qingkun one by one. Chen Shan found the photos of Sun Lei teaching Lin Jing how to swim. He and Wu Min chatted and laughed happily, and Chen Shan felt sour, and tried his best to explain Sun Lei in front of Lin Qingkun.

In his spare time, Sun Lei helped Wu Min search for the procedures needed to set up a custody class, and also collected the information of more than 20 students. As a result, Mr. Huang caught him. Sun Lei repeatedly explained that he wanted to help Sun Yuantian find a custody class. He was still scolded by Mr. Huang. After Mr. Huang left, Sun Lei secretly called Wu Min and passed all the information to her.

Wu Min tidied up the house, and then went to the furniture market. When Lin Qingkun returned home, he found Wu Min was not there, so he called her immediately. , Lin Qingkun refused to agree and forced Wu Min to go home as soon as possible to cook for him, but Wu Min categorically refused.

Wu Min took a fancy to a desk where the students were doing their homework, and sent a video to Sun Lei’s counselor. Lin Qingkun sent a message to apologize to Wu Min and promised to drive to pick her up, but Wu Min ignored him. Lin Qingkun suspected that Wu Min was hiding something, so he inquired about the consumption record of Wu Min’s supplementary card with the bank customer service. Lin Qingkun found that Wu Min was in the furniture store and drove over immediately.

Chen Shan went home for lunch, her grandfather gave her a cervical spine treatment instrument, and took the opportunity to ask Chen Shan to give birth to a second child as soon as possible. The grandmother also agreed. Resign and go home with peace of mind to take care of the children. Chen Shan suddenly received a call from Zhou Jiakai, and she hurried back to the law firm.

Lin Qingkun quickly came to the furniture store and saw that Wu Min was still choosing from a distance. As soon as he wanted to go there, he received a call from President Cao, who asked him to return to the company immediately. Lin Qingkun admitted that he and Chen Shan reported the truth about the fraud of Da Li’s transportation and the infection of Xiaotangwan with botulinum toxin. President Cao made it clear that the company and Xiaotangwan had signed a breach of contract.

The company will face huge compensation. Lin Qingkun felt that he did the right thing. President Cao announced that he would suspend his work. Lin Qingkun had expected such a result, and he was mentally prepared. When Lin Qingkun received Wu Min’s consumption information, he gritted his teeth angrily.

Zhou Jiakai called Chen Shan to the office to be held accountable. Due to Chen Shan’s exposure, the law firm faced a huge fine, but the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a commendation order to Chen Shan. Zhou Jiakai did not dare to fire her easily. Chen Shan thought he wanted to let Li Yu As a senior partner, Zhou Jiakai had to admit that Li Yu didn’t report anything. Chen Shan suspected that Li Yu had backed up Lin Qingkun’s recording evidence. Zhou Jiakai sent a secretary to call Li Yu and Han Dongshuo and confiscated their mobile phones on the spot.

Zhou Jiakai wanted to check Li Yu and Han Dongshuo’s mobile phones. Han Dongshuo voluntarily admitted that he backed up the recording evidence. Li Yu kept claiming that everything she did was for the sake of the law firm. She did not report the matter. Chen Shan guessed that Li Yu wanted to wait for Xiaotangwan to go on sale If I report it later and put her and Lin Qingkun to death, Li Yu will be able to become famous in the industry, and Li Yu will make all kinds of sophistry.

Zhou Jiakai asked Li Yu to go back and reflect, and completely disqualified her from becoming a senior partner. Li Yu gritted his teeth in anger. Chen Shan called to inquire about Lin Qingkun’s situation, and learned that he was suspended. Lin Qingkun took the opportunity to ask her about Sun Lei’s time off work, and Chen Shan told her truthfully.

Chen Shan suddenly felt nauseous and dizzy, and called to ask Sun Lei to pick her up. Sun Lei told Chen Shan to go home first. He was about to go to the laboratory and promised to go to Wu Min’s house to pick up Sun Yuanqiao and go home after work. Lin Qingkun went directly to the furniture store to find out the receipt and delivery address of Wu Min’s purchase of furniture. Lin Qingkun drove over immediately.

Wu Min went to the school to pick up Lin Jing and Sun Yuanqiao, and brought them to the trustee class to clean up. The three of them talked and laughed. Sun Lei came to pick up Sun Yuanying after get off work. Seeing that they had been cleaned up, he was full of praise for them. Wu Min took him to the second floor to visit. Lin Qingkun arrived in a hurry, and when he entered the door, he saw Sun Lei and Wu Min, and he was even more angry.

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