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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 37 Recap

After listening to what Sister Zhang said, Hou Zhirong realized how badly he had been wrong over the years. He felt sorry for the Marquis’ mother. Seeing the portrait of the Marquis and their mother and son, Hou Zhirong burst into tears, remembering that he bought the white dress on her. If they hadn’t had a fight, she would not have taken the Marquis to run away from home, nor would she have driven to the place.

In the water. The Marquis hid and listened to Hou Zhirong’s confession, and also shed tears. The Marquis realized that he had been misunderstanding Hou Zhirong. In fact, he loved his mother very much. Wu Shiyi told the Marquis that Hou Zhirong loved you too.

In the evening, the Marquis personally made the braised pork for Hou Zhirong that he had been thinking about for a long time, and Hou Zhirong fed him a mouthful, and the relationship between the two was reconciled virtually.

In order to overcome his fear, the marquis signed up for a swimming class to learn how to swim. Wu Shiyi followed quietly. Seeing that he had been building for a long time by the water, he did not dare to go on, and finally gave up. After returning home, Wu Shiyi called the Marquis, and when he heard that he wanted to learn to swim, he persuaded him to take his time, and said that he could teach him, and the Marquis immediately agreed.

A bell sounded not far away, Wu Shiyi was afraid of being exposed and hung up the phone. Qian Qian said that he felt uncomfortable and wanted to talk to Wu Shiyi. For Hou Zhirong, although he hurt himself, Qian Qian still loves him. Wu Shiyi didn’t expect her to love him so deeply, but Hou Zhirong and the Marquis can get along peacefully, and things in the future are uncertain.

Hearing that Hou Zhirong’s company might go bankrupt, Qian Qian was taken aback and hurriedly hung up on Wu Shiyi to ask Hou Zhirong to meet. Qian Qian wanted to go back to the old days, instead of hearing about Hou Zhirong from other people like now. But Hou Zhirong was unwilling, and instead persuaded Qian Qian to cherish the starfish, the two of them were no longer possible.

Qian Qian has a long time in the future and deserves a better life, instead of being with a man of his age who doesn’t want anything, he doesn’t want to be a burden to Qian Qian. Qian Qian pulled Hou Zhirong and begged him not to leave, she could take care of him. Hou Zhirong has sobered up a lot after this incident. Money can live in his ideals, but he can’t.

He just wants to spend the rest of his life quietly. As for money, maybe they will meet earlier in the next life. The short and unknown love between Hou Zhirong and Qian Qian ended just like that. Qian Qian used intense training and work to numb himself and forget about this relationship.

When the bell rang again, the marquis deliberately called Wu Shiyi. This time Wu Shiyi didn’t answer the phone. Only then did the marquis realize what happened, and hurriedly called Mr. Zhao. President Zhao said that Wu Shiyi was on vacation, but Zhou Quan was returned and Liu Tiehao was released from prison again, so Wu Shiyi should be secretly protected by the Marquis.

The Marquis hurriedly took the binoculars to look around, and found that Queen Wu Eleven in the opposite building was smiling happily. It was not surprising that Wu Shiyi was discovered, but she would not let the Marquis come to her, otherwise it would lose the meaning of doing so. Wu Shiyi knew how crazy an alcoholic gambler was, and she couldn’t let Liu Tiehao go unpunished. The Marquis was a little depressed and could only look at each other through the window.

In the evening, Wu Shiyi was eating instant noodles when he received a takeaway, and he specially slapped the consignee to note that the consignee was strong. Wu Shiyi didn’t even think about it and knew that it was the Marquis’s decision.

At this moment, the Marquis was dancing for her by the window. The Marquis told her to turn around, then took the sticker on the window with great care, and at last, foolishly, put the pattern upside down. Wu Tianyi invited Zhang Yingnan to watch the fan meeting of her idol Li Xiang, and also made a surprise for Zhang Yingnan at the scene. Li Xiang sang a song written by Wu Tianyi on the spot. At the scene, Wu Tianyi sent roses to Zhang Yingnan.

Hou Zhirong bought a second-hand camera and said that he should pick up his hobby. As for the company’s situation, he didn’t want to hear it at all. Anyway, he had already left it to the Marquis to take care of it. He only said that he sold a villa and asked him to take it to the company for backup gold. The Marquis found a lawyer in private, reached an agreement with Wu Tianyi’s creditors, and transferred all his debts to his own name.

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