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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 38 End Recap

The group stopped to rest by the river, and suddenly there was a cable report, informing Li Chungang that he killed the Guangling Army with one sword, which made people stupefied. When they set off again for nearly half of the journey, Han Diao Temple turned over and dismounted and tied the horse to a tree, indicating that there were many people entering the city, and it was safer to go by water.

As everyone knows, Xu Fengnian asked Wang Xianzhi to testify about the white-clothed case before, and confirmed that Han Diao Temple appeared in the capital that night, so he made a special trip to intercept it here. Han Diao Temple didn’t expect it. Even though he admitted that he had participated in the siege of Wu Su, what surprised him most was that Xu Fengnian was thousands of miles away, but he was able to accurately know his specific movements.

After asking a series of doubts, Zhao Kai immediately realized that all this was due to Yuan Tingshan, but he didn’t expect that he was Gu Jiantang’s person. The reason why Gu Jiantang cooperated with Beiming was only forced by the situation. Back then, he was known as the number one swordsman in the world. He was once regarded as the last line of defense of the Liyang Dynasty and was reused by the three generations of Zhao emperors.

Later in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Nine Kingdoms wars, although Gu Jiantang did not destroy the Six Kingdoms more than Xu Xiao, he also destroyed the two countries, with great military exploits. It is a pity that the Liyang Dynasty can only have one different surname, Wang Xuxiao, so Gu Jiantang can only lead hundreds of thousands of troops to guard the east line of Liyang, and will not be allowed to leave the capital for the rest of his life.

Gu Jiantang is well aware of the tonality of the Liyang royal family crossing the river and demolishing the bridge, so he had to find a way back for himself, so he asked Yuan Tingshan, who was staying at Xuanyuan’s house, to inform Xu Fengnian. Opportunity to go out to Beijing. It is precisely because Xu Fengnian left Beiming on the grounds of taking the sword that he carefully planned every place he went. After that, he contacted Yuan Tingshan at the Shangyin Academy, and worked together to figure out Zhao Kai, and deliberately rescued him and led him out of Han Diao Temple.

In order to find the murderer of his mother, Xu Fengnian used to show himself as a swinger. When everyone underestimated his ability, it was when he really showed his edge, and it was also the one who reunited the four siblings of the Xu family to avenge Wu Su with his own hands. moment. Jin Jia shot to stop Yuan Tingshan. Originally, Han Diao Temple was going to take Zhao Kai to the boat, but how could they know that Xu Zhihu and Xu Weixiong were coming by boat, and even Xu Longxiang came from Longhu Mountain.

Despite this, Han Diao Temple still disagreed, and the four of them alone might not be his opponents. If the land god fairyland is almost invincible, then the Zhixuanjing ranks second. Except for Deng Tai’a, Han Diao Temple’s strength should not be underestimated, and he practiced the red snake cocoon removal technique, which is sinister and vicious. Silk, whoever is killed by him will face the pain of skinning and cramping.

However, Han Diao Temple was too confident, but when he saw Chen Zhibao and his subordinates appearing together, he realized why Xu Fengnian would spare no effort to help Xuanyuan Qingfeng succeed him as the head of the family. It turned out that he wanted to use the Xuanyuan family’s waterway building to transport the Beiming army. It’s enough to explain the horror of this dude.

Now the situation is very clear, the army led by the four siblings of the Xu family, Jade Bird and Chen Zhibao, and all of them fought against the master and apprentice of Han Diao Temple. Han Diao Temple said no more, and took the lead in killing those soldiers, intending to cover Zhao Kai from rushing out of the siege.

And then it was Han Diao Si who singled out a thousand people, and in a flash, he fought Chen Zhibao endlessly. Zhao Kai wanted to take the opportunity to leave, but was stopped by Xu Weixiong. Jin Jia wanted to help, but Xu Longxiang broke his left arm. Xu Longxiang and his second sister joined forces to deal with Zhao Kai, and Yuan Tingshan deliberately led away Jinjia.

Even though Chen Zhibao’s strength has reached the realm of celestial phenomena, he is not Han Diao Temple’s opponent after all. If Han Diao Temple was concerned about Zhao Kai’s life and death, he would not have been shot by the opponent. On the other hand, at the urging of Han Diao Temple, Zhao Kai was about to fly into the river when he knew that Nangong Pushe appeared and beat him back directly.

Surrounded by many masters, Han Diao Temple used his life skills to repel everyone with 3,000 red silk again. After that, he was ready to attack Xu Fengnian. Only by capturing him was the key. Xu Fengnian watched the whole process, and now he unhurriedly used the two-sleeved green snake given by Li Chungang, and immediately opened the gate of heaven with a sword, and each of them was injured in this bloody battle.

In the end, Han Diao Temple lived up to its reputation as a cat. In the blink of an eye, he rushed to grab Xu Fengnian’s neck, and at the same time he was greedy for Da Huang Ting. Just as Han Diao Temple was trying to suck up Dahuang Ting with her internal strength, Xu Fengnian still had a little extra strength, so he took advantage of his unpreparedness to open Deng Tai’a’s sword box, and twelve flying swords flew out in a mess, pointing to the peak of Xuan Xuan.

When Han Diao Temple heard Zhao Kai’s reminder, it was too late, and twelve swords pierced out from behind. Zhao Kai watched Han Diao Temple fall to the ground and died. He was completely desperate and knew that the situation was about to go away, and he was also attacked by the Xu family and his siblings. He was wounded by the sword, so he let Jin Jia kill himself.

Before his death, Zhao Kai seemed to see the Han Diao Temple many years ago. At that time, he was leading the young Zhao Kai on the palace road, admonishing him not to worry about the present, but to learn to fight for it. Therefore, Zhao Kai thinks that Xu Fengnian can have today only because he was born in Beiming, and all the stars hold the moon. Only he has lost all hope since he was born. If he wants to live, he has to change, even if the change brings him to today. Still no regrets.

As the masters and disciples of Han Diao Temple died one after another, Chen Zhibao also fulfilled his wish of revenge for his adoptive mother, and led the army to leave first. Xu Fengnian wanted her sister and brother to go back to Beilong with him, but the elder sister Xu Zhihu felt that if she went back at this moment, it would be equivalent to revealing to the world that they killed Han Diao Temple, and returned to their original places, waiting for her younger brother Xu Fengnian to officially take over as King Beilong. .

Xu Fengnian reluctantly said goodbye to her relatives, watching them go away, holding back her tears. Nangong Pushe had learned that Xu Fengnian would go to Beimang again, so he simply said goodbye and returned to Tingchao Pavilion, looking forward to the two of them reuniting in Beiming. Jade Bird put away the sword box sent by Deng Tai’a, and accompanied Xu Fengnian to set off again. Although this journey is difficult and long, they still believe that the future is promising.

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