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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 11 Recap

Sun Lei personally served Wu Min a bowl of soup, and she was very moved. No one other than her father took care of her so thoughtfully. After three rounds of drinking, Steven asked the factory manager to send a car to take Lin Qingkun to town. Before leaving, Lin Qingkun glanced at the window of the conference room and repeatedly reminded the factory manager to go to the conference room tomorrow morning to let Chen Shan go. promise.

Wu Min made the cake with his own hands, and Sun Lei helped to photograph the whole process. Seeing that it was getting late and the rain was getting heavier outside, Sun Lei wanted to take Sun Yuantian home. Sun Yuantiao called Chen Shan, but no one answered. Lin Jing sent a video to Lin Qingkun. Unexpectedly, Lin Qingkun actually connected with him. Sun Yuantiao asked him about Chen Shan. Lin Qingkun explained that he was not with Chen Shan. Together, Chen Shan is still working.

Sun Lei was not at ease. He called Hu Xiaotian and learned that Chen Shan went to the foundry of Xiaotangbao to investigate. Sun Lei had been unable to contact Chen Shan. Wu Min asked him to call Lin Qingkun to ask. The factory manager sent someone to send Lin Qingkun to the town. Lin Qingkun quickly found his car in the parking lot. When he found that the door was open, he knew that Chen Shan had escaped safely.

Sun Lei called Lin Qingkun, and Chen Shan sat up from the back seat to answer. She reported to Sun Lei that she was safe, and lied that she had lost her mobile phone. Sun Lei was relieved when she learned that she was safe and sound. It turned out that this was a bitter plan carefully designed by Lin Qingkun. He deliberately reported to Steven, and then turned against Chen Shan, completely dispelling Steven and the factory manager.

Lin Qingkun took the opportunity to ask them the truth of the matter, and secretly recorded the audio. . At first, Chen Shan really thought that Lin Qingkun betrayed her, but she didn’t realize that it was carefully arranged by Lin Qingkun until she found the car keys, rope and flashlight that Lin Qingkun had left for her, and she used the rope to jump out of the window to escape.

Sister Jin brought sober soup to Wu Min overnight, and rented her commercial house next to the school to run a trusteeship class. Sister Jin asked Sun Lei to go to the house together. Happy to close their mouths, Sister Jin drove the four of them to see the house. Chen Shan learned the truth about the contamination of Xiaotangwan, and she was very upset. She and the team members were preparing for the launch of Xiaotangwan day and night. Now everything is in vain. Lin Qingkun persuaded her well, Chen Shan was hungry. , Lin Qingkun drove her back to the hotel.

Wu Min was very satisfied with the house and wanted to sign a contract with Sister Jin on the spot. Sister Jin encouraged her to work hard, and Wu Min also wanted to do a good job so that Lin Qingkun would look at her with admiration. Chen Shan kept sneezing because of the rain, and Lin Qingkun brought her cold medicine. Seeing that Chen Shan had soaked instant noodles, she picked it up and left. If Chen Shan wanted to eat the box in his room, she would go with him. Room pick up.

Li Yu came to Lin Qingkun on the order of Zhou Jiakai, and saw Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun pulling and pulling over instant noodles from a distance. Li Yu asked Lin Qingkun about the results of the investigation, and Lin Qingkun gave her the recorded evidence. Li Yu couldn’t wait to know the attitude of Lin Qingkun and Chen Shan on the matter.

Lin Qingkun only wanted to help Xiaotangwan go public, and he believed that Chen Shan would make the right choice. Chen Shan called Sun Lei while eating instant noodles. Sun Lei was helping Wu Min to find the information of the custody class. Chen Shan promised to go home early tomorrow morning.

Lin Qingkun deliberately threw the instant noodle box, and Li Yu took the opportunity to copy the recorded evidence. Chen Shan was worried. She stood at the door and looked around. Lin Qingkun went out and saw Chen Shan and waved to her. Chen Shan came later. Li Yu wished Chen Shan to become a senior partner as soon as possible, and then left in a hurry. Li Yu called to report to Zhou Jiakai, deliberately concealed the fact that Chen Shan had found out the truth, and she wanted to expose the matter.

Chen Shan complained that Lin Qingkun should not give Li Yu the opportunity to steal evidence. Lin Qingkun had backed up four copies of the recorded evidence. He deliberately asked Li Yu to take it away, just to ask her to report the matter. Wen hates her, and Zhou Jiakai will not forgive her. Chen Shan wants to go to the police in person to make her feel at ease, but Lin Qingkun resolutely refuses to agree, worried that this matter will affect her future.

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