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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 10 Recap

Wu Min received a call from the courier brother, and she hurried to receive it. Unexpectedly, it was the mobile phone given to her by Lin Qingkun. Wu Min realized that the reason why Lin Qingkun organized today’s dinner was to ask her to return the mobile phone, and Wu Min returned the mobile phone to her. Chen Shan. Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun received calls from the base respectively, and they had to leave with their families.

Sister Jin came to the appointment next door, Sun Lei hurriedly greeted her to eat barbecue, and Wu Min was sullen because of Lin Qingkun’s sudden departure. Lin Qingkun learned that Chen Shan sent Hu Xiaotian to the Kangda factory to get the daily inspection report. When I returned to the base, I carefully read the daily inspection report and found that one of the pages was torn off, which happened to be the production date of the small sugar balls with botox.

Lin Qingkun went back to the base to ask Steven for confirmation. Steven insisted that the small sugar balls were all right. Chen Shan took the daily inspection report to find Steven’s theory, and exposed him to his face. Lin Qingkun sent someone to the Kangda foundry to investigate carefully, not only to retrieve the missing page of the daily inspection report, but also to check the monitoring records on the day of the production date of the pork jerky in question.

Steve watched the listing of Xiaotangwan Company in the foreseeable future. He gritted his teeth in anger, and called Mr. Cao of Ruikai Company to be held accountable on the spot. Mr. Cao persuaded him nicely and ensured that Lin Qingkun would not cheat him. Always call Lin Qingkun.

Wu Min, Sun Lei and Sister Jin had a good time with the wine, and Wu Min vomited bitterness to them through the wine. She even lost herself for the sake of her family business, but Lin Qingkun organized this situation to embarrass her.

Sister Jin feels the same way. Her ex-husband is also a man with a strong desire to control. She used to be jealous because she had a good buddy, and she also organized such a situation. Sister Jin divorced her ex-husband in a fit of anger, and she worked hard to open many braised meat shops across the country. , Wu Min admired her so much. Wu Min, Sun Lei, and Sister Jin exchanged cups.

Chen Shan took Xiaomi and Hu Xiaotian to carefully check the surveillance video of Kangda’s foundry factory, accompanied by Lin Qingkun, he prayed that no problems would be found, as long as Chen Shan signed, everyone could go home in peace. Chen Shan suddenly found out that someone went to the archives to tear up a daily inspection record, and Lin Qingkun hurriedly sat down to confirm.

Chen Shan wanted to personally go to the Kangda factory to find witnesses and physical evidence. Hu Xiaotian persuaded her not to pursue any further investigations. As long as Xiaotangwan was successfully listed, Chen Shan would be able to become a senior partner and receive a large amount of remuneration. Insisting on finding out the truth, she lied that she wanted to go home to rest and borrow a car from Lin Qingkun. Lin Qingkun guessed that she was going to Kangda and took the initiative to drive her with her.

Lin Qingkun took Chen Shan to buy clothes and equipment first. They pretended to be file cabinet salesmen and were turned away by the doorman. Lin Qingkun gave the doorman some money before they were allowed to enter the Kangda factory.

He also asked the archives administrator that his name was Xiao Zou. . Chen Shan suddenly received a call from Zhou Jiakai. Zhou Jiakai ordered her to immediately stop the investigation of Xiaotangwan Company, otherwise she would be removed from her name. Chen Shan insisted on a thorough investigation.

Lin Qingkun took Chen Shan to find Xiao Zou in the archives, and learned from a colleague that he had resigned. Lin Qingkun lied that Xiao Zou owed him 100,000 yuan and asked where Xiao Zou lived. Chen Shan suddenly felt dizzy, and she resisted it. Pain took a photo of the watch, and Lin Qingkun secretly sent a message to the factory manager.

Lin Qingkun persuaded Chen Shan to give up investigating the matter, and explained the stakes to her. Chen Shan would rather lose her job and find out. When the security guard came in a hurry, Chen Shan realized that Lin Qingkun had betrayed her. She gritted her teeth in anger and threatened her with cervical heart disease. Lin Qingkun didn’t buy it at all, and threatened to forge her signature and let the security guard lock her up.

The manager of Kangda’s acting factory invited Lin Qingkun to dinner, and Steven came to accompany him. Lin Qingkun couldn’t wait to know the whole story. The factory manager admitted that there was a problem with the honey used to process the dried meat, which led to the occurrence of botulism in that batch of dried meat. Steven explained. Having replaced honey with cheap and safe maltose, Lin Qingkun learned in detail what happened and how the daily inspection report was torn up.

Wu Min was overwhelmed by alcohol, and soon got drunk, she leaned on the sofa and fell asleep. It was getting dark, Sun Lei specially cooked light meals, Lin Jing and Sun Yuanqiao woke Wu Min up to eat, Wu Min looked at the food on the table, and his heart was warm.

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