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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 36 Recap

Hou Zhirong asked Marquis and Wu Shiyi how far they had progressed. Marquis said with some resentment that he had become the most familiar stranger. He used to have a car and a house, but now he has a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy and a father who is seriously ill. , people are enough to be willing to follow him. Hou Zhirong said what was in his heart. Before, he was really not optimistic about Wu Shiyi and the Marquis being together, but today he woke up in the hospital and saw Wu Shiyi and the Marquis standing beside the bed.

The Marquis had fallen asleep and did not hear what was being said after him. When Qian Qian sent a message, she was actually downstairs in the hospital, but she didn’t dare to go up. Hou Zhirong hoped that Qian Qian would forget himself. There has been no condolence news since he fell ill, and he has been abandoned by the world. Still, Hou Zhirong was very grateful to Qian Qian to see him.

The Marquis assumed the responsibility of taking care of Hou Zhirong, and finally realized the sense of responsibility and mission of taking care of a person, and sent a message to Wu Shiyi to thank him. President Chen went to the hospital to visit Hou Zhirong. Hou Zhirong hurried to the bed to pretend to sleep when he heard the voice, but he couldn’t pretend to sleep for long in front of his good friends.

Regarding the affairs of Chen Chen and the Marquis, President Chen did spoil the only daughter a little, and because of this, he did some things that were not good for Hou Zhirong, but the two of them didn’t care anymore, and they quarreled and bickered happily. Qian Qian couldn’t let Hou Zhirong go. He specially cooked porridge to see him that day, and he hurriedly hid when he met Wu Shiyi outside.

Hou Zhirong, Marquis and Zhou Quan in the ward were playing cards together, and the three of them posted slogans all over their faces. Money couldn’t get in, so I asked the front desk to bring in the boiled porridge, saying that the old man cooked it. This is the name between her and Hou Zhirong. Hou Zhirong understood as soon as he heard it, but he was worried about the marquis next to him.

Not long after, Hou Zhirong was discharged from the hospital and returned to the Marquis’s house. This time, he saw the painting that he had been hanging at home. The Marquis officially took over Hou Zhirong, and specially customized a rehabilitation course, and his daily routine is more regular than that of prisoners. Every day the meals were either green vegetables or coarse grains. When Hou Zhirong saw that he wanted to eat meat, he was denied by the Marquis one by one.

Before Hou Zhirong recovered, the Marquis and Sister Zhang would follow him to eat vegetarian food. Zhou Quan was about to go back to the company after dinner. The marquis felt that President Ma was arrested, and Liu Tiehao didn’t know where to hide, so he didn’t need anyone to protect him.

After Marquis and Zhou Quan contacted the contract, Mr. Zhao called Wu Shiyi to the office and said that an important client called her to take the order. She was accompanying a female president to Europe for inspection. The salary conditions and working environment were top-notch. But Wu Shiyi accidentally saw the contract that the Marquis and Zhou Quan had terminated, and finally rejected the job, saying that he wanted to take a break. President Zhao immediately understood Wu Shiyi’s thoughts, and sent her a car specially.

Wu Shiyi rented a house very close to the Marquis’s house. Standing by the window, he could observe every move of his house. Marquis is no longer Wu Shiyi’s client, and Wu Shiyi is not his bodyguard, but he proposed to meet, but Wu Shiyi said that he had received a big order and wanted to accompany the big boss to a meeting abroad. The Marquis hung up the phone angrily, and Wu Shixi hid by the window to watch him lose his temper with a smile on his face.

Hou Zhirong planned to sell the two villas to repay the loan. After passing through the gate of hell, these are all things outside his body. Speaking of the Marquis, Sister Zhang said that he attached great importance to feelings. When he ran away from home, the Marquis didn’t take anything, but took this painting with his mother.

Speaking of the Marquis’s mother, Hou Zhirong only felt that she left too early, and did not see his ups and downs over the years. Sister Zhang is angry. She has been at Hou’s house for nearly 30 years, and she has to say what she has in her heart for so many years.

It’s true that Hou Zhirong was busy with work, but he never thought about how difficult it was for a woman to support a family. At that time, the Marquis’ mother just wanted him to come back from get off work and talk to her, but even such a simple wish could not be realized. Hou Zhirong didn’t know his wife, let alone the Marquis.

He had seen his mother’s difficulties since he was sensible, so he always thought that his mother’s death had a great relationship with Hou Zhirong, and the relationship between father and son was not good for so many years.

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