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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 35 Recap

Zhang Yingnan supports Wu Shiyi’s lucky idea, just like when she divorced Wu Tianyi at the beginning, the life she wants is incomprehensible to others. Zhang Yingnan could see that Wu Shiyi couldn’t let go of the Marquis. This was a fate that Duan Lan couldn’t stop.

Tomorrow is the bidding meeting. Bao Xiaohan and the marquis are very nervous, comforting each other, and hoping that a miracle will happen. The Marquis guessed that Hou Zhirong must be swearing nervously. The Marquis guessed right, Hou Zhirong was scolding the employees here, and blurted out the name of the general manager from time to time, only to react later.

On the second day of the bidding, Hou Zhirong always thought he was winning, and even scoffed at his opponent Hedgehog Factory. But in the end, he slapped Hou Zhirong fiercely. It was Dawang Company that won the project, Hedgehog Workshop won, and Marquis and Bao Xiaohan also won. Hou Zhirong lost to those young people who didn’t care about him at all, and he was so angry that he could hardly breathe. Hou Zhirong returned home exhausted.

The company said there was something urgent to deal with. The nanny aunt said she would not do it for a month. Hou Zhirong lost his temper and drove the nanny away. He was so angry that he slumped on the ground. In the evening, Hou Zhirong suffered a heart attack and tried his best to get his mobile phone and call 120 for help.

The Marquis rushed to the hospital and heard the doctor say that Hou Zhirong had a lot of illnesses. The Marquis was stunned for a long time. He had no idea that Hou Zhirong’s body had reached this point. Zhou Quan made a special call to tell Wu Shiyi about the Marquis and Hou Zhirong. The Marquis is not in a good state now, and I hope Wu Shiyi will have time to encourage him. Qian Qian couldn’t sit still when he heard the news that Hou Zhirong was hospitalized, and almost went to the hospital with Wu Shiyi.

The Marquis guessed that Hou Zhirong must have been stimulated by the bidding results this time, otherwise he would not have fallen so early, and even regretted that he had not discovered his illness earlier. Wu Shiyi explained that he didn’t need to think so much, it would be too late to be nice to Hou Zhirong in the future.

As soon as Hou Zhirong collapsed, the company was in chaos, and the Marquis hurried to deal with it after receiving the call. Wu Shiyi told him to rest assured and guarded himself in the hospital. The Marquis announced that Hou Zhirong will step down as the president of Zhirong Construction and he will succeed him.

The company’s current situation is not good, and the road ahead will be very difficult. If anyone wants to leave, the Marquis will give everyone severance pay anyway, and those who stay will also be paid. It’s going to be a tough day.

In the end, many people stayed, and the Marquis was very grateful for this. At the same time, his courage also won the appreciation of the company’s elders. Everyone expressed their impression of the Marquis, and he changed the dull atmosphere of the company.

Bao Xiaohan heard that Hou Zhirong was ill and came to visit specially, and the marquis was also very pleased. Bao Xiaohan woke up as soon as Hou Zhirong left. Seeing Wu Shiyi by his side, he specially thanked her for saving him last time, and the Marquis realized that she was the one who saved Hou Zhirong at that time. Hou Zhirong reacted that the plan of Hedgehog Factory was made by Marquis, and finally he was relieved, and announced that Marquis would be the chairman of Zhirong Construction from now on.

Marquis wanted to change Zhirong’s model of building a family business, and said that he would leave the company to his son, and Wu Shiyi was also the person in his future plans. Wu Shiyi smiled, changed his name to Marquis and left the hospital. In the evening, Hou Zhirong chased the Marquis and asked him how far his relationship with Wu Shiyi had developed.

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