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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 33 Recap

It is precisely because Gu Yinye did not enter the oil and salt, Chen Dashan was so angry that he ordered a strict investigation of the case, and all direct leaders must take responsibility. The order was quickly conveyed to the division’s working group, and Chen Dashan asked Gu Yinye if he had thought about being implicated, but Gu Yinye took the initiative to admit his mistake. His mistake was that he failed to withstand the pressure of his superiors. , and even more wrong in finding that leadership mistakes were not corrected in time.

Because of this mistake again and again, Gu Yinye knows that it is impossible to continue to make mistakes. As a Chinese soldier, he should first consider that the interests of the group are greater than the interests of certain groups. The Chinese military cannot become a private property for any force to make profits. It should be A group that wholeheartedly serves the people.

In a blink of an eye, it was the early summer of 1998. Everyone was sticking to their posts and busy. Qin Hanyong had planned to give Sorghum a marriage leave. It just so happened that the provinces in the Yangtze River Basin experienced a series of severe floods, and the military region urgently mobilized, a large number of Troops went to the disaster area, including the special operations brigade.

When they parted, Qin Hanyong and Zhao Hongying looked at each other silently. Jiang Nanzheng couldn’t help complaining about Sorghum when he saw this scene. It seemed that every time their relationship reached a critical moment, they would encounter various obstacles. Zhao Hongying persuaded Jiang Nanzheng to take a long-term view. Perhaps these obstacles will make the two cherish each other more and their relationship will become stronger.

Sorghum refused to find Qin Hanyong to fight during the holiday, and Jiang Nanzheng and others also received orders from their superiors, requiring them to go to Hubei in batches to provide communication support for the 720 Regiment and the Special Forces Brigade. In this summer, Jiang Nanzheng saw Sorghum and everyone without hesitation in the face of the flood, carrying the interests of the people on their shoulders.

The flood control headquarters decided to blow up the submerged reservoir in order to relieve the downstream flood control pressure. Sorghum immediately took over the task and led a few team members into the water to place explosive packs, but the deepest part was reserved for himself. At first Jiang Weixing wanted to go down with Gaoliang, but he was firmly opposed by Gaoliang, thinking that he already had a family and should not be as impulsive as before, so let him stay on the shore and command.

Gu Yinye came to stop it after learning the news, but Gaoliang had made up his mind, so he entrusted him with the aftermath, saying that if he sacrificed, he hoped that he would convey his love to Jiang Nanzheng on his behalf. During the next mission, a member of the special forces team died due to the excessive water pressure, which eventually caused his internal organs to rupture. Sorghum faced a huge suction force at the mouth of the reservoir, and was also seriously injured in a coma.

As Sorghum was sent to the hospital for rescue, Jiang Nanzheng cried heart-to-heart outside the operating room. Seeing this, Gu Yinye hugged her tightly and comforted her. He believed better than anyone that Sorghum would be safe. After being rescued by doctors, Sorghum was out of danger for the time being, but she fell into a coma.

Zheng Yuan came as soon as he received the news, and learned from the hospital’s director Lou that the special medicine had been injected into Sorghum’s body, but it didn’t have any effect. For a period of time after that, Gu Yinye and Jiang Nanzheng stayed by Kaoliang’s side one after another, but they still didn’t see any signs of improvement.

Jiang Nanzheng came to the ward wearing a white wedding dress, confessed his true feelings to Gaoliang, and told his grievances at the same time. Sure enough, Gaoliang’s heartbeat changed significantly. Not long after, Kaoliang finally woke up, Jiang Nanzheng leaned forward to offer a kiss, but unfortunately the doctor brought bad news. Due to the injury of Kaoliang’s spine, the fragments recovered and compressed the nerves, and he would soon fall into a coma again until he lost his life.

Gu Yinye couldn’t accept this fact, thinking that there must be a better way, and told Jiang Nanzheng not to give up, but Jiang Nanzheng has calmly accepted the fact and decided to spend the last happy time with Gaoliang, even though he was equally sad. When Gaoliang and Gu Yinye were alone, they felt that he was in a difficult situation, because he was not treated by Chen Dashan, and many things he wanted to do could not be done.

Because of Sorghum’s words, Gu Yinye’s nose was sore that he almost burst into tears, so he talked about Zhou’s tactical confrontation, and told him to get well quickly, otherwise he would take the credit. Gao Liang didn’t care at all, and wanted Gu Yinye to show more performance, and even explained the funeral to him again.

But having said that, Kaoliang was also very reluctant, and even more and more uncomfortable, and finally cried, saying that he didn’t want to die at all, and there were still many things to be done. Gu Yinye informed Jiang Nanzheng that she had submitted a marriage application to the division and that she would soon become Sorghum’s bride. Gao Liang was moved by it, and hoped that Gu Yinye would promise himself that if there is another war coming in the future, he must go to the battlefield instead of himself, and stick to his position without losing an inch of the country.

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