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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 9 Recap

It was rare for Chen Shan to go home for a day. She wanted to invite the whole family to dinner, but Sun Lei refused to appreciate it and insisted on going back to the unit. Chen Shan suddenly became dizzy because of her anxiety, and Sun Lei wanted to take her to the hospital. It didn’t matter, I wanted to go home and rest.

Seeing that Sun Lei was so busy every day, Mother Sun felt distressed and offered to pick up Sun Yuanxiang, and Sun Lei asked her to take good care of her father. Chen Shan wanted to take a break and returned to the base, but Sun Lei refused to agree, persuaded her to rest in peace, and then drove to Wu Min’s house to pick up Sun Yuanqiao.

Lin Qingkun came home from work and bought a gift for Wu Min to make her happy. Wu Min complained to him, complaining that he didn’t care about his family, and said a lot of good things about Sun Lei. Working hard outside, Wu Min couldn’t listen and argued with him.

Sun Lei came to pick up Sun Yuantian, Wu Min invited him to stay for dinner, Sun Lei returned the car key to Lin Qingkun, Lin Qingkun returned the mobile phone to Sun Lei, Wu Min disagreed, there were many photos of her in the mobile phone, she insisted on keeping the mobile phone Staying, Sun Lei took Sun Yuanying away angrily.

Wu Min separated Lin Jing and protested to Lin Qingkun. She did not want to be controlled by Lin Qingkun everywhere, and wanted to have her own friends. Lin Qingkun promised to buy her a new mobile phone, but Wu Min categorically refused. Chen Shan found that Xiaotangwan’s random inspection procedures were incomplete, and immediately called Hu Xiaotian to check.

Sun Lei went home soon. Chen Shan learned that he had returned the car to Lin Qingkun and couldn’t help complaining about him. Sun Lei didn’t want Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun to get too close. Chen Shan saw that he was jealous and couldn’t bear it. Living to make fun of him, the two resolved the misunderstanding and went to the parents’ house next door for dinner together.

During dinner, grandson’s father proposed to invite Lin Qingkun to come to the house to have dinner to express his gratitude. Grandson’s mother thought Wu Min was a good person. Grandson’s father wanted to cook in person and invited Lin Qingkun’s family of three to dinner. Sun Lei strongly protested, and Chen Shan agreed to arrange it as soon as possible. While eating, Lin Jing told Lin Qingkun what happened during the barbecue that day, and also casually talked about how Sun Lei taught them and their mother and son to swim. Lin Qingkun was very jealous, and Wu Min repeatedly explained that other mothers were also there.

Sun Lei determined that Lin Qingkun was conspiring against Chen Shan, so he couldn’t help complaining. Lin Qingkun wanted to invite Chen Shan’s family of three to have a barbecue tomorrow, and also called Sister Jin and her son next door. Lin Jing hurriedly called Sun Yuantian to inform Sun Yuantian. Wu Min suspected that Lin Qingkun had ulterior motives. Have a meal.

Sun Yuantiao asked for Sun Lei’s opinion. Sun Lei didn’t want to see Lin Qingkun. Sun Yuantiao accidentally said that Sun Lei gave Wu Min a mobile phone. Chen Shan overheard and learned that Sun Lei gave Wu Min the limited edition mobile phone she bought. She was very angry and forced Sun Lei to take it back. She also suspected that Sun Lei and Wu Min had an abnormal relationship.

Sun Lei was anxious. Yelling and shouting, repeatedly explaining that their family has no genes for cheating. Chen Shan called Lin Qingkun on the spot and promised their family to go to the appointment tomorrow. She also specifically suggested that Sun Lei should not be allowed to grill the meat by himself. Sun Lei called the barbecue chef overnight to book the door-to-door service.

Chen Shan woke up early in the morning and saw that Sun Lei was preparing the ingredients for the barbecue, so she took the initiative to help, and Sun Lei told her to go back to the house and continue to sleep. Sun Lei and Chen Shan brought Sun Yuanjiao to Lin Qingkun’s house. Chen Shan specially bought a bunch of flowers for Wu Min. Wu Min was very moved. This was the first time she received flowers.

The barbecue masters grilled the ingredients prepared by Sun Lei and Lin Qingkun one by one. Lin Qingkun apologized to Wu Min, Chen Shan and Sun Lei for the first glass of wine. He ignored Wu Min because of his work, and also used Chen Shan to give them to them. The second glass of wine, Lin Qingkun expressed his gratitude to Wu Min and Sun Lei for their unconditional support for his and Chen Shan’s work.

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