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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 34 Recap

Hou Zhirong forgave Mr. Ma. Although he did a lot of wrong things, it was all his own cause. After all, the person who should not be forgiven was Hou Zhirong. Liu Tiehao was about to come out, and Hou Zhirong was worried about raising the Marquis’ security standards as soon as possible. After Mr. Ma’s incident, the Marquis felt that his father was getting old.

He used to think that Hou Zhirong didn’t understand him, but now he realized that he didn’t understand Hou Zhirong either. The Marquis didn’t plan to go back. He had to wait until he was able to return to Zhirong Construction to help Hou Zhirong, which would be more meaningful.

After Liu Tiehao was released from prison, he was the first to call Mr. Ma, but he did not expect to hear that something had happened to him. Liu Tiehao also owed other people’s money and was ordered to pay it back within three days. It happened to be at this time that he saw the interview of the Marquis and felt resentment.

The marquis came back to get things, and told Mr. Ma about Haixing by the way. Haixing couldn’t stand still when he heard the words, and hid upstairs and cried. Zhou Quan was once again arranged by Hou Zhirong to be a bodyguard by the Marquis’ side.

In fact, from the moment the Marquis left home, he had been protecting him in the dark. The Dawang Company is very interested in the designs of Bao Xiaohan and the Marquis, but the Zhirong Construction side is the plan made by Hou Zhirong himself. Bao Xiaohan is worried that their plan will make Hou Zhirong beat the Marquis and feel uncomfortable, but the Marquis will not let it go. on the heart.

Liu Tiehao is going to attack the Marquis at the opening ceremony of the hotel tomorrow, in order to extort money from Hou Zhirong. At the opening ceremony the next day, Lan Qi also called Wu Tianyi and Zhang Yingnan over, and the Marquis, as the designer of the book bar, was also brought to the opening site by Xiao Ziheng.

Wu Shiyi was naturally happy to see the Marquis, but Lan Qi looked a little ugly when he saw him. Liu Tiehao and his gang were among them, Chen Chen was also in the restaurant, and Liu Tiehao happened to hear when he was on the phone with the Marquis. Chen Chen insisted on meeting the Marquis, but when the Marquis and Zhou Quan came to her room, they only heard a voice, and only let him in alone. Chen Chen said that he had evidence of Zhang Sheng, so the Marquis was willing to come.

The three of Liu Tiehao followed to Chen Chen’s room. Unexpectedly, they found the wrong floor and rushed to nothing. The Marquis watched the apology video on Chen Chen’s phone in the room, and quickly thanked him. This was important evidence. Wu Shiyi found Liu Tiehao and the others in the surveillance video and quickly called Zhou Quan to ask him to keep an eye on the Marquis.

Zhou Quan stood outside the door and carefully checked the people passing by. Zhou Quan saw that the three of Liu Tiehao ran away, thinking that he must have been cowardly and did not dare to do it. After the three left the hotel, Wu Shiyi and Zhou Quancong breathed a sigh of relief. Lan Qi kept staring at Wu Shiyi’s movements, and asked her to have a chat at the end of the reception.

Chen Chen said that her arrogant and domineering side is just a way of self-protection, so I hope the Marquis can give her a chance to understand the truest self. Chen Chen’s sudden change of attitude made the Marquis a little surprised, but he still rejected Chen Chen, because he likes a person, even if the other party rejects him, he will persevere.

Chen Chen guessed that this person was Wu Shiyi, and since that was the case, she wished them happiness and not entangled any more. Lan Qi and Wu Shiyi were walking on the beach and suddenly took out the engagement ring to propose to her.

Wu Shiyi was a little flustered, it was too sudden. Wu Shiyi knew that Lan Qi was a very good person, and he was very good to her and his parents, but love is not a game, no feeling is no feeling. Lan Qi understood that the person Wu Shiyi liked was the Marquis, so he turned around and threw the ring into the sea, and everything could end there. As for work, Wu Shiyi can choose whether to stay or not. In any case, they will always be friends.

Wu Tianyi and Zhang Yingnan were very disappointed to hear this result. After all, Wu Shiyi might never meet someone better than Lan Qi again. But Wu Shiyi just wants to find someone she likes. No matter who she gets married or not, she has to choose her own life. Although the parents were disappointed, they still chose to let go.

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