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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 32 Recap

Jiang Nanzheng accompanied Jingjing back to the Acacia Village, only to find that the old grandfather who usually stayed at the gate of the village suddenly disappeared. On the other hand, the other three terrorists fought with the police and fled downstream after the fierce battle, heading straight for the Acacia Village.

At the same time, the terrorists hiding in the deep jungle found the traces of Xia Lin and Sorghum. The leader of the mercenary, Prince, received a tip and ordered someone to blow up the mountain road of Acacia Village, preparing to cross the border from here.

The bus passengers were nervous when they heard the sound of the cannons. Jiang Nanzheng hurriedly revealed his identity to appease everyone’s emotions, and arranged for them to hide in the nearby woods one by one. Gao Liang and Xia Lin followed the sound, and fought fiercely with the mercenaries. Prince saw the body of his companion and realized that the other party was not an ordinary policeman, so he had the Count escort to leave first, and he stayed behind.

Gu Yinye analyzed the direction the terrorists were fleeing, and determined that they would most likely need to replenish fuel in the Acacia Village. He immediately arranged for the nearest armed police and Niu Mancang to bring people there. At the same time, he planned to contact Gaoliang and Xia Lin to form a combat unit on the spot. Soon the police received news of a landslide in Acacia Village, and all means of communication were useless. Gu Yinye realized that something was wrong, and decided to set off with the Second Special Forces team, taking a fighter jet to prepare for support.

However, the clouds over Gui’erling were too thick. Even though everyone was anxious, Lin Beihai repeatedly stressed that they should not jump out of the sky rashly. On the other side, Sorghum successfully subdued a mercenary, and then spoke to Prince on the walkie-talkie. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the clouds and fog to disperse. Gu Yinye parachuted and landed with everyone, successfully rendezvousing with Gaoliang and others, and launched an encirclement and suppression of the mercenary terrorists.

Unexpectedly, the mercenaries found the masses hiding in the grass, including Jiang Nanzheng and Jing Jing, a total of more than 20 people were held on the bus as hostages by them, and even detonated grenades were installed. Gao Liang and Gu Yinye discussed countermeasures and believed that the longer the fighting time, the more dangerous the hostages would be. Therefore, it was suggested that the Dutch military should use the method of rescuing the hostages.

Gu Yinye hesitated for a moment, but finally reluctantly agreed. Seeing Sorghum blatantly appearing in front of the mercenary, he threw out the earl’s shoes and used this as a lever to bargain. Prince was so angry that he was about to attack Sorghum when the special forces ambush nearby took the opportunity to shoot.

The two groups fought fiercely. One of the mercenaries was killed by a stray bullet, and he was about to fall to the ground and detonate with the lightning wire in his hand. Fortunately, Jiang Nanzheng was quick-witted and grabbed him in time. The passengers who were already worried finally breathed a sigh of relief. In the end, all of them were rescued safely, and Sorghum was not injured.

It is precisely because of the war on terrorism that occurred in the peaceful era, this matter attracted the attention of the group army, and ordered the operation of sharp arrows to test the special warfare capability of the group army. The reason for Han Chunyu’s sacrifice has also been found out, that is, the terrorist Prince wanted to control the Acacia Village, and he never rescued the Earl before laying mines to buy time for them to escape. In this exercise, Sorghum led the Second Special Forces Team to an overwhelming victory and successfully won back the number of the Second Special Forces Team.

Afterwards, the group army formed a special combat brigade with comprehensive emergency response capabilities. Sorghum participated in it and was very busy all day. The matter of his marriage to Jiang Nanzheng was also delayed again and again. Jiang Weixing not only made the promotion smoothly, but even the marriage report with Tong Bing was approved. Niu Mancang was also promoted, and his wife was also waiting to give birth. Everyone is developing in a good direction.

Gao Liang went to visit Jiangnan Zheng, and the two, who had not seen each other for a long time, couldn’t wait to kiss, and they were shy and separated until Hou Jian appeared. Before coming here, Gaoliang bought new dresses for Jiang Nanzheng and Jingjing, but it reminded Jiang Nanzheng of the scene when he gave him a dress, and couldn’t help but look forward to the future.

Gu Yinye applied to Li Shaobing to strengthen the training intensity of the artillery battalion, but was rejected, because Li Shaobing had different views on this, and finally the two quarreled about it, and Gu Yiye had made up his mind. In the subsequent training, Gu Yinye found that the artillery company airborne an acting platoon leader Yu Sizhe. Through observation, he found that this person was not suitable for staying in the Red 1st Battalion, which would completely affect the soldiers’ thinking.

Originally, there had been unpleasant incidents between Chen Dashan and Gu Yinye, and now he will not allow him to return to Yu Sizhe. The political commissar went to Gu Yinye’s job, saying that Yu Sizhe came to the company to gild the company, and maybe he would be promoted soon. As a result, what happened later completely confirmed Gu Yinye’s guess. Yu Sizhe had a training accident due to repeated reloading for unknown reasons. Huang Tianwei, his partner, reminded him in time, so he was only slightly injured.

The group was going to ask for credit for Yu Sizhe. After Gu Yinye learned about it, he immediately went to Chen Dashan to discuss it, and then put Huang Tianwei’s bones in front of him, emphasizing that Yu Sizhe was completely unqualified to receive credit. Chen Dashan hoped that Gu Yinye would consider the overall situation. Now that the matter has happened, he should try to maximize the benefits, but Gu Yinye was unmoved and threatened that if Chen Dashan did not report the situation, he would go to the chief to report it.

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