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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 31 Recap

Gaoliang and others searched deep into the valley. After all the difficulties and dangers, they finally found the team members who had long lost contact. At this time, Han Chunyu was seriously injured and lay dying on a stretcher. Because the team members stepped on the mines, they didn’t dare to move at all. Sorghum crossed the river alone to remove the mines. Unfortunately, Han Chunyu, who had lost too much blood, couldn’t hold on. In the end, he closed his eyes in his arms and held Jingjing in his arms before he died.

Xia Lin rushed to the emergency room of the hospital immediately, but when he heard the news of Han Chunyu’s death, he collapsed to the ground because of excessive grief. Jiangnanzheng returned from the station and took responsibility for the result, as did Sorghum. The military region noticed that the incident of Han Chunyu stepping on a thunder was not accidental, but rather strange, so it set up a special team to investigate.

Xia Lin, who was originally silent at the meeting, found He Zhigeng after the meeting and decided to take all the responsibility alone. Although He Zhigeng has repeatedly emphasized that if he takes responsibility, it will inevitably affect his future and may face professional danger, but Xia Lin has made up his mind, saying that he has lost his comrades and loved ones. If he evades responsibility at this moment, he will be forever in the future. Live in guilt.

This incident had a great impact on everyone, and everyone was deeply in pain, until Jingjing replaced Han Chunyu’s cornea and regained light, and finally there was a little comfort. Jingjing opened her eyes and couldn’t see Han Chunyu, so she quickly closed her eyes again. Everyone present was very sad. Jiang Nanzheng used a good lie to Jingjing and told her to open her eyes and look at the outside world. Only in this way can Han Chunyu truly feel at ease.

Sorghum learned that the military region had sent a team to Gui’erling to clear mines again, so he applied to Zheng Yuan to accompany him, and even insisted repeatedly. Because of this, he missed a qualification to participate in the war. Zheng Yuan was disappointed with his current situation, so he notified Gu Yinye to participate in the emergency meeting of the war.

Gu Yinye came to the conference room without knowing it, and was suddenly called by Zheng Yuan to ask about the incidents of terrorist organizations, but he counted them all truthfully, and none of them were from China. Today, China is also facing attacks by terrorist organizations. Two armed cross-border personnel exchanged fire with the frontier armed police. However, the armed police failed to hunt down and suffered heavy casualties. On the other hand, the other party has extremely rich experience in jungle combat, and all the clues do not match the characteristics of drug traffickers. .

Not only that, the military region received an emergency report yesterday afternoon, and learned that the local public security found three suspects at the residence, and 37 public security armed police participated in the battle. The result was also tragic. According to the autopsy of a suspect killed at the scene, it does not match the cross-border personnel encountered in the past few days. Therefore, the public security preliminarily determined that there are multiple illegal immigration armed personnel with extremely skilled military skills and rich combat experience. Terrorist crime is highly relevant.

Because the real purpose of the other party could not be determined, the local public security and armed police forces have asked Commander Yang of the provincial military region for help, and Commander Yang submitted a report to the military region, ordering the group army and special forces to join forces with the local public security and armed police forces to carry out this group of vicious criminals. arrest.

Zheng Yuan announced on the spot that the operation would be jointly carried out by the 700th Regiment and the Special Forces Brigade. Gu Yinye was in charge of the detachment commander, and Qin Hanyong applied for Gaoliang to be the deputy commander, but Zheng Yuan refused, believing that his current mood was not suitable for participating in the war. . Zheng Yuan asked Gu Yinye to form two combat teams to take turns to prepare for duty, and to be on duty 24 hours a day until the local public security and armed police force’s alarm was lifted.

Now Xia Lin and Gaoliang are equal brothers and sisters in trouble, so they have released their suspicions and went to Acacia Village together to investigate the real cause of Han Chunyu’s death. The two exchanged the clues they had collected, made various speculations, and found a maliciously shortened route at the scene. Sorghum and Xia Lin heard the sound of gunfire and hurriedly followed the sound, only to find out that it was a local villager hunting birds. Little did they know that there was a group of foreign armed men deep in the forest.

Gu Yinye took a car to the Municipal Public Security Bureau to attend the meeting, but as soon as he got out of the car, he suddenly heard a familiar voice behind him. Looking back, it was none other than the 3rd Battalion of the 234th Division, 720th Regiment, and 720th Regiment. Lin Beihai, a soldier in nine consecutive three rows and nine shifts, rarely contacted them after he was discharged from the army.

Now that they can meet again, they have both changed a lot. Gu Yinye has become more mature, and Lin Beihai has also married and had children, and has a prosthesis on his right leg. Everyone knows Lin Beihai’s character. He is a person who reports good news but not bad news. Even if he doesn’t take the initiative to contact them, he always cares about the troops and never leaves the barracks.

At first, Lin Beihai couldn’t find a job, and many units were reluctant to hire disabled soldiers. It wasn’t until he met Li Guilin, the deputy minister who had served in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Division, that he put on a police uniform and took care of Zhao Hongliu’s mother. . In the conference room, local public security personnel described the previous seizures, introduced the identities of the suspects, and confirmed that Interpol offered a reward to find these criminals.

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