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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 30 Recap

Gu Yinye talked about life after marriage, including the influence of Axiu on him, while Gaoliang pointed out that there is love between him and Axiu. On the other hand, Sorghum, who is still alone, has no confidence in his own feelings. Because of this, Gu Yinye took the initiative to ask Jiangnan Zheng for dinner, trying to intercede for Sorghum who was frustrated after the fiasco.

On the other hand, Jiang Nanzheng’s mother wants to visit her daughter, and also intends to come to see her future son-in-law. And because Jiang Nanzheng reconciled his parents’ previous conflicts, Nan Zheng’s mother was also a lot more tolerant towards Zheng Yuan, which made Zheng Yuan feel at ease and thanked his daughter for his efforts.

Now that Jiang Nanzheng returned from graduate school, he had to face too many things, and sometimes he would not have time to take care of Sorghum, and so did the other party. Therefore, Gu Yinye used to be a past person, and he knew that the relationship must be managed by both parties. This is also learned from Axiu, and now it is also used to persuade Jiangnan Zheng.

The comrades-in-arms have received wedding invitations from Han Chunyu and Xia Lin one after another. On the wedding day, everyone gathered together and the atmosphere was very lively. Axiu was going to the night school, so Gu Yinye brought Xiaofei over to attend. Jiang Nanzheng looked at Han Chunyu who was wearing a wedding dress. At the same time, because Gu Yinye loved his wife so much, he was both envious and disappointed.

Jiang Nanzheng forced a smile, and Gu Yinye saw it all, so he took the initiative to toast her with a glass of wine, and then took Xiaofei to pick up Axiu. However, after a long time, Gaoliang came in a hurry with gifts, and when his comrades asked him when he would marry Jiangnan Zheng, he immediately changed the topic, which made Jiang Nanzheng even more sad.

Since Han Chunyu has adopted Jing Jing as her daughter, she will live with her and Xia Lin in the future. However, Jingjing regarded Sorghum as her father from the bottom of her heart, and painted a portrait with fantasy that night. Xia Lin saw this scene, although he didn’t say anything, when he saw Han Chunyu coaxing Jing Jing to bed, he could only lie on the sofa to rest, and the good wedding night ended with this.

Qin Hanyong went to the second team of the special warfare team as the captain, and happened to see Niu Mancang with the little soldiers to catch the pigeons, and he hated him. Niu Mancang believes that the second team of the special forces has dissipated, and will be replaced soon. No one knows what the future will hold. Maybe they will build roads, maybe they will raise pigs, and maybe they will be discharged directly from the army. confused.

Gaoliang immediately gathered all the officers and soldiers, and took this opportunity to publicly announce the news that he was going to participate in the battle of the group army, and fought to win back the designation of the Second Special Forces Team. After speaking, the morale of the officers and soldiers was high. proceeding.

Since Zheng Yuan issued the order for the whole army to fight, there are currently four infantry battalions gearing up for it, and they are all jealous of the establishment of the Second Special Warfare Team. Originally, everyone was scrambling to sign up, but when they heard the names of Gu Yinye and Gaoliang, the number of people was instantly halved.

At this time, Jiang Nanzheng came back from the outside, and was deeply inspired by the discussion on the Hong Kong return incident. Zheng Yuan asked about the progress of Jiang Nanzheng and Gaoliang, and at the same time talked about his marriage. No one would have expected that Zheng Yuan, who was in the foreign army, would be afraid of his wife at home. In Zheng Yuan’s impression, Jiang Nanzheng’s mother is very good, but he is completely unworthy of the other party.

If you stay for a second, you will feel tormented. Maybe marriage is a battlefield. Even if there is no gunpowder, it can be blown to pieces. Although Sorghum was out, many grass-roots officers and soldiers were afraid, but Zheng Yuan felt that Sorghum was afraid of Jiangnan Zheng, and these words also made Nan Zheng ponder.

In order to celebrate the return of Hong Kong, Jiang Nanzheng and his comrades had a dinner in the dormitory. When Gaoliang rushed to the scene, he saw Hou Jian at the scene and couldn’t help feeling jealous. In the past, Sorghum was intertwined between Gu Yinye and Jiang Nanzheng, and he never thought that he would face the current situation with the same identity. Compared with his cheeky level, Hou Jian can be said to be even worse.

However, the main purpose of Sorghum’s visit this time was to invite Jiang Nanzheng to go to the Second Special Forces Team tomorrow to personally guide her, so as not to delay her leaving the troops and entering the advance team. Because Sorghum’s second team is all trying out this system, but there will always be a conduction block problem, which seriously affects the training of the soldiers, so Jiang Nanzheng is required to come forward to help check.

The next morning, Gaoliang flew Jiangnan Zheng to the sky in a flying plane. Taking advantage of the good atmosphere, the two showed their love to each other, and their relationship was as good as ever. However, this incident caught Qin Hanyong’s attention, urging Gaoliang to marry Jiang Nanzheng as soon as possible, so as not to mess around in the army, and even reminded him to prepare for this ring match.

Gaoliang took the initiative to call Han Chunyu to learn about communication security, and unexpectedly learned that the military region’s communications department had organized them to go to Gui’erling to investigate.

It just so happened that Sorghum was doing field training in Lubingpo, so he specially drove to meet Han Chunyu and gave him a special product of his hometown. Han Chunyu knew that Kaoliang had vowed to take off his military uniform and leave if he lost the game. Kaoliang did not deny it, but he claimed that he would never lose, and he also wanted to let everyone understand the meaning of the ace army through this time.

The team led by Han Chunyu accidentally stepped on a mine and caused an explosion while investigating the communication line. In the end, all personnel lost contact, and casualties occurred during the search and rescue process.

After the military region learned of this, it ordered the army to send an engineer team to assist. He Zhigeng thought about the relationship between Xia Lin and Han Chunyu, and suggested that the engineer battalion of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th divisions be sent to carry out the task, but Xia Lin thought that the journey would be too long and it would be delayed. Time, simply dispatch people from the special forces.

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