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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 37 Recap

Zhao Xuansu failed to disperse his soul with one sword, which made him angry, so he put down his last words before the soldiers were relieved, and passed on his luck and doom to Xu Fengnian. At the critical moment, Haha girl descended from the sky and transferred all the dooms to her body with the technique of turning her luck. It was not until Xu Fengnian fell into a coma that she slowly revealed the truth.

At that time, Beiming was bitter and cold, and the young girl Hehe sold her body to bury her mother. Although the road was full of angry horses in fresh clothes, sable and furs, and all kinds of humiliation to her, only a luxurious carriage passed by. Under Wu Su’s instruction, Xu Fengnian gave a pearl hairpin with his own hands, and the girl was able to bury her mother, and she will be grateful to her from now on. So outside the city of Xiangfan this year, hehe, the girl killed the eleventh in the world, and threatened to kill anyone who wanted to plot against Xu Fengnian.

Jiang Ni stood on the shore looking at the sea, holding the copper coin in his hand, recalling every bit of what she and Xu Fengnian had experienced. After Xu Fengnian woke up, hehe, the girl had already left, and the fate of her life is unknown for the time being. On the other hand, Li Chungang came back intact, and after this battle, there was still no winner.

In fact, Li Chungang also knew that if he continued to fight, he might not be Wang Xianzhi’s opponent. Only Lu Zu in five hundred years would be able to contend, so it would be the best result to stop there. Xu Fengnian asked Li Chungang to introduce Wang Xianzhi for him, and wanted to have a few words with the other party, mainly referring to a few things.

First, he hoped that Wang Xianzhi would give him a carriage, just because he was unwilling to travel by water on the way back to his hometown; secondly, Xu Fengnian made a promise that if Wang Xianzhi gave him more time, he would definitely come back to fight, and even threatened to rely on his strength. Winning, this makes Li Chungang deeply gratified;

The first two things have been finished, and Wang Xianzhi has agreed to them. As for the third thing, Xu Fengnian asked the person who Wu Su killed, whether he was also in the capital, and why he appeared here. Wang Xianzhi was noncommittal, and also refused to answer the reason, so Xu Fengnian wrote another person’s name to Wang Xianzhi. After receiving the confirmation of the other party, he gradually understood.

Later, the content of the conversation became what Lao Huang said and did before his death, and Wang Xianzhi answered truthfully and turned away. Before leaving, Qingniao packed up his luggage, Ning Emei went to call Fengziying’s men, Xu Fengnian looked lonely at the sky in the distance, and a few lines of geese flew south, implying that he should return to Beiming.

Yuan Tingshan followed Zhao Kai all the way, and didn’t stop until the dense forest in the suburbs, wondering why Longhushan wanted to attack him. Zhao Kai talked about the fact that he was an illegitimate child. The person behind Longhu Mountain must be Zaifu Zhang Julu, and he really couldn’t understand why Xu Fengnian wanted to save him.

After pondering for a moment and failing to find the answer, Zhao Kai decided to go back to find an opportunity to kill Xu Fengnian again. Although he was grateful for the life-saving grace of the other party from the bottom of his heart, he still could not stop the idea of ​​killing Prince Beiming. After all, the two were not in conflict. At this time, Han Diao Temple suddenly appeared, indicating that Zhao Kai didn’t have to waste time on Xu Fengnian, and there was a more secure way now.

Now that Jiang Ni is on the verge of restoring Chu, the court needs someone to go to Shu to pacify the chaos. Xu Xiao can’t go, Gu Jiantang doesn’t dare to go, Chen Zhibao’s attitude is unclear, but his identity will also make the sage fearful, because the person in charge of the army must trustworthy. There were many princes in the capital, but none of them dared to scold Cao Changqing. In the end, Han Diao Temple asked for a secret order for Zhao Kai.

Because Cao Changqing is not easy to deal with, Zhao Kai will also have some concerns. Han Diao Temple said that if he can negotiate, why should he use force. Moreover, Cao Changqing and Jiang Ni’s real wish is to take over the old department and return to Western Chu. By then, there will be no more restraints in the land of Shu, and Zhao Kai will be in charge of military power and will naturally become the new king of Western Shu.

Under the hint of Han Diao Temple, Zhao Kai was deeply inspired, and he couldn’t help but lift his spirits, and the next step was to go to the wild border. Han Diao Temple decided to accompany Zhao Kai, and suddenly turned his attention to Yuan Tingshan next to him, with obvious killing intent. Yuan Tingshan was very afraid of Han Diao Temple, and hurriedly knelt down and vowed to be loyal, willing to be the knife in Zhao Kai’s palm and kill all his enemies.

Xu Fengnian and Li Chungang rode the carriage first, and then Ning Emei and Shu Xi led the Fengzi Battalion to return to the team. The group waited for a short while, and soon found the mighty Guangling army in front of them.

Everyone knows that King Guangling has the worst reputation among the vassal kings. Both father and son are evil and lustful. Han Diao Temple revealed to the other party the attitude of the court towards Xu Fengnian and the fact that Xu Fengnian was accompanied by a peerless beauty, which made Zhao Yi have a bad intention.

However, with Li Chungang present, Xu Fengnian seemed to be reassured, watching him slash horizontally with a sword, and the thousands of Guangling Army were defeated. The carriage set off again and continued on its way to Beiming. On the other side, Xu Xiao came to listen to the Chaoting Secret Room to worship the soldiers, and Li Yishan also followed.

Looking at the armored spirit places around him, Xu Xiao felt that he came here once a year, but there were fewer and fewer people around, and more and more spirit places. In fact, Xu Xiao had already arranged a path for Xu Fengnian, but Xu Fengnian insisted not to go, and wanted to protect Beiming in his own way. In this way, Xu Xiao is also relieved, at least his son is not a coward and is qualified to become the next King of Beiming.

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