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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 33 Recap

After Bao Xiaohan resigned, he received a call again on the way to travel, but this time it was from the Marquis. Bao Xiaohan thought that he was here to teach Hou Zhirong a lesson, but he didn’t expect that the Marquis was here to throw olive branches for Hedgehog Workshop. Before he finished speaking, the Marquis hung up, and had the same virtue as Hou Zhirong.

Bao Xiaohan was unlovable, everyone arrived at the airport and finally dragged their suitcases to the Hedgehog Workshop. Although Hedgehog Workshop is a small company, it is full of fresh blood, and the environment is more suitable for young people. Bao Xiaohan also trusts the Marquis very much. The atmosphere of the new company is very good, and Bao Xiaohan is also very happy.

Lan Qi said that after finishing the villa, Zhang Yingnan and Wu Tianyi came and asked Wu Shiyi to go with him. Wu Tianyi’s foot was sprained, and Lan Qi specially prepared a wheelchair for him. Wu Shiyi was a little worried when he saw this. Lan Qi and Wu Tianyi went to play chess in the yard, and Zhang Yingnan pulled Wu Shiyi to talk. Wu Shiyi was very clear about Lan Qi and her parents’ thoughts, but emotional matters could not be kidnapped, she had to make her own decisions.

Zhang Yingnan bitterly said that marriage is a girl’s second life, and she doesn’t want her to regret it in the future. Lan Qi is a good candidate. But being tied to the past may not necessarily lead to happiness. Wu Shiyi wants to rely on himself and does not want to pin everything on others. Speaking of which, it is also inherited from his mother.

Starfish received the cloth shoes from the doll, and felt a little warm in her heart. On the way home from dinner with Zhang Yingnan and Wu Tianyi, Lan Qi felt that the old man was warm at home, and Wu Shiyi hoped that he would stop. Not everything will come to fruition as planned. Lan Qi didn’t answer, saying that he wanted to help Wu Tianyi repay the debt and reduce Wu Shiyi’s burden. Wu Shiyi refused again, Lan Qi has done enough for her, and this feeling is not good, she can’t accept it.

Mr. Ma found out that the competitor this time was a new company called Hedgehog Factory, but Hou Zhirong did not take it to heart. The police suddenly came to the door, and Mr. Ma realized that something was wrong, and left Hou Zhirong’s office and ran away. The police found the whereabouts of the 20 million who had disappeared before, and finally found the Internet cafe that day.

Although President Ma made a disguise that day, Hou Zhirong recognized him at a glance through the photos. Hou Zhirong didn’t disclose it to the police. After a moment of stunned, he went to Mr. Ma first, but he had already left, and the gift watch he gave was left on the desk. Hou Zhirong regarded Mr. Ma as the most trusted person, but only now did he realize that he had been betrayed and turned the table in anger.

Marquis and Bao Xiaohan quarreled over the plan, but the atmosphere was also very good. President Ma sent a message to the Marquis that Liu Tiehao was about to be released from prison, told him to be careful, and admitted that he did everything he did before, but he didn’t mean to hurt him, I hope he can forgive him. The marquis hurriedly called Hou Zhirong, and Hou Zhirong gritted his teeth and said that Mr. Ma had gone 20 million and could not find anyone else. The Marquis heard that his tone was wrong and hurried to find him.

After being angry, Hou Zhirong began to cry again, calling Mr. Ma stupid and stupid. After all, they were brothers for so many years. What Hou Zhirong couldn’t understand was why Mr. Ma treated him like this. On the way back to Zhirong Construction, the marquis sent a message to Wu Shiyi that the person who harmed the company was President Ma, and Wu Shiyi also rushed over. She found out that Xiaomin died unexpectedly, and President Ma should be at the cemetery. Because of Wu Shiyi, Hou Zhirong knew that President Ma and Xiaomin were lovers.

President Ma came to the cemetery in the rain to say goodbye to Xiaomin. Only now did he understand what Xiaomin said, revenge will not make people happy, only love can bring peace. Hou Zhirong’s first sentence when he saw him was to ask why. For so many years, he considered himself to be very good to Ma. But Mr. Ma has been loyal to him for so many years.

After graduating from college, he joined Zhirong Construction for 13 years. Hou Zhirong told him many times that he would take over the company, even though Hou Zhirong had no commitment to everyone around him. Realized, but Mr. Ma still believed that he was different to himself. Until that day, I heard Hou Zhirong tell the Marquis in the ward that they are a family business, and Mr. Ma is only an outsider despite his strong working ability.

Then Mr. Ma started to take revenge hysterically, and it was not until Xiao Min was killed that he realized that everything he did was meaningless. Hou Zhirong was disappointed in his heart, but at this point, he said in front of Xiaomin’s tomb that he would no longer pursue Mr. Ma’s actions, and only hoped that he could walk his own way. Mr. Ma was taken away by the police, and the matter came to an end.

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