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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 32 Recap

Hai Xingyi pointed at Hou Zhirong’s nose indignantly and scolded him, and he had to do it. Qian Qian hurried in when he heard something inside. Hai Xing and Hou Zhirong were stunned when they saw Qian Qian. Qian Qian first scolded Hai Xing and should not make mistakes on such a big issue, and then apologized on behalf of Hai Xing and Hou Zhirong.

It was his fault and they would try to make up for it. But Qian Qian didn’t want to see Hou Zhirong again. Hou Zhirong didn’t expect things to turn out like this. Anyway, Hai Xing was right. He failed Qian Qian, so he could only apologize. As for the account with Hai Xing, it was written off.

After Hou Zhirong left, Qian Qian scolded Hai Xing fiercely. He was more worried than angry. Hai Xing did not make a small mistake, it was a theft. But Hai Xing was not reconciled, saying that he had no regrets, because seeing the money was so uncomfortable, he had to do something. But after this incident, he also understood that money would not be with him because of this.

Qian Qian was very moved by what Hai Xing did, but she knew very well that this was not love, and being with Hai Xing would only delay each other. Hai Xing was completely heartbroken, but it’s good to say it now. At the time of the incident, he couldn’t eat or sleep, and he didn’t know what to do with the money. Qian Qian asked where the money went, and Hai Xing replied, it was spent.

Xiao Shuheng discovered that there was a number fifty-one in the Marquis’ plan, and the Marquis showed him the photo of Wu Shiyi, which was a careful thought that he quietly put in the plan. Xiao Shuheng also has a girl he likes and also gossips about Marquis’s story.

The two hit it off, and Marquis joined his company, Hedgehog Factory, to participate in the next design project of a foreign-funded hotel. Hou Zhirong signed a contract with him, saying that he would not pursue Hai Xing’s problem any more. He still had feelings for Qian Qian, but Qian Qian was no longer willing to look back.

Zhang Yingnan answered the phone and said that Wu Tianyi was so drunk that he could only pick him up at night. Wu Tianyi’s leg was injured, and when he was drunk, he kept talking about protecting Zhang Yingnan from being bullied. Zhang Yingnan also wiped her tears. The next day, Zhang Yingnan bought food to see him, and also helped to make lunch. In order to prevent him from drinking and fighting, Wu Tianyi hurriedly agreed.

Bao Xiaohan’s new plan won the approval, and Hou Zhirong also affirmed him, but when Bao Xiaohan mentioned the contract, Hou Zhirong said that he should be a pure designer and should not talk about fame and fortune. He promised before. Bao Xiaohan’s condition turned his head and forgot again. Hou Zhirong opened his eyes and talked nonsense as always, Bao Xiaohan could no longer bear it, and he had not crossed the river and demolished the bridge once or twice.

Bao Xiaohan saw through Hou Zhirong’s true face and resigned again. Hou Zhirong didn’t take it to heart at all. Anyway, the plan was in hand, and nothing would happen without his own company. Bao Xiaohan left in a hurry, and then the company received a lawyer’s letter, emphasizing that the plan designed in the company belongs to Bao Xiaohan and should not be used without authorization.

In this way, the company’s bidding is also very dangerous. Hou Zhirong yelled, and President Ma persuaded him to chase Bao Xiaohan back. After all, the conditions he proposed were nothing in the industry. But Hou Zhirong didn’t believe in this evil, and he didn’t want to be coerced, and threatened to do it himself.

Hou Zhirong stayed up late to make plans, and the Marquis was also working hard for his dream. Zhirong’s construction is not in good condition, and the top executives are walking around privately to change jobs. At the meeting, Hou Zhirong came up with a plan he designed himself. Naturally, everyone praised and boasted, and they dared not say anything bad.

The Marquis’s design plan encountered a cost problem. Xiao Ziheng asked everyone to work together to find a solution. One employee’s friend was Bao Xiaohan. The Marquis also thought that if Bao Xiaohan came, it would be of great help, so he immediately called him. .

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