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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 29 Recap

Sorghum, Jiang Weixing and Niu Mancang led the No. 2 Squadron to cooperate with the verification work. Unexpectedly, soon after the work started, Xia Lin and Sorghum had a conflict. The reason is that Xia Lin made a proposal to formulate a plan without discussing it with Gaoliang in time. Han Chunyu felt that his approach was inappropriate, and he should be cautious.

While they were talking, Sorghum suddenly appeared and asked Xia Lin to join Gui’erling. It was best to adjust it to twelve units, including the time for each unit to be reduced to ensure the successful completion of the verification. But Gao Liang’s remarks made Xia Mu extremely dissatisfied, accusing him of peeking at the content of the plan and not cooperating with the test attentively.

Sorghum entrusted Han Chunyu to bring flower dew water and green awn to Jiangnan Zheng, which made Han Chunyu both envious and sighed. On the other hand, his feelings became a mess. Han Chunyu and Jiang Nanzheng described Xia Lin’s strengths and weaknesses. Xia Lin is very kind to her, but now Xia Lin is obsessed with jealousy of Sorghum, which makes her feel that she is not trusted, but she does not know that Xia Lin is standing outside the door stealing Listen, it wasn’t until Han Chunyu was about to leave that he hurriedly appeared.

Knowing Han Chunyu’s true feelings, Xia Lin also began to reflect on his own problems, and immediately went to coax Han Chunyu, who was still sulking, and gave her the toilet water through the window. Han Chunyu burst into tears and laughed, grabbing Xia Lin’s hand, deliberately making him embarrassed in front of the soldiers, and then returning the gift, the relationship between the two returned to the sweetness before.

On the day of the test subject, Sorghum drove Jiangnan Zheng all the way, and suddenly heard a loud noise on the way, followed the sound to find out that a villager from Xiangsi Village was struck by lightning and killed. Sorghum and Jiang Nanzheng rescued Jingjing, an orphan who was seriously injured and blind, and sent him to the hospital for emergency treatment, finally passing the dangerous period.

After the incident, Xia Lin re-drafted a temporary plan. After completing other unit tests, he specifically excluded Gui’erling. He believed that the top priority was to report the situation to the military region and send people to clear the minefield to avoid unnecessary casualties. However, Jiang Nanzheng refused to sign, insisting that the minefield environment was dangerous, similar to the state of war, which has a constructive reference value for this test, and is more conducive to investigating the problems of the system.

The two sides expressed their opinions, and there was a stalemate over this. In the end, Sorghum took the lead in signing the agreement, followed by Han Chunyu. As for the Jiangnan expedition, it was automatically classified as a compromise under the situation of more wins and less. In fact, Jiang Nanzheng did not give up the idea of ​​minefield at all, so after she and Gaoliang went to the hospital to visit Jingjing, she again suggested restarting the test work on Shanwang No. 1 in Gui’erling.

And now Sorghum is tracking the army’s demining plan, also considering Jingjing’s situation, persuade Jiangnan expedition not to be too serious. Since Sorghum’s savings were used to pay Jingjing’s surgery fees, especially the children of poor relatives, he had no choice but to borrow money from Jiang Nanzheng. Unexpectedly, Jiang Nanzheng turned around and left after hearing it.

Originally, Sorghum thought that Jiang Nanzheng disagreed, but he soon received a sum of money. At the same time, he learned that Jiang Nanzheng had gone to the Civil Affairs Bureau to inquire about the conditions of adoption. However, Kaoliang’s situation was not suitable for adoption, so he handed it over to the orphanage first. Sorghum happily wrote an IOU, and Zheng Yuan came back with a flowerpot when he was in love with Jiangnan. In order to punish Sorghum for speaking behind his back, he deliberately instructed him to relocate the flowerpot, repeated dozens of times.

In the blink of an eye, the second team of the Special Forces and the Red First Battalion confronted the exercise. Jiang Weixing probed earlier and confirmed that the acting battalion commander Gu Yiye had sent him to study for a week. Now the instructor Zhang Yuejin is responsible for presiding over the work in Xiaowangcheng.

Because of this, Gaoliang and Jiang Weixing are conceited that the other party is just a political cadre, and it is absolutely impossible to win the experienced special operations battalion. Moreover, if this exercise is successful, they will be able to smoothly transfer to the main battalion, and Niu Mancang will also be able to go from Company level promotion deputy battalion.

Xia Lin, deputy director of the Military Training Department, came to understand the situation. When he learned that Gaoliang only prepared a set of combat plans, and heard the content of the plan, he reminded him not to be too arrogant, and don’t think that the prospective son-in-law of the army commander can underestimate the enemy , But Sorghum didn’t take it seriously at all, and retorted.

During the next exercise, Sorghum deeply realized what it means to underestimate the enemy. The opponent set up tank ambush positions in advance, making the tanks of the special operations battalion useless. They lost their combat effectiveness in just 20 minutes and could not be cleared after two hours of attack. Get rid of the perimeter of 791 and 812, not to mention let the four companies go into battle.

Just when Kaoliang was at a loss, he suddenly received a call from Zheng Yuan and was scolded in the face. Not long after the call was hung up, Gaoliang received a call from Gu Yinye again, only to find out that he was indeed out to study, but he took another three days off to participate in the exercise. Therefore, in this exercise, the key to Gaoliang’s underestimation of the enemy was shortsightedness.

But for a moment, the first red battalion began to fight back violently, leaving the special operations battalion powerless and no time to turn to the defense, and finally ended in a disastrous defeat. If the Red 1st Battalion is fighting for the honor of the trump card and exerting 200% passion, then the special operations battalion as a vanguard may at any time participate in the first wave of the war and be defeated. Confused, fortunately, it is now in the exercise stage. If it really comes to the battlefield, I am afraid the consequences will be unimaginable.

Zheng Yuan hated it for this, and ordered all the infantry battalions of the group army to compete with the special operations battalion, so that this group with a false name could experience setbacks. At the same time, He Zhigeng intends to train Xia Lin, giving him two choices, either to take over as the director of the training department directly, or to be transferred to the head of the 720 regiment, and Qin Hanyong to go to special warfare The brigade is the official team captain.

That night, Gao Liang brought his brother to Gu Yinye’s house for dinner, and saw that Gu Yinye and Axiu were very loving, and they were also happy. Unexpectedly, Jiang Weixing blamed Gu Yinye for disregarding his comradeship through drunkenness. Not only did he lose the opportunity for promotion, but he might also face discharge from the army.

Seeing that the scene was getting out of control, Gaoliang scolded Jiang Weixing for not being confused and sat down honestly. After eating, Gaoliang and Gu Yinye went out for a walk, expressing their support for his principled approach, which made Gu Yinye relieved. When talking about their own feelings, Gu Yinye always felt that Axiu was too good to him, like raising a second son.

On the other hand, Gaoliang planned to marry Jiang Nanzheng, but now he can only delay it first. As everyone knows, at this moment, Jiang Nanzheng specially made a table of good meals for Zheng Yuan, just to let his father use his power to make things easier for Gaoliang, so don’t pursue it any more.

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