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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 8 Recap

Sun Lei couldn’t get through to Chen Shan’s phone, so he had to ask Wu Min for Lin Qingkun’s mobile phone number. He called Lin Qingkun’s teacher to inquire about the crime, complaining that he should not let Chen Shan out of the hospital. Lin Qingkun promised to take good care of Chen Shan, but didn’t wait for Sun Lei to say. When he’s done he hangs up.

Chen Shan insisted on working despite her illness, and Lin Qingkun provided her with the most comfortable office conditions and often reminded her to pay more attention to rest. Chen Shan took Xiaomi and Hu Xiaotian to work overtime and finally successfully completed the legal documents for the listing of Xiaotangwan Company. Steven admired her with admiration. Chen Shan, Xiaomi and Hu Xiaotian celebrated their completion of the task ahead of schedule.

Chen Shan’s body gradually recovered. She woke up in the morning for morning exercise, and Lin Qingkun also ran with her. The two quickly ran to the top of the mountain, overlooking the beautiful scenery below the mountain. Sun Yuantiao is going to participate in the dance competition today. Sun’s father is going to the hospital for re-examination. Sun Lei asked his friend to drive to pick them up early in the morning. He accompanied Sun Yuan-tiao to school. Yuan, he came up with the idea of ​​buying an old-fashioned scooter.

Sun Lei helped Sun Yuantiao put on makeup. Suddenly, he received a call from a colleague and learned that the leader was inspecting the work. He hurried back to the unit and was caught by Mr. Huang. Mr. Huang heard about him being late and leaving early, and he scolded him severely.

He took a meal and asked him to do a consistency evaluation and hand over the project at hand to the team member Xiao Gu. Sun Lei was reluctant to hand over the long-developed project to others. He repeatedly promised to complete the work well, but Mr. Huang did not let go. , he had to report to a new position, and the supervisor gave him a lot of work.

The grandfather spent two months of pension to buy a second-hand old age scooter, and he drove his wife home regardless of the foot injury. Sun Lei saw the notice from the parent group and learned that Sun Yuantian was out of school at 1:30 this afternoon. He called his parents to pick up Sun Yuantian. Unexpectedly, his father was driving a scooter on the road.

Sun Lei suddenly heard that his father’s car was detained by the traffic police, and he hurried over regardless of the supervisor’s objection. The traffic police made it clear that elderly scooters were prohibited from driving on the road, and that Sun’s father did not have a driver’s license, so the traffic police wanted to detain him for driving without a license. Sun Lei hurried to the traffic police team and followed the traffic police to go through the formalities.

Sun Lei suddenly received a notice from Mr. Hao and learned that Sun Yuantiao had been dismissed from school. He couldn’t leave for a while, so he had to ask Wu Min to take Sun Yuantiao to her house first. Sun Lei begged the police to open up to his father. The police found that Sun’s father was 70 years old.

According to the terms, as long as he paid a fine, he would not be detained any more, and he would be allowed to return to the community for a month of traffic publicity. Father Sun was distressed by the money he was fined, and wanted Chen Shan to find the owner of the car to help him get justice.

Sun Lei secretly sent a message to remind Chen Shan not to worry about her father’s affairs. Sun’s father called Chen Shan and asked her to come back to the boss who sold the used car to settle the account. Chen Shan’s work just came to an end, and she also wanted to go home and relax with Sun Lei. She promised to help her grandfather solve the problem. The online car-hailing car she booked had not arrived yet. Lin Qingkun happened to be returning to Shanghai to run errands, so he drove her back and left the car to Chen Shan.

Sun Lei followed his parents to find the boss who sold the second-hand car. The boss was determined not to pay back the money, and even threatened with a fruit knife. Chen Shan arrived in time to take a picture of the boss’s murder and sue him.

The boss suddenly received a call from the director of the street office and obediently returned the money to his grandfather. Chen Shan took Sun Lei and his parents home, and went out to see Lin Qingkun, only to know that Lin Qingkun had found the director of the street office, and the matter was resolved smoothly.

Sun Lei asked Chen Shan to take his parents home first. He was in urgent need of work when he wanted to go back to the factory. Chen Shan always thought that his work was very busy. Sun Lei was very angry when he saw Lin Qingkun, and he was even more angry when he heard Chen Shan’s words. Chu Lai complained that Chen Shan didn’t understand him.

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