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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 7 Recap

Seeing Lin Jing, Sun Yuanting happily closed his mouth and pulled Lin Jing to visit her room enthusiastically. Sun Lei invited Wu Min to come in for a cup of tea, Wu Min had to agree, and she thanked Sun Lei for helping Lin Jing tutor In the composition, when she learned that Sun Lei’s parents couldn’t help, she agreed to help pick up Sun Yuantian.

Chen Shan was sweating profusely after practicing on the equipment, and felt that her cervical spine was very painful, but she still insisted on completing the daily running. She suddenly fell to the ground and fell into a coma. Lin Qingkun hurriedly called the 120 emergency number to give her artificial respiration. The ambulance arrived in time, and Hu Xiaotian called Sun Lei to inform Sun Lei. Sun Lei asked Wu Min to help take care of Sun Yuantian, and he rushed to the hospital immediately.

Lin Qingkun called to inform Steven to cancel tomorrow’s equity meeting. Steven wanted to replace Chen Shan, but Lin Qingkun disagreed. Sun Lei hurried to the hospital and learned from Hu Xiaotian that Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun fainted while running together.

He suspected that he had knocked Chen Shan unconscious and wanted Chen Shan to shut up forever. Lin Qingkun repeatedly explained that Sun Lei didn’t believe it and threatened to warn him. Lin Qingkun. Li Yu came later, pretending to be concerned about Chen Shan’s condition.

After the medical staff tried their best to rescue her, Chen Shan finally turned the corner. The doctor diagnosed her with cervical heart disease. Thanks to Lin Qingkun performing CPR on her in time, Li Yu spoke sarcastically. Sun Lei angrily came to Lin Qingkun for a showdown and asked him to find another lawyer to replace Chen Shan. Li Yu recommended himself to Lin Qingkun, but Lin Qingkun categorically refused and forced her out.

Chen Shan finally woke up, Lin Qingkun came in to visit and greeted her, Chen Shan apologized to Lin Qingkun, Sun Lei was angry and yelled at Lin Qingkun, not allowing Chen Shan to continue working, Chen Shan hurriedly interrupted Sun Lei . The doctor came to the ward, and Chen Shan couldn’t wait to be discharged from the hospital. The doctor suggested that she should rest in peace and be discharged tomorrow.

Chen Shan was worried that Sun Yuanying was at home alone, and kept urging Sun Lei to go home. Sun Lei had to admit that Wu Min and Lin Jing were with Sun Yuanxiang, and Lin Qingkun could hear clearly outside the door.

Chen Shan tried to persuade Sun Lei to leave. She couldn’t wait to ask Hu Xiaotian to help with the discharge and return to the base. She didn’t want to affect everyone’s work progress. Lin Qingkun agreed with her to return to the base and let her rest in peace for two days. Professional physiotherapists are also equipped with massage chairs.

Sun Lei went home and found that Sun Yuantiao was not there, and he couldn’t get through to Wu Min’s phone. He hurried out to find someone. Wu Min was taking Lin Jing and Sun Yuantiao to play in the children’s playground, and also prepared a delicious breakfast for Lin Qingkun. When Lei learned that Wu Min’s mobile phone was broken, he gave her the mobile phone sent by Chen Shannian.

Grandpa and grandma suddenly came back from Hainan. They were surprised to see Wu Min and Lin Jing when they entered the door. Sun Lei briefly explained the reason, and his parents did not ask much. Sun’s father wanted to eat shepherd’s purse wontons, so Sun Lei had to go out to buy ingredients, and Wu Min took Lin Jing home. Lin Qingkun prepared a pillow and a massager for Chen Shan to protect the cervical spine, and told Chen Shan to take a good rest.

Sun Lei sent his parents to his small house. His mother wanted to take Chen Shan home in person, and repeatedly reminded Sun Lei not to let outsiders live in the house. Sun Lei settled down with his parents and went home to take care of Sun Yuantian. He was also exhausted. Sun Yuantian and Chen Shan had a video chat.

Chen Shan was worried that Sun Lei found out that she was not in the hospital. Hu Xiaotian informed Chen Shan to go to a meeting, and Chen Shan was so frightened that she hurriedly hung up. Sun Lei still heard Hu Xiaotian’s words and guessed that Chen Shan was secretly discharged from the hospital. Wu Min returned the mobile phone money to Sun Lei. Sun Lei asked her for the address of the base, but Wu Min did not know.

Steven wanted to terminate the contract with Chen Shan because of her poor health, but Lin Qingkun strongly opposed it. He felt that Chen Shan was the most suitable candidate, and also asked Steven to adjust his mentality.

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