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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 6 Recap

Chen Shan turned around and left in a fit of anger. She met Li Yu and Steven at the door. The two of them sneered at Chen Shan every single word. Chen Shan ignored them and left without looking back. Lin Qingkun followed closely and went out, condemning Chen Shan as the most irresponsible lawyer. Chen Shan sneered at him, mocking him as the worst brokerage firm, and vowed to drive him out of the stock market with a conscienceless person. Disagreement caused a quarrel, and Li Yu chased out to watch the fun. Lin Qingkun asked Chen Shan to pack up and leave, and asked Li Yu to take over her job.

Chen Shan was trembling with anger. She suppressed the grievances and anger in her heart, and called Sun Lei to complain. Sun Lei persuaded her well, let her go home and rest in peace, and promised to support her. Back on the battlefield, Sun Lei cheered her on.

Chen Shan returned to the base with her head held high. Lin Qingkun had already prepared the contract termination letter and asked her to sign and leave immediately. Chen Shan knew that Steven wanted Li Yu to take over her job for a long time, so she decided to stay and find out the truth. She would not tolerate any wrongdoing between Steven and Lin Qingkun. Li Yu pretended to be innocent, and repeatedly explained that she just came to the base to take a look.

She never thought of replacing Chen Shan. Chen Shan ignored her and went back to work directly. Steven complained that Lin Qingkun shouldn’t have hired Chen Shan as a lawyer, and the result caused so much trouble, but Lin Qingkun didn’t take it seriously. As long as the quality of the meatballs with small sugar balls is no problem, he is not afraid of Chen Shan’s investigation.

Wu Min was angry and refused to eat or drink, Lin Jing tried desperately to make her happy, Sun Lei persuaded Wu Min to open something, Wu Min suspected that Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun had planned in advance, and asked Sun Yuantian to pretend to be poisoned to come to the hospital to approach her and Lin Jing, that is In order to get her to sign the compensation letter, Sun Lei advised her not to think wildly, but Wu Min just couldn’t let it go.

Li Yu bluntly asked Steven if there was any problem with the small candied meatballs. Steven swore that there would be no problem, and put all the responsibility on the logistics and transportation. Li Yu had to say goodbye to Steven and left. She went out to see Da Li Li Shunda, the owner of the transportation, came to find Steven, and secretly photographed the scene of their meeting, and then returned to give Li Shunda a business card. Steven immediately became alert and complained that Li Shunda should not be here, worried that it would cause unnecessary trouble.

Li Shunda urged Steven to honor the shares he promised him as soon as possible, and Steven told him to wait until the company went public. Li Shunda was worried that Ye Changmeng would change, so Lin Qingkun had to call Chen Shan for consultation. Chen Shan thought that the equity transfer could be done at any time. Satisfied to leave. Steven complained that Chen Shan should not speak for Li Shunda, and Lin Qingkun also persuaded Steven to fulfill his promise as soon as possible, so as not to affect the next work, Steven was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

Sun Lei and Wu Min were bringing the children to barbecue when a football suddenly flew in from outside the wall, knocking over the barbecue stall, and charcoal splashed out and burned Wu Min’s arm. Sun Lei asked Sun Yuanjing to guard in the yard, and he entered the house. Help Wu Min apply scald medicine, Wu Min insisted to come by herself, she was used to handling all the family affairs by herself, Sun Lei had to go out to accompany Sun Yuantian.

The neighbor boy came in to get the football, but Sun Yuanting refused to let him go. The two of them were pulling and pulling. Sun Lei then came and asked the boy to apologize to Wu Min. He resolutely refused to do it. The little boy called his mother loudly. The mother understood the whole story and forced the little boy to admit his mistake to Wu Min. Sun Lei also apologized to the little boy and asked Sun Yuantian to retrieve the football. The little boy’s mother helped clean up the smashed barbecue stall. .

On the way home, Sun Lei praised Sun Yuantiao for his brave performance today, and reminded Sun Yuantiao not to solve it on his own next time, but to ask him for help. Sun Lei took Sun Yuantiao to school early in the morning. Li Yu waited at the gate of the community early, and provided Sun Lei with evidence that there was a problem with the small sugar balls and dried meat. When he arrived, he hurriedly got into the car with the documents.

Sun Lei opened the letter, which contained a group photo of Steven and Li Shunda. He searched on the computer and found the news that Li Shunda compensated the victims for Xiaotangwan 1.2 million. Sun Lei immediately understood everything, and he immediately Called to question Chen Shan, Chen Shan didn’t want to explain too much, and hoped that Sun Lei would believe her. She wanted to find out the truth wholeheartedly, and hung up the phone before Sun Lei finished speaking.

Sun Lei saw the composition “My Violent Mother” written by Sun Yuanting. He was deeply inspired and sent a message overnight to apologize to Chen Shan. The boy’s mother next door brought Wu Min a large pot of pig’s trotters and asked her to send some to Sun Lei. Wu Min didn’t want to go. Lin Jing called Sun Yuantian to ask for her address, and pestered Wu Min to give Sun Lei’s address. Lei sent it.

Chen Shan’s working hours were too long and she was a little deprived of oxygen. She came to the gym to exercise and saw that Lin Qingkun was also there. It was almost nine o’clock bedtime, Sun Yuantiao kept looking at the time, Sun Lei found that something was wrong with her, Sun Yuantiao had to tell the truth, Wu Min and Lin Jing arrived quickly.

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