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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 31 Recap

Zhang Sheng was the one who deceived the Marquis’ plan, but there was a plan archive in his computer, which was evidence. The Marquis thanked Wu Shiyi, Wu Shiyi also politely replied and was about to leave, and the Marquis chased after another sentence to make her pay attention to safety. Back at the hotel, Wu Shiyi saw Lan Qi waiting at the door of the room, and his face was serious to remind her that if she didn’t leave the hotel, Wu Shiyi couldn’t leave either. Mr. Ma dressed up and went to the Internet cafe, and secretly completed a certain transaction.

Soon Hou Zhirong received the good news, and the 20 million that had been transferred away was transferred back, but Hou Zhirong didn’t understand the other party’s intention again and again, and quickly transferred the money to a safe account. Hou Zhirong and President Ma talked about this matter, and President Ma said that maybe the other party’s conscience found out.

The hotel staff had a barbecue to relax together. Wu Shiyi always looked tense and did not integrate into the relaxed environment at all. Lan Qi had a nickname called Chameleon when he was a child, which was very similar to him, and Lan Qi did not dislike this title. This was the law of his success, and there was nothing to be ashamed of.

Wu Shiyi kept telling Lan Qi that they could not go back to the past, but Lan Qi stubbornly believed that he could go back as long as he was given a little time. The Marquis went to see Xiao Shuheng. He liked the Marquis’s design plan very much, but Zhang Sheng brought his plan to the interview. Xiao Shuheng chose the Marquis from Zhang Sheng and the Marquis, and asked him to sort out the plan and detailed process, and then let the company’s legal affairs follow up.

Zhang Yingnan posted on the Moments that he wanted to eat desserts from an internet celebrity shop and ran to the queue to buy them. Unexpectedly, Zhang Yingnan and Uncle Li had already eaten them. Wu Tianyi leaned over with a sad face and was full of jealousy, but Zhang Yingnan didn’t bother to pay attention.

Uncle Li hurriedly made excuses to leave, Wu Tianyi hurriedly spoke ill of him to Zhang Yingnan, and kept scolding her for being vain. Director Huang of the Security Department of Zhirong Construction went to the Haixing store for dinner. This also made Director Huang suspicious of Hai Xing. He immediately took the surveillance video from the day he lost the file to see Hou Zhirong. He was the Marquis’s best friend, so they all ignored Hai Xing that day, but now that I think about it, he also has a big suspected.

Hai Xing has always been worried when he did something wrong, and the doll also complained that he saw people like a mouse seeing a cat. Qian Qian came to deliver the bottle of hot sauce last time, and Hai Xing left her to eat with enthusiasm, and Qian Qian hurried away. Qian Qian came to invite Hai Xing as soon as he left Zhirong Construction, and Hai Xing ran away subconsciously. Qian Qian thought he was a bad guy when he saw this scene in the car, and immediately rushed up and beat the other party down.

Qian Qian helped Hai Xing finish the medicine before leaving, and persuaded him not to fight again next time he came. Wu Tianyi began to follow Uncle Li, and specially took a blind date photo of him and sent it to Zhang Yingnan, but Zhang Yingnan didn’t take it to heart, and was discovered by Uncle Li. Uncle Li repeatedly emphasized that he and Zhang Yingnan were just ordinary friends, and Wu Tianyi didn’t need to follow him to take photos secretly. The two would fight in the street whenever they disagreed.

Hou Zhirong couldn’t invite Haixing, so he went to his store. After seeing this scene, Qian Qian thought that someone was looking for trouble again, and hurriedly called Qian Qian for help. Hou Zhirong kicked Hai Xing as soon as he went upstairs, and aggressively asked why he stole the plan. Starfish has no reason to steal the plan, someone must be behind it. Qian Qian hurried back and happened to hear the next conversation between Hai Xing and Hou Zhirong.

Hai Xing confessed that he took 500,000 yuan, but he didn’t care about 500,000 yuan at all, he just wanted to get revenge on Hou Zhirong because he hurt Qian Qian. Hou Zhirong reacted that what Hai Xing said was that Qian Qian was a little puzzled. Hai Xing explained that they had nothing to do with him. He was robbed by Hou Zhirong in the middle of his pursuit, and Hai Xing was willing to take it, but he lived up to the money, which Hai Xing could not bear.

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