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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 30 Recap

Wu Shiyi and Lan Qi chatted about their ex. Wu Shiyi thought of the Marquis, so he would think of him no matter what they talked about. Wu Shiyi is also full of fantasies about love, but what Lan Qi wants is pragmatic love and life. The doll came to help Haixing mend her clothes, and said in a smug tone that she was serious and virtuous, and that she also made all the sweaters worn by the whole family. Hai Xing smiled, the doll is indeed in line with the appearance of a good wife and a good mother.

After the doll finished mending his clothes, he also said that he could make sofas and cloth shoes, and said that he would make a pair for him tomorrow. Hai Xing’s attitude was neither salty nor light. After the doll went back, she ran back and said that now the bus and subway are all gone, and she did not dare to go back alone, so Hai Xing let the doll live in the room where Wu Shiyi used to live.

Chen Chen drank a lot of alcohol tonight. After the Marquis took her back to the hotel, Chen Chen dragged him and refused to let him go. President Chen called Chen Chen and said everything, so the Marquis hurriedly grabbed the phone to explain. Chen Chen finally calmed down, and the Marquis could only spend the night on the hotel sofa.

The next morning, Chen Chen saw that the Marquis was still snoring on the sofa and called him stupid. Instead of sleeping in such a big bed, he slept outside. Chen Chen felt that the Marquis despised her, and the little princess became angry again, but the Marquis didn’t bother to pay attention to her, and left without her chasing the plan.

Wu Shiyi’s work is going on in an orderly manner, and the time for the hotel’s opening is coming soon. Wu Shiyi accidentally bumps into Lan Qi and throws a tantrum against his employees because he is dissatisfied with his work. His usual gentle appearance is completely different. The Marquis hadn’t eaten for a day, and returned to the Starfish Restaurant, grabbing the bowl of the doll and devouring it like a starving ghost. Although the Marquis went to Shenzhen this time, although no business was negotiated, the night school

I called him to tell him to go to class, this time he was officially on duty, and he finally got his whereabouts. After Xiaomin disappeared, Mr. Ma never saw her again until he received a call from a lawyer, who told him that Xiaomin was participating in a public welfare activity and encountered a landslide, and died in order to save others.

Xiaomin left a diary with a lot of content about President Ma, so Xiaomin’s mother entrusted a lawyer to give it to President Ma. Mr. Ma couldn’t accept it for a while, and he didn’t have the courage to open the diary. When he came to the cemetery where Xiaomin was buried, Mr. Ma burst into tears. He was the one who harmed Xiaomin! Xiaomin’s diary is full of thoughts for President Ma, and doing public welfare activities is also to make her heart more peaceful, but she didn’t expect it to end like this.

Wu Shiyi accidentally discovered that the plan made by a designer Zhang Sheng was very similar to that made by the Marquis, so he went to Haixing Restaurant, but Haixing ignored her when he saw her, and did not want her to find the Marquis. Hou Zhirong invited President Ma to have dinner together. Today is his thirty-sixth birthday, so Hou Zhirong gave him a very precious gift. It has been 14 years since Mr. Ma came to the company.

Hou Zhirong recalled when he first came here. At that time, he encountered a big case. After the success, the company with only a few people came to eat here, but since then Hou Zhirong has never been there again. , but the horse will always come here. For so many years, things have been right and wrong, and Mr. Ma is the only one who can talk to Hou Zhirong. Mr. Ma just listened to him, drank with his head down, and then showed an intriguing expression.

Wu Shiyi had been waiting in the store for the Marquis to come back, and Hai Xing had already told her the truth. The Marquis said hesitantly that he wanted Wu Shiyi to have a better job and life, and he didn’t want to delay her, that’s why he made such a decision. Wu Shiyi took out the document, and the marquis confirmed that it was his design plan. Wu Shiyi explained that the plan was provided by Hedgehog Factory. The designer was named Zhang Sheng, and Zhang Sheng should have sold the plan.

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