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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 27 Recap

Zheng Yuan organized all regiment cadres to watch the video of the Gulf War, summed up the exercise, and severely criticized the 720 regiment for having serious peace problems. All officers and soldiers have been away from the war for too many years. The exercise is regarded as a Vanity Fair, and it is not the winning or losing of the war, but the merits and awards, promotion and promotion.

Even though Sorghum rebelled first, his behavior still needs to be investigated further, which in disguise reflects the formalism of the 720 regiment. As a company commander, he can only blow up this false fog by crushing his body. Therefore, after the meeting, Zheng Yuan and Chen Dashan studied the rectification plan. They wanted Lu Pingfan to be the head of the July 20th regiment, but the division had already sent him to the command school.

Considering the loss of such a good general in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Division, Zheng Yuan was a little distressed, reprimanded Chen Dashan for one pass, and simply decided to transfer Qin Hanyong back to the 720th Regiment as the head of the regiment. On the other hand, Qin Hanyong was unhappy about this. He worked hard for many years, and finally climbed to the position of the acting head of the 700th Regiment. He was about to succeed.

As for the former head of the regiment, Song Jianshe, who had serious problems this time, Chen Dashan had been assigned to the logistics department of the agency, and Zheng Yuan also felt sorry for him. Why did such a hero who fought on the frontier battlefield suddenly lose his blood.

In the face of the doubts thrown by Zheng Yuan, Song Jiancheng vowed to be loyal and expressed different views. He felt that the era was moving towards peace, and there was no need for soldiers to bleed and get injured for the exercise. Being prepared for danger is the main thing.

Because of Xia Lin’s performance in the exercise, he was eventually demoted to the company. Han Chunyu knew that he and Gaoliang were both very good people. It was just a comparison form, and the one who dared to persevere. If they can combine with each other, they may become the most perfect commander. official. Han Chunyu decided to marry Xia Lin when he was the most frustrated, but Xia Lin was too utilitarian and wanted to propose to Han Chunyu after winning Sorghum in the next exercise.

With the gradual improvement of the development of the army and the complete living facilities, everyone is developing in a good direction, but the relationship between Jiangnan Expedition and Sorghum is always stagnant. Jiang Nanzheng wanted to take her subject to further study abroad. That night, Gaoliang came to see her off specially, and happened to see Hou Jian from the same organization.

Gaoliang had heard that Hou Jian was pursuing Jiangnan expedition before, but now he is jealous when his rivals meet, and he relentlessly swears his sovereignty, even throwing him out of the door. When it was time to get along alone, Gaoliang returned to his original state, and he deliberately concealed his feelings in different ways. Even if Jiang Nanzheng asked her again and again, he did not dare to confess to her, turned around and ran away.

When Jiang Nanzheng chased out the door, Sorghum had long since disappeared, so he had to sit on the bench sadly.

Fortunately, Zhao Hongying appeared to comfort her, and told the relationship between men and women, including life after marriage, based on the experience of people who have come here. Zhao Hongying suggested that Jiang Nanzheng should not pursue the results too much, and should enjoy the sweetness now, because before marriage, love was full of vigor, and once married, many things would become disappointing.

Looking at Zhao Hongying’s lonely expression, Jiang Nanzheng felt uncomfortable and was concerned about her last miscarriage. As soon as this remark came out, Zhao Hongying was even more emotional. For such a thing that others remembered, Qin Hanyong seemed to be a transparent person and didn’t express it at all, but she also saw it very well, no matter how big the road she had chosen was. Difficulty, keep going.

After Qin Hanyong returned to the Seventy-Twenty Regiment, his first task was to discuss how to change the current situation. Gao Liang believed that he must first restore the scum of the old Jiulian before he could truly make a fundamental decision.

Because of Sorghum’s strong request, Qin Hanyong had to pull down his old face and transferred him back to Niumancang from the Division Headquarters Management Section, and then retrieved Jiang Weixing from the 700th Regiment’s propaganda unit. Originally, Jiang Weixing was in conflict with the head of the division, so he resolutely returned. Seventy-two regiment as an instructor.

In the blink of an eye, half a year later, the 720th Regiment has undergone earth-shaking changes, especially under the rectification of Gaoliang and others. Zheng Yuan came to inspect the 720 regiment, and at the same time gave Lao Jiu a month to prepare, so that they could compete with Yehuo.

Gu Yinye went to see the comrades of the old Jiulian and announced to them that he was going to marry Axiu. Both of them didn’t like the fun, so they wanted to find a few friends for a small wedding. Not only that, but Gu Yinye also brought a new situation, claiming that the army would incorporate the winning unit into a new unit for the pilot, and Gaoliang also said that foreign troops would join in this confrontation.

In the next confrontation, Yehu even returned to the foreign army under the guidance of Suvari, while Gu Yinye and Gaoliang became comrades in the same trench. The head of the division greatly appreciated this, and Zheng Yuan did not underestimate the enemy because of this. After all, there were still several more important subject exercises to follow.

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