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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 29 Recap

Wu Shiyi and four team members came to the hotel to join the team. Lan Qi took her around to get familiar with the environment. Wu Shiyi’s room was also arranged on the top floor of the hotel. The hotel environment is very good, facing the sea, the mood is open. The usual security of the hotel is not carried out by Wu Shiyi.

The main purpose is to protect the safety of Lan Qi, and usually he cannot leave the hotel casually. Such a task is very easy for Wu Shiyi, after all, Lan Qi’s main purpose is to let her rest and recuperate. It’s just that Wu Shiyi’s heart has never been able to relax, and he still worries about the Marquis from time to time.

Sister Chen brought sausages and bacon from her hometown in Sichuan to the starfish shop early in the morning, saying that Marquis and Wu Shiyi both like to drink. Hai Xing embarrassedly explained that the Marquis was still sleeping, and as for Wu Shiyi, she was no longer here. Qian Qian came to see Wu Shiyi and asked if the Marquis had contacted her.

Wu Shiyi was also a little disappointed. Maybe the Marquis’s work was on the right track and there was no time to contact her. Unexpectedly, the Marquis at this time was woken up by Sister Zhang with a glass of cold water the next morning after a hangover, grabbed his ear and told him that he had never suffered much since he was a child. Going back and bowing her head, Sister Zhang was very disappointed.

Qian Qian wanted to tell Wu Shiyi about the marquis, but Lan Qi came over to say hello at this time, saying that Zhang Yingnan and Wu Tianyi had promised to stay at the villa for a few days and also attend the opening reception, obviously taking good care of Wu Shiyi’s family.

Although Wu Shiyi has no feelings for Lan Qi, Qian Qian thinks that he is a good choice, and he has a solid emotional foundation. Seeing that Wu Shi was doing well now, Qian Qian didn’t mention the Marquis anymore. Even a virtuous starfish like the Marquis can’t tell him. He can only count on Sister Zhang. The Marquis just woke up from a dream and decided to go to Shenzhen to see if the company that Chen Chen introduced last time has any cooperation opportunities.

Qian Qian told Haixing that she didn’t tell Wu Shiyi about the Marquis, although she felt very uncomfortable, but let him go in the past. Suppliers drive up prices and the cooperation conditions are harsh, but Hou Zhirong has no choice. He has to bow his head when it is time to bow his head. Hou Zhirong understands that this crisis is different from before.

He is old and he is no longer so handy in many things. Hou Zhirong suddenly clutched his heart with a pained face. President Ma and the secretary were shocked, but Hou Zhirong stopped him from calling 120. He just took medicine. At this time, letting everyone know that he was ill would shake the hearts of the army. Mr. Ma wanted to ask the Marquis to come back to accompany him, but Hou Zhirong still stopped him, because he didn’t want the Marquis to see himself in such a downhearted state.

Hou Zhirong asked President Ma to call Finance over, and he wanted to instruct him on some things. President Ma was worried that his own affairs would be exposed, and repeatedly used physical reasons to stop him. Hou Zhirong said that if the documents that need to be signed during this period are all handed over to President Ma, he can only rely on President Ma. He said with a moved face that he is fortunate to be there. When Hou Zhirong really put all this into his hands, Mr. Ma’s mood was very complicated.

The Marquis went to Shenzhen to find President Zhang, but was told that he had resigned, and the project he talked about last time was not under his responsibility, and the phone could not get through. The Marquis was so angry that he called Chen Chen to complain, but Chen Chen was also kept in the dark. Wu Shiyi and Lan Qi chatted about Dapeng.

If there was no such thing, she would get married and have children step by step. Lan Qi has also been in a relationship over the years. He was about to get married, but he didn’t expect that the other party would dump him when he met his first love. Lan Qi is joking, saying that his ex-girlfriend is a policeman and his first love is her prisoner. It sounds very dramatic, and some people are destined to live like this.

Soon Chen Chen flew to Shenzhen to help the Marquis to discuss. He was in a good mood when Wu Shiyi was not by her side, and said that he wanted to grant him a wish.

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