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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 35 Recap

After leaving the Shangyin Academy, this small team took a boat to catch the waves, traveled all the way to the northeast, and soon reached the border of Jianzhou, but it would take a long time to reach Wudi City in the East China Sea. In the early years, Emperor Wu’s real name was Guanhai City, which fell by the sea. Later, Wang Xianzhi became the owner of this city and completely changed his name to Emperor Wu. The meaning is self-evident.

Li Chungang took the initiative to hand over the secret letter to Xu Fengnian, I am afraid that Zhao Kai never expected that such small favors and small benefits would not shake him at all. Therefore, the real reason why Li Chungang is willing to help Xu Fengnian mainly stems from the frustration of the rivers and lakes and nowhere to go. Xu Xiao took him in, so that he had enough time to pursue inner peace, and at the same time he visited Lupaer’s tomb and offered incense.

In fact, Xu Fengnian already knew about Zhao Kai, not only because he had seen him before, but also because Shu Shao was his own person and never thought of betrayal, so Zhao Kai’s plan to assassinate was within his grasp. As for whether Li Chungang will agree to Zhao Kai, Xu Fengnian doesn’t care at all, because Li Chungang protects him all the way and does not owe anyone in the Xu family, and it is understandable to make any choice.

Because of this, Li Chungang was a little moved, so he let Shu Shao go out first, pointed Xu Fengnian’s two-sleeved green snake, and admitted that he was going to fight Wang Xianzhi, and also explained the funeral. After all, between the two, it is unknown who will live and who will die. Xu Fengnian promised to inherit the swordsmanship, but he didn’t feel well. In contrast, Li Chungang was the same.

Shu Shao was instructed to send a letter to Huishan, Zhao Xuansu wanted to make a move, but quickly stopped, this subtle move fell into the eyes of Qingniao, and looked sideways quietly, but Xuanyuan Qingfeng received the letter and knew what was going on. The debt should be repaid. Xu Xiao returned to Beiming, and learned through Li Yishan that Zhang Julu had attacked Chen Zhibao. However, Li Yishan could not see the situation of Xu Fengnian.

Xu Fengnian and the others crossed the ocean, and when they looked up, they could see the towering city wall in the distance. Remembering that Lao Huang had entered from the west gate, they took everyone to the west city wall. The whole city wall was densely filled with swords and swords. There is a portrait of a little monk. Ning Emei was worried about Xu Fengnian’s safety and wanted to go with Fengziying, but was refused. Xu Fengnian said that if Fengziying entered the city, Beiming would have the purpose of occupying the place.

Since Wudi City belongs to an isolated city outside the independent dynasty, the city gate guards here are largely just decorations. It was the first time that everyone set foot in Wudi City. Rao was used to seeing the ups and downs of the rivers and lakes, and still felt heavy and extraordinary.

There are countless cities in the world, and this gate has been the only one for a hundred years. Almost all the masters who are standing at the top of the martial arts today, including Li Chungang, Cao Changqing, Deng Tai’a, and Jian Jiuhuang, all lost to Wang Xianzhi without exception. Since then, Wang Xianzhi has been called an old monster by all corners of the world. Everyone only knows that he is the ceiling of martial arts, but they don’t know that he has no talent and relies on hard work and hard work.

When Li Chungang became No. 1 in the world, Wang Xianzhi was still unknown, watching people compete in martial arts and learning hundreds of martial arts. Fortunately, he has accumulated a lot, and his martial arts strength has steadily increased. Until fifty years ago, he broke Li Chungang’s divine soldier, a Trojan horse, with two fingers. After that, he took the second place in the world in Wudi City for nearly a Jiazi. At the same time, Wudi City has also become a refuge for many people from all corners of the world. Place. All the sects of Jianghu have to look at the face of the Liyang Dynasty, but Wang Xianzhi ignored it, and did not even take Beiliang Tieqi in his eyes.

Walking into Emperor Wu’s city gate, Xu Fengnian felt that there were Lao Huang figures everywhere, and others found that the rumored twelve Wu slaves were also the ones who had lost to Wang Xianzhi and were willing to defend the city for him. Xu Fengnian was not in a hurry to get the sword box, turned around and came to a wine stall. The shop owner with wicked eyes saw that he was well behaved, and immediately came up to praise him and answer Jian Jiuhuang’s arrival in Wudi City. go through.

Zhao Kai came to the North Gate and saw Peach Blossom Sword God Deng Tai’a, and Deng Tai’a also recognized Jin Jia, so Deng Tai’a could only bite the bullet and say hello, just chat a few words and immediately bring Jin Jia and Yuan Tingshan into the city. Yuan Tingshan felt that Wudi City was going to be in chaos, and this situation was in Zhao Kai’s heart, and he wanted to find Xu Fengnian as soon as possible during the chaos.

At this time, Xu Fengnian asked the shop owner for the yellow rice wine ordered by Lao Huang, as well as the same appetizers. Thinking of the scenes of his past travels, the wine bowl touched the wine bowl and drank it directly. Li Chungang and his party watched from the side without interfering, knowing that he was remembering Lao Huang, but later Xu Fengnian seemed to be enjoying himself and was slightly drunk.

Under the persuasion of Qingniao and others, Li Chungang reminded Xu Fengnian that if he wanted to get the sword box, he still had to see Wang Xianzhi first. When Xu Fengnian heard this, he stood on the main city road and shouted Wang Xianzhi’s name, and issued a letter of war to him. The bold words were encouraging, even Zhao Kai couldn’t help but admire him.

As soon as the voice fell, Wang Xianzhi’s challenge came from the attic of the inner city, and with his mighty inner strength, he shouted out, resounding half of the city, and countless people raised their heads at the same time, only to see the white-haired old man flying over and standing on the top of the attic. Immediately afterwards, Li Chungang borrowed a sword, and thousands of swords all over the city were unsheathed at the same time into the sky, all hanging in the sky, making everyone stunned.

Wang Xianzhi proposed to go out of the city and enter the sea, Li Chungang followed closely, and the two figures flew to the East China Sea. Li Chungang stepped on the sword hanging in the air, Wang Xianzhi rose on the waves, and countless swords rushed towards him, only to see four torrents gathered around him, three of which turned like pillars, not only blocked the sword from the outside, but even shattered all the internal force. .

After a short period of dead silence, Wudi City broke out into a wave-like noise. Whether it was the people in the city or the heroes from other places, they all rushed out of the city and rushed to the East China Sea to watch the strongest battle in the world. Xu Fengnian poured a bowl of wine unhurriedly, and took Wei Shuyang, Ning Emei and others to the tower to get the sword box, where the twelve Wunu had been waiting for a long time.

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