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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 34 Recap

Zhao Kai wanted to kill Xu Fengnian, but he kept failing along the way. As long as Li Chungang was by his side, it would be difficult to succeed. Because of this, Zhao Kai decided to start with Li Chungang, investigated many things about him, and unexpectedly learned about his past with Fengdu Lupaer. Fengdu Lupao is one of the four great masters, along with Sword God Li Chungang, Spear Immortal Wang Xiu and others. He was originally a descendant of Li Chungang’s enemy family, but he met and fell in love with him, and eventually died at his hands.

Now Zhao Kai took the initiative to find Li Chungang to show his intentions, and also knew that he didn’t really want to kill Fengdu Lupao, otherwise he would not retire. Zhao Kai expressed his goodwill to Li Chungang and was willing to pay for any conditions, hoping that Li Chungang would give him the opportunity to kill Xu Fengnian.

The boat was on the Shejiang River, but it had already seen a small town by the river. This is the border of Jianzhou. If you go all the way north, you will soon arrive at Wudi City in the East China Sea. In the early years, Emperor Wu’s real name was Guanhai City, which fell by the sea. Later, Wang Xianzhi became the owner of this city and completely changed his name to Emperor Wu. The meaning is self-evident.

Xu Fengnian and others crossed the ocean, looking up to see the towering city wall in the distance. He remembered that Lao Huang had entered through the west gate, so he took everyone to the west city wall. Since Wudi City belongs to an isolated city outside the independent dynasty, the city gate guards here are largely just decorations. Ning Emei was worried about Xu Fengnian’s safety and wanted to go together, but was refused. Xu Fengnian said that if Fengziying entered the city, Beiming would have the purpose of occupying the place.

The reason why Longhu Mountain is the first sect conferred by the imperial court is that Zhao Huangchao lives in seclusion in the mountains, and he is just borrowing the ground to practice. The small Longhu Mountain has four great heavenly masters in charge of the outside world. Zhao Xituan seems to have the highest generation in the name of Xi, but it is not the case. There is also an ancestor on Longhu Mountain, who is two generations older than Zhao Xituan. Earth God Wonderland. Because this person has cultivated for a long time and is rejuvenated, everyone just treats him as a child, but he is the ancestor of Longhu Mountain, Zhao Xuansu.

Xu Fengnian boarded Wudi City, followed by Qingniao and others, doubting that Wunu did not block it. As everyone knows, Zhao Xuansu has already come to Wudi City, and now the city is in chaos, not only Wu Nu was beaten to the ground by him, but even the most powerful Jinjia among the generals was defeated by the opponent. Zhao Xuansu didn’t stop until Xu Fengnian appeared, and he came this time to kill Prince Beiming.

Originally, Zhao Xuansu’s plan was quite perfect, but he never expected that Deng Tai’a would help Xu Fengnian, or even spare no effort. Especially when Xu Fengnian wanted to go to the city gate to get the sword box, Deng Tai’a helped him open the way, killing six slaves with six swords, killing Zhao Xuansu in seconds at the Mysterious Realm, and then giving the twelve flying swords to the other party, just because Wu Su had feelings for him back then. kindness.

In this battle, although Xu Fengnian was injured, he finally defeated Wang Xianzhi, took back the sword box, buried Lao Huang with his own hands, and paid tribute to his spirit in heaven with a glass of wine. Before leaving, Qingniao packed his luggage, and Ning Emei went to call Fengziying’s men. On the other hand, Xu Fengnian looked lonely at the sky in the distance, and a few lines of geese flew south, implying that he should return to Beiming.

Xu Fengnian was about to leave Longhu Mountain, and before leaving, he left King Kong to Xu Longxiang, and the brothers raised Hukui separately and agreed on a reunion day. Seeing that Ning Emei has gone through all these things, she has completely changed Xu Fengnian’s view. She is willing to lead the Fengzi Battalion to continue escorting her. Qingniao, Li Chungang and others will also accompany her. Shu Shay is not seen from left and right, and she is not seen until the boat is about to set off.

Xu Fengnian got on the boat, sailed out of Qinglongxi, and sat silently on the bow deck, not daring to look back at his younger brother. Ning Emei came over to salute Xu Fengnian, ashamed of being stupid in his early years, and now he knows that he is the future of Beiming. As the two of them were talking, Jade Bird noticed that there was a ship near the Dragon King River. Upon closer inspection, it was Xuanyuan Qingfeng and Wei Shuyang, which meant that parting was imminent.

Li Chungang screened the crowd and wanted to give Xu Fengnian and Jiang Ni a chance to say goodbye individually, but Xu Fengnian was useless and failed the old swordsman’s good intentions. It was a good time to confess, but he used it to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two countries, reminding Jiang Ni Pay more attention to the dry army and horse bandits in Shu, and most of these people are veterans of the Chu people who went to Shu to hide. After these years of war, the veterans’ affection for the Chu royal family has been wiped out. Even if Jiang Nigui is a princess of a country, it is not easy to bring them under his command.

Seeing Jiang Longchuan approaching, Xuanyuan Qingfeng walked over alone to explain clearly to Xu Fengnian, and then left in a small boat. Xu Fengnian held onto the wooden board between the two boats to ensure that Jiang Ni walked to the opposite side in a stable manner. He was finally reluctant to give up, and without saying a word, turned around and returned to the cabin.

Just when Jiang Ni was lost and said goodbye to Wei Shuyang and refused to set sail, Xu Fengnian came out of the cabin again and gave Jiang Ni a copper coin and the Great Liang Dragon Sparrow in public. The meaning is self-evident. . Yu Youwei stepped aside knowingly, but Cao Changqing saw that she liked Xu Fengnian, but it was a pity that her concubine was ruthless. After all, Xu Fengnian only had Jiang Ni in his heart, and could no longer hold anyone.

A gust of wind blew, and Xu Fengnian gently brushed Jiang Ni’s messy hair, and it was not until Cao Changqing came over that he solemnly said goodbye. Watching the boat go away, Xu Fengnian accidentally learned through Li Chungang that Jiang Ni had long ago decided to keep the dagger and talisman for himself. In this way, the two exchanged important things, which was comparable to a love affair.

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