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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 33 Recap

Seeing the swords scattered all over the place, Zhao Xituan had a big question mark in his heart. With his understanding of Zhao Danping, even if Li Chungang re-entered the land of immortals, he probably would not give up easily. Zhao Danping laughed dumbly when he heard the words, saying that Zaifu Zhang Julu wanted to destroy Beiming, and he just obeyed orders. Since he couldn’t push it, he just pretended, and he couldn’t take Xu Xiao seriously.

Under Zhao Danping’s explanation, Zhao Xituan was dubious for a while, but he turned his head and went to the apse to invite the patriarch. As the gate of the hall opened, a young boy who seemed to be in the age of the chief came out. This person was Zhao Xuansu, the ancestor of the Dragon Tiger, and the only land god in the Dragon Tiger Mountain.

The reason why Zhao Xuansu is willing to go out is only because the longevity exercise can rejuvenate the old and the youth, but the internal energy has already been exhausted, and the time of death is approaching. Only with the help of Beiming’s potential, the sword god Li Chungang and Wudicheng Wang Xianzhi duel can be used to take advantage of the sword. Open the gap of Tianmen, go straight to Tianmen to “smuggle” and become immortal.

Moreover, Longhu Mountain and Zhao’s court are similar to Xuanwu. It is because the turtles and snakes are intertwined, and their luck is integrated. Only the stronger the luck of the royal family, the more successful they will be. Because of this, Xu Fengnian could not die in Longhu Mountain. Zhao Xuansu needed to find an opportunity to approach Xu Fengnian and go with him to Wudi City. At that time, Xu Fengnian and Zhao Kai will surely die.

On the other hand, Zhao Huangchao didn’t want to kill Xu Fengnian, it was nothing more than to take care of the chaos in the world and the war would resume, but Zhao Kai wanted to take advantage of the chaos to gain power, knowing that Li Chungang was still there for a day, and it was difficult to attack Xu Fengnian. Zhao Kai took out Xuanyuan’s unique school and handed it over to Yuan Tingshan, promising to give him a future, and then ordered Jinjia to bring Shu Shao, willing to use Baidi Baopujue as a condition to win over and ask her to introduce Li Chungang to him.

Xu Fengnian was about to leave Longhu Mountain, and before leaving, he left King Kong to Xu Longxiang, and the brothers raised Hukui separately and agreed on a reunion day. Seeing that Ning Emei has gone through all these things, she has completely changed Xu Fengnian’s view. She is willing to lead the Fengzi Battalion to continue escorting her. Qingniao, Li Chungang and others will also accompany her. Shu Shay is not seen from left and right, and she is not seen until the boat is about to set off.

Xu Fengnian got on the boat, sailed out of Qinglongxi, and sat silently on the bow deck, not daring to look back at his younger brother. Ning Emei came over to salute Xu Fengnian, ashamed of being stupid in his early years, and now he knows that he is the future of Beiming. As the two of them were talking, Jade Bird noticed that there was a ship near the Dragon King River. Upon closer inspection, it was Xuanyuan Qingfeng and Wei Shuyang, which meant that parting was imminent.

Li Chungang screened the crowd and wanted to give Xu Fengnian and Jiang Ni a chance to say goodbye individually, but Xu Fengnian was useless and failed the old swordsman’s good intentions. It was a good time to confess, but he used it to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two countries, reminding Jiang Ni Pay more attention to the dry army and horse bandits in Shu, and most of these people are veterans of the Chu people who went to Shu to hide. After these years of war, the veterans’ affection for the Chu royal family has been wiped out. Even if Jiang Nigui is a princess of a country, it is not easy to bring them under his command.

Seeing Jiang Longchuan approaching, Xuanyuan Qingfeng walked over alone to explain clearly to Xu Fengnian, and then left in a small boat. Xu Fengnian held onto the wooden board between the two boats to ensure that Jiang Ni walked to the opposite side in a stable manner. He was finally reluctant to give up, and without saying a word, turned around and returned to the cabin.

Just when Jiang Ni was lost and said goodbye to Wei Shuyang and refused to set sail, Xu Fengnian came out of the cabin again and gave Jiang Ni a copper coin and the Great Liang Dragon Sparrow in public. The meaning is self-evident. . Yu Youwei stepped aside knowingly, but Cao Changqing saw that she liked Xu Fengnian, but it was a pity that her concubine was ruthless. After all, Xu Fengnian only had Jiang Ni in his heart, and could no longer hold anyone.

A gust of wind blew, and Xu Fengnian gently brushed Jiang Ni’s messy hair, and it was not until Cao Changqing came over that he solemnly said goodbye. Watching the boat go away, Xu Fengnian accidentally learned through Li Chungang that Jiang Ni had long ago decided to keep the dagger and talisman for himself. In this way, the two exchanged important things, which was comparable to a love affair.

On the other side, Jiang Ni’s eyes were tender, and the smile on the corner of his mouth was particularly obvious. He gently held the copper coin in his hand. At the beginning, Jiang Ni found that he had no hope of assassinating Xu Fengnian, and once lost his motivation to live. It was Xu Fengnian who helped Jiang Ni get out of the haze on the grounds that he made money by reading martial arts secrets. Now Jiang Ni is entrusted by the people of Chu. Since then, after parting, I don’t know when I will be able to meet Xu Fengnian again, and whether they will meet with each other on the day of reunion.

Xu Fengnian set off for the Shangyin Academy, Zhao Kai expected it, and in the conversation with Yuan Tingshan, he bluntly stated that Xu Weixiong was his daughter-in-law. Although it was Zhao Kai’s wishful thinking, he firmly believed that such a strange woman was the only good match in this life. Only by killing Xu Fengnian and disrupting the world could he be qualified to marry her. According to Zhao Kai’s statement, the reason he killed Xu Fengnian was to marry Xu Weixiong. If it is true love words can be misleading and can also kill people.

At the same time, Xu Fengnian and others went all the way south, driving out of the Longwang River, and they found a boy holding a white cloth high in the mountains and writing “Xu Xiao is my biological father, hello brother”. The boy is none other than Zhao Xuansu, who has a ghost in his heart. After he saw Xu Fengnian, he reported his family name as Long Yuxuan. Not long after his mother died, he asked him to find his father and return to Beiming.

Zhao Xuansu’s acting was good, and he burst into tears throughout the whole process, but he couldn’t deceive Xu Fengnian at all. In order to see how famous this person is, Xu Fengnian arranged for Zhao Xuansu to go on the boat first. Unexpectedly, Zhao Xuansu knew how to slap horses very well, and was deliberately trying to please him.

However, Li Chungang thought that the timing of this child’s boarding was too coincidental, so Xu Fengnian was more determined to keep “Long Yuxuan”. As the speed of the ship’s journey accelerated and it was about to arrive at the Shangyin Academy soon, Xu Fengnian felt a little uneasy about the upcoming reunion because of the strong aura of the second sister.

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