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Perfect Couple 完美伴侣 Episode 5 Recap

Lin Qingkun wanted to communicate with Chen Shan on the way to Kunshan, but Chen Shan didn’t want to talk to him. Lin Qingkun questioned that Chen Shan didn’t dare to face him, but Chen Shan had to agree to go with him.

Sun Lei did an excellent job. The factory sent him to the United States for training. After he came back, he was promoted to be the deputy director. As a result, the date of going abroad was advanced to next Wednesday. I wanted my parents who were on vacation in Hainan to come back early to help take care of Sun Yuanxiang. Unexpectedly, my father hurt his foot while diving and is now receiving treatment in a hospital in Hainan.

Chen Shan’s mother was busy teaching everywhere every day, and she couldn’t find time to take care of Sun Yuantian. Sun Lei decided to give up the opportunity of training in the United States. He quietly went downstairs and called the factory manager to explain the situation. The factory manager wanted to focus on training him. Unexpectedly, he gave up such a good opportunity for the family, and the factory manager was disappointed with him.

Chen Shan packed up her luggage overnight and told Sun Lei to take good care of Sun Yuantian. Sun Lei encouraged Chen Shan to work hard and not to live up to the sacrifice he made. Wu Min called Lin Qingkun to urge Lin Qingkun to go home early after get off work. Lin Qingkun had to say that he was going to Kunshan to close for a month.

Wu Min realized that she had been deceived. Lin Qingkun did not give up on the listing of Xiaotangwan, and Chen Shan also cooperated with Lin Qingkun to lie. , was to trick her into signing the compensation letter, Lin Qingkun was speechless, and Wu Min threw the phone away in a fit of anger.

Lin Qingkun came to pick up Chen Shan on time. Chen Shan reminded him that he had violated the agreement to accompany Lin Jing on the barbecue, but Lin Qingkun disagreed. He had already sent someone to send the barbecue home. He believed that Wu Min could appease Lin Jing well. Not only did Lin Qingkun not get annoyed with her acting talent, but she asked her to make up for her acting lessons so that her career could be improved to a higher level.

Sun Lei accompanied Sun Yuanjiao to Lin Jing’s house for a barbecue, and brought a lot of ingredients. They took a taxi to the gate of the community, but they couldn’t get through to Wu Min, so they had to ask the guard to make a landline call to notify Wu Min that Wu Min would not allow them to enter the door. , Lin Jing ignored Wu Min’s obstruction and ran to the door to pick up Sun Lei and Sun Yuangao. Wu Min was furious with Sun Lei as soon as they met, and insisted that the couple and Lin Qingkun had partnered to deceive her, and Sun Lei was puzzled.

Lin Qingkun and Chen Shan soon came to the Kunshan base. When Chen Shan got off the car, he received a call from Sun Lei. Sun Lei reported to Chen Shan what Wu Min said. When he learned that Lin Qingkun was now at the Kunshan base, Immediately understood everything, Sun Lei condemned Chen Shan for not lying to Lin Qingkun. Chen Shan went to Lin Qingkun to have a theory, but Lin Qingkun was plausible. Chen Shan sent a message to explain to Sun Lei that she did not lie to Wu Min.

Sun Lei persuaded Wu Min to understand Lin Qingkun’s difficulties, hide his unhappiness, and have a good day with the children. Wu Min suspected that Sun Lei and Lin Qingkun were in the same group, but he didn’t want to disappoint Lin Jing, so he bravely accompanied them barbecue. As soon as Chen Shan arrived at the base, she and her colleagues in the legal team began to work intensely. She sat for three hours without eating, and Lin Qingkun and Steven were all watching.

Xiaomi was helping Da Li transport and the victim to settle the claims. Li Yu did not expect the logistics company to agree to compensation so readily. Suspecting that Chen Shan had a ulterior conspiracy, she inquired about the news from Xiaomi. He came directly to Zhou Jiakai to complain, suspecting that Chen Shan was operating behind the scenes. Zhou Jiakai firmly believed in Chen Shan’s character and persuaded her to do her job well.

Li Yu quietly came to Da Li Transportation Company to learn about the situation. He learned that the trucks would be disinfected every day, so he secretly took pictures of the quotation. He also found out that Xiaotangwan Company and Da Li Transportation had reached a long-term cooperation agreement because of this poisoning incident. Li Yuyue Thinking that something was wrong, I immediately drove to Kunshan by car.

Chen Shan received a call from Xiaomi and learned that Da Li Transportation had promised to pay 1.2 million compensation. Chen Shan was very puzzled. Da Li Transportation was a very small company, and it was impossible to agree to compensation so happily. She went directly to Lin Qingkun to ask. For the obvious reason, Lin Qingkun had to admit that the Xiaotangwan Company had promised to transport 1% of the shares to Vigorous, and in order to confirm Chen Shan’s inference, he put the botulinum-infected dried meat into a large truck and created the transportation process.

Chen Shan gritted her teeth in anger at the perjury of contamination. Unexpectedly, Lin Qingkun would do anything to achieve her goal, but Lin Qingkun accused Chen Shan of being unprofessional and forced her to pack up and leave the base.

Li Yu witnessed the quarrel between Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun, and she was still talking sarcastically. Chen Shan was very distressed, she wanted to give up the project, and then called Sun Lei to complain.

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